November 2nd, 2014

[pkmn] Groovy

Greetings, and new gets!

Hey gang! It's about about 834738104149073 years since I've actually posted here (other than the occasional stray comment or purchase from a sales post), and I never have gotten around to getting pictures of my entire collection, but I absolutely wanted to share my latest finds with you! I'm big into the fossil lines (Archen plush, you still elude me, BUT ONE DAY ARCHEN) and plushes and Kids are the main focus of my stuff, so to find these guys in Toys R Us today was a big thrill.

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Will update with my whole collection at some point, promise promise. o7

A Small Want Post :)

Hello Community!

So I just got into this community recently, and now I am going to start with some small wants. :)

Ever since Pokemon started, I had a my lifelong collection of the Base Set cards, which I was never able to complete. So now, I just want to see if I can fill up those slots in my binder once and for all :D

I am looking for the following cards:
1/102 Alakazam
2/102 Blastoise
4/102 Charizard
5/102 Clefairy
7/102 Hitmonchan
10/102 Mewtwo
11/102 Nidoking
12/102 Ninetales
13/102 Poliwrath
14/102 Raichu
15/102 Venusaur
22/102 Pidgeotto

It doesn't have to be 1st ED, but I am collecting the shadow-less print!
Let me know ;)

[For Example :)]

Cheers and Thank You!
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Looking for some christmas gifts (already..?)

Hi guys!
I figured I should get started on searching for some of my Christmas gifts a bit early. My little sister is really into pokemon and she even has a small collection herself! She mainly collects Fennekin, but she also loves Eevee, Flareon, and Raichu. I was planning on getting her one of these items for Christmas:

1:1 Scale Pokemon Center Eevee (handtag would be preferred)

2013 Christmas Fennekin

If anyone has either of these (or both) for sale for a decent enough price (I'm not really looking to spend more than 50 shipped) Please let me know!!
Thank you all xx
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New gets and I made something custom ^^

Hey everyone :)

I was waiting to update my new gets till I got some more in but because I made something custom and wanted to show that off to you all I also added this gets updat in there to keep it a bit more interesting.

First off the gets, those can be found under this cut...

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And then to show off my sewing 'skills' if you can even call it that haha, here is a little sneak peak:


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All have a great sunday!
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More tins!

I haven't even finished all the cookies from the last tin, but I had to get the new Christmas tin from the Pokémon Center.

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Put 8 tins together, and you can make the whole cake! The cookies inside are pretty plain, but they taste good.

I also saw this cute one which I hadn't seen before:

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I knew the back side of this would interest some of the collectors around here! There are chocolate coins inside, and crunchy chocolate balls that are kind of like chocolate rice krispie treats.

Also, big Pikachu tail keychains are back in stock! Was kind of tempted to get another, even though I already have one, because they are just that awesome.
Noivern time

Sales :)

Little update from me! I got the Fairy ippai set a little while back but only really wanted Sylveon so I'm selling the rest! Also weeding out Zukan's from my collection. As of right now I currently work 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) during business hours -_- I can drop off packages at anyday at the post office collection box HOWEVER I will a liiiittle bit slower than usual at shipping because of work. Just a heads up :)

Sorry in advance if the pictures are small. LJ told me my post was too large like 7234083209 times -_- all images can be clicked to enlarge!
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Plusle Minun Pokemon

Looking for...

Hello there. .u. I'm still a little new to the community, but I'm sure a few of you have seen me around. I'm pretty much minun and plusle obsessed. I'll be making a better intro and wants post later, but I was hoping someone around the community was selling or had at least seen for sale this little cutie.

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Also, if anyone is selling any Plusle and Minun things, I'm in the browsing mood, so feel free to post links or PMs to your shops. .3.

sales + wants

Hello everyone

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Zangoose Chupa- 15 SOLD
Ampharos Keshipoke - 20 or OBO
Houndoom Keshipoke- 20 or OBO


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If anybody has a the following I am very willing to buy this from you:

If any of these pictures belong to you and you want it to be taken down, I will happily do that.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 4.07.20 PM

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Thank you~

This weeks new gets + some wants

Soo, hello everyone!
New plushies came in this week and I was very excited! :D
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candies are long gone now... >:3

I am looking for these items at the moment, any help will be greatly appreciated. (:
- Skitty friends plush
- Canvas shinx plush
- 2009 Canvas shinx
- Rolly Round UFO Catcher Luxray plush
- Mystery Dungeon Shinx plush
- Jakks Luxio figurine
- Bandai Latios and Latias Kids figurines
- Bandai Buneary and Lopunny Kids figurines
- Bandai Luxray Kids figurine
- Skitty and Delcatty figurines
- 12-inch TOMY Buneary plush

Hey everyone!! ^^ Wants time! :D

Hello community! It's been quiiiiite a while! College life is....harrowing O -O;; I got a couple things in the mail from hebilea (one of my mitotic grails!! thanks again! ; u;) and a beautiful Dusclops coin form swampeh~! Thanks so much! I'd take pictures but I can't find my camera ; -;

So money is super tight right now but my crave for some merch has been nagging at me XD So my wallet shall weep as I put up some wants!

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And finally, with ORAS coming out I'd really like to have a strap on my DS when I play it! My favorite starter is Treeko <33 So if anyone has any super cool Treeko straps, throw some offers at me! :D It's also okay if it's in used condition since it's going to be hanging from my 3DS anyway ^^

I hope I can be more active on this community again! <33 Thanks guys!
Suicune Jump

Touching Up/Repainting Figures

I have never done it, and I've thought about doing it for a few figures I have bought recently that aren't in the best of shape/have some paint wear. Does anyone here have experience and could help suggest what type of paint to use? (For glossy figures and for matte figures.)

I have acrylic available at the moment, but can buy whatever is needed as long as it's not too expensive and easily obtainable. I know there are "model" paints available, do those work better? I'm not sure if I will be able to get the paint to match perfectly, which is my biggest concern. I don't want to ruin a figure trying to make it look better.

Any and all tips, guides, tricks, etc are welcome. Thanks!

Kanto Starter Poké Dolls, Charms, and Other Kiosk Pickups

Happy weekend, fellow collectors!

I have an exciting Treecko collection update to post in the near future (hint: grail!), but in the meantime, I'm offering a new round of Pokémon Center kiosk pickups from Southcenter:

Kanto starter Poké Dolls have finally reached the U.S.! Look behind the cut for those, plus Sylveon and Pikachu (of course), four different sets of metal charms, and Tomy figures.

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