November 4th, 2014

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Nov. 8th ✿ Pokécen Pick-Up! ➭ New years merch & New ORAS Kirlia, Sableye, Gulpin Pokecen plush

Pick-up entry for Saturday, Nov. 8th is posted on my Livejournal for anyone looking to get their hands on some New Years merch or the ORAS Kirlia, Sableye, and Gulpin Pokemon Center plush! *^^*

All of the plush are $20 each before shipping and fees and the mini Kadomatsu and the mini Shimekazari both $14 each.
Payments for this pick up are due on: November 7th, 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST
Just a note - Payments are acceptable at any time within the payment period, but if you're asking for a quote within a few hours before the deadline ends chances that due to time differences I wont be able to answer your quote in time! My advice is to post quotes/orders sooner than later to make sure you can be guaranteed a slot :3

Click the banner below to be transported to the pick-up entry, or click here!

I've also got the Sweets Picnic merch along with everything else released with the Christmas promo listed on the Pick up as well as blogged on my LJ here! For those who haven't seen it yet, the Sweets Picnic pattern is quite cute with a purple color scheme.

For those still looking for Little Tales merch - Due to the high demand for these adorable goods stock seems to be running low at the Tokyo PC! The Calendar was no longer in stock along with the drawstring bag [dance party] last weekend and I'm unfortunately not sure if they will be restocking them or not. >-< The promo is listed for pick up but please be aware that even if you order something the item may no longer be available at the PC~

Thank you to everyone who ordered last week! Just a note that all orders not on hold have been shipped Nov. 2nd! Nov. 3rd was a national holiday in Japan so you should be receiving your item within 7-10 business days from Nov. 4th~.
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2014 Fairy Collection tomy figures ippai

i was just wondering if anyone was doing pick up or selling whole sets, i posted this a while back but sadly the person i was going to buy of never responded after a while. so im here asking it again i would prefer the whole set if anyone has them for sale and please list how much i know i can get i set i would just prefer getting it from here.

Treecko/Sceptile Strap

Hello everyone! Nov 21st is fast approaching and I really want a Treecko (or Sceptile) figure strap on my 3DS when I'm playing Alpha Sapphire~ If anyone can throw me an offer at a reasonable offer that'd be awesome! :D Ebay is pretty expensive OTL

Sneasel & Cyndaquil Grabby Mini Clip auctions

I'm auctioning off my two grabby figures, hoping they will be more loved by someone else.

Auction will end at 6pm EST on Sunday 09 November. Countdown here.

All community auction rules apply. Winner should pay within 24 hours of being invoiced. Shipping is $2.30 to the USA or $6.50 international, and winner pays PP fees. Sales permission granted 19 Feb 2013 by entirelycliched. Feedback:
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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CLOSED - No longer an active sales post

Hello! I'm clearing out some parts of my collection and have an assortment of toys for sale and offer, including my Seadra and Keldeo collections, zukan, plushies, and some premade customs. Check them out under the cut!

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning.

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I'm also offering made-to-order Mega Stone embroidered patches! They measure 3"x 3" (7.5 x 7.5 cm) and have an iron on adhesive backing so they can be attached to clothing, bags, and more. :D Ordering info is under the cut!

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Looking for a wallet

I recently had my wallet stolen (let me know if i'm not allowed ot state this??)
So I'm in need of a new wallet. I'm, just looking around atm

Either of pictures of one you know of, or if your selling one comment below!

Looking for one of any of the following pokemon:

Shaymin (either forms)
Cyndaquil (and line)

and basically any other cute pokemon wallet (preffered pink if it's a pokemon not listed above)

Also looking for any other cute wallet (dosen't have to be a pokemon)

Thanks for reading~

Looking for Plush Artist!

I have a friend who asked me to look for someone willing to make a shiny DX Darkrai pokedoll. He would like it to be "90-100% accurate" (though I told him this would be very difficult to find.) Any help in finding someone to do this would be much appreciated! (and if this request is not allowed, I will remove it immediately).


Also- a quick want! If anyone has a conkeldurr Tomy or Kid figure, I am looking for one! Looking to spend no more than $10 shipped, but if that is not doable please let me know. I am trying to get my in-game team in figure form. :)


Slowpokes and slowpokes ^^

Hi everyone :)
So since I've been back I've found
a few small slowpoke wants of mine
but before I do a Collection update,
I want to wait, For everything to arrive
so I can do one big update ^w^ Yayy
Sadly I've still not had any luck finding
My biggest wants, if anyone has any of the
Items on the list below and is willing to
Part with them, please let me know <3
Hope you all have a good night <3
Wants list:
Slowpoke pokemon time tin 2010
Slowpoke pokemon time phone strap 2010
Sleepy slowpoke metal figures(biggest want)

Pokedolls+Want List

Ah, yes, Pokedolls. Adorable little fuzzballs of joy and happiness.
Have I also mentioned that they drain all the money out of my wallet?
(I went to Nintendo World in NYC yesterday, because it was near my school. All the pokedolls were 12.99-I guess they upped the price from 9.99 the last time I was there)
Anyways, I have a wantlist of pokedolls and I'm wondering how rare/expensive/how I can obtain them:
Jigglypuff (I remember Jigglypuff Pokedolls were sold at Nintendo World but I missed my chance, because by 2013, they were all gone. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-)
Corsola (It was never one of the expensive pokedolls, although I've seen it pop up on ebay sometimes. But less and less frequently, unfortunately)
Leafeon (Same w/ Jigglypuff. I'm pretty sure they sold these in the US for some time. But alas, due to some hectic personal problems, I had to get rid of my pokedoll urges. Again, the Leafeon Pokedoll seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. :( )
Umbreon and Jolteon-These two aren't on the top of my priority list, but I need them to complete my eeveelution set. US versions preferable, because I like the designs better.
Eevee pokedoll-OH YES THIS. EEVEE IS MY FAVORITE POKEMON. HANDS DOWN. I've searched on ebay but all I see are dozens of badly sewn bootlegs.

** Lastly, if anyone is interested, as of November 3, 2014, Nintendo World has Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle Pokedolls. They also have Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur. I also saw oversized Pikachu pokedolls. In addition, I've seen some Jirachis (but they're running low), Pikachus, Darkrais, Giratinas,Victinis, and Manaphies. I asked the cashier if there would be any new pokedolls coming and he said it was hard to tell because sometimes the inventory takes around three weeks to arrive.
I'm still sighing in joy from the memory of that Bulbasaur pokedoll. By far the most squishiest, derpiest, most heart breaking little plushie I've ever seen. But I was broke that day, so maybe another time.
Thank you all for your time!

Phantom Forces Box Opening Livestream

Hi, Everyone! ^^

This box of wonderfulness arrived today a full day before the release date. XD! I'm going to hosting a Livestream while I open the booster box. :D Any duplicates (and some of the non-duplicates) will be available to trade (and maybe sale) after I sort through them. So, if you see any you're interested in during the stream or know which ones you're looking for from the set, feel free to comment here.

Edit: Livestream over! Thanks to those that stopped by. :D I'll be updating this post again with a list of the cards I still need. (I know I need all the Gengars and the Full Art Manectric).


Here's a list of the Phantom Forces cards I still need. If you are interested in trading, please let me know what you have from my list and what cards you are looking for from Phantom Forces or other sets. Thanks!

("maybe" means that I'm still debating if I want to collect that card)

Phantom Forces

10/119 Talonflame
34/119 GengarEX
35/119 MegaGengarEX
45/119 Gourgeist
58/119 MalamarEX
67/119 FlorgesEX
69/119 Slurpuff
77/119 Goodra
88/119 Diggersby
97/119 Head Ringer - maybe
98/119 Jamming Net - maybe
113/119 ManectricEX
114/119 GengarEX
116/119 FlorgesEX
118/119 Lysandre's Trump Card
119/119 Xerosic
120/119 MegaManectricEX
121/119 MegaGengarEX

Phantom Forces - REVERSE HOLOS

3/119 Yanma
4/119 Yanmega
5/119 Sewaddle
6/119 Swadloon
7/119 Leavanny
9/119 Fletchinder
10/119 Talonflame
11/119 Litleo
12/119 Pyroar
15/119 Totodile
16/119 Croconaw
21/119 Jellicent
26/119 Joltik
27/119 Galvantula
28/119 Helioptile
29/119 Helioptile
30/119 Heliolisk
32/119 Golbat
33/119 Crobat
36/119 Wobbuffet
39/119 Munna
40/119 Musharna
42/119 Lampent
43/119 Chandelure
44/119 Pumpkaboo
45/119 Gourgeist
47/119 Gliscor
52/119 Honchkrow
53/119 Poochyena
54/119 Mightyena
56/119 Purrloin
64/119 Escavalier
66/119 Klefki
69/119 Slurpuff
72/119 Deino
73/119 Zweilous
76/119 Sliggoo
77/119 Goodra
79/119 Fearow
82/119 Girafarig
87/119 Bunnelby
88/119 Diggersby
89/119 Fletchling
92/119 Battle Compressor - maybe
93/119 Dimension Valley
97/119 Head Ringer - maybe
98/119 Jamming Net - maybe
101/119 Professor Sycamore
102/119 Robo Substitute - maybe
105/119 Steel Shelter
106/119 Target Whistle - maybe
107/119 Tierno
108/119 Trick Coin

I'm also looking for cards from other sets. Here's the ones from the XY era sets -

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Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

Also, a photo of my Pokemon Puppies got tweeted by Pokemon's Twitter account. SO EXCITING! :D

It seems like forever since I posted here. The month of October flew by for me. O: If anyone is waiting on replies from me, I should be catching up on those next week when I return home where my binders are. If you want to make sure I reply to you, feel free to poke me by commenting here. ^^;

As always, I'm looking for any Houndoom and Houndour items I don't already have. ANYTHING! So feel free to link me to sale posts. XD! Right now, I'm especially looking for the foil Houndour Topps card and the sticker Houndour Topps.

I'm also looking for any of the non-English Vivillion card prints.

~ Risha
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Hello All! Another Newbie Here! =D

Hello there!

My name is Lureche (AKA Megan xP) and I'm very much a newcomer to both LiveJournal and lurking the PKMNCollectors community. As my userpic may suggest, I am a huge fan of Ekans, Arbok, Seviper and any other snake like Pokemon! I have been collecting Pokemon merchandise for around 14 years since I was 6 years old. However, I'll be the first to admit that as a child, I wasn't the most careful of collectors and ended up losing most of my collection to thieves at school or general careless breakages. Whilst the majority of the collection I have left is stored at the home I grew up in, since moving to my own home I seem to have caught the collecting bug once more and this time it seems to be for Japanese Pokedolls and more dynamically posed figures such as the ones available for pre-ordering the Pokemon games =)

Due to money situations and the fact I seem to have an eye for the rarer, more expensive items, my collection is definitely not as large as I'd hope for it to be. As it stands right now, I am the proud owner of the Pokedoll versions of Fennekin, Venusaur, Snivy, Serperior, Yveltal and Tyrunt. I also have acquired a small sized 2013 Nagoya Renewal Shiny Magikarp plush...though he doesn't adhere to my strict "Pokedoll Only" policy...I couldn't resist nabbing him and I definitely have no regrets! =P All my plush are stored safely in their own little cabinet with my Giratina and Lugia game pre-order figures and every one of them has all of their tags attached fully and in the best condition they can possibly be in. Needless to say, I'm a bit over protective of my plushies...More than likely to atone for all the Pokemon merch I lost in the past =P

So as you can probably guess, I am hoping to join PKMNCollectors to find fellow Pokedoll collectors to buy, trade and sell with to acquire those more hard to get plushies and perhaps even make new friends along the way. Though I may not have much to offer others in terms of official merchandise or money, I do like to think I have a tiny portion of talent when it comes to sculpting with Super Sculpey polymer clay and if given selling permissions of course, I would be more than happy to link my personal deviantART account to show my work and perhaps take custom commissions for Pokemon related sculpts! =)

As of joining, my current "wants" as they were are:
Shadow Lugia Pokedoll
Axew Pokedoll
Sceptile Pokedoll
Treecko Pokedoll
Mewtwo Pokedoll
Charizard Pokedoll
Blastoise Pokedoll
Magikarp Pokedoll
Groudon Pokedoll
Kyogre Pokedoll
Lati@s Pokedolls
Legendary Beast Pokedolls
...I think that may be enough for starters xD The list is very extensive...

Thank you for reading my rambly post and best wishes!

Identification Help! :)

Hello all! How are you all doing? I've once again got an item I have no idea of what it is! I remember buying it off of eBay a couple of months ago, I got it pretty cheap it came with a few other items too which was a nice little bonus! I currently know that the minccino zukan that came with it already was worth what I paid but I want to know about this thingie :D

Here's a quick pic:


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Thanks for all the help! I love this community! :D

Have a great evening/morning/afternoon :3


Hello! My name is Zam and I am new to the community. I actually found this community while I was searching for a cubone plush to buy, and now, here I am. As you can probably assume from both my icon, and the previous sentence, my primary collection is cubone (tho it is currently very small, trying to fix that). I also have a bunch of other misc pokemon plushies & things.

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I am currently at college, so this is just a portion of my collection. Back at home I’ve got a couple more plushes and some figures.

A little bit about me: I’ve been obsessed with pokemon since I could push buttons on a gameboy, but have only started really collecting this year. I am currently studying Japanese language and music. I also do a fair amount of sewing of plushies, though I am no where near pro. I am currently working on a cubone plush, but lets just say that that skull is a pain to get just how I want it.

While my primary only cubone (for the foreseeable future), there are some other pokemon who’s merch I would love to get my hands on, especially plushes. They are: the growlithe line, the noibat line, abra, mawile, aron, banette, the turtwig line, and the joltik line. (Extensive, I know, I may have a bit of a problem, but the first step is admitting, and I’m already there)

My current want list:

Tomy Reversible Cubone Plush

oira karakara storybook

basically most cubone related

Feel free to pm me if you need anything/want to say hi.
Looking forward to meeting you all!

Pokemon - Starters
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RARE Zukan, Vulpix in-case figure, TOMY Nidorino auctions!

Hey everyone, auctioning off rare Zukan sets MINT IN PACKAGE, Vulpix in-case figure, and a Nidorino TOMY!

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All threads up! Bid, bid!
Note if any of the zukans I don't have extras of don't get bids, I will be keeping them for my personal collection!

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Also, I've done a lot of big updates to my sales (including starting a new page for stickers, which will be expanding too... XD)
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Thanks for looking!
Princess Chika

My last big want

Hey all, I'm wondering if any of you have the 10th Anniversary Minky Cyndaquil Pokedoll for sale? I've been looking for one all over the place but I can't seem to find that little guy anywhere. I do not care about condition much, just want the cutie to have a tush tag. Chikorita and Totodile are on the way and I am getting quite desperate to complete my Johto starter pokedolls. Let me know, thanks :)

List of all regional Pokemon Center merchandise?

Hello! Hopefully this post is allowed if not I'll delete it!

I just moved to Japan recently and I'm on a mission to collect all of the regional Pokemon Center merchandise (at least the Eevee straps). Does anyone have a list or can link me to a list of ALL the cities there are straps for? I know where all the Pokemon Centers are but I realized there are also straps for places like Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, etc. Bascially places that don't have a Pokemon Center and I know I've already missed a couple (probably because they were sold out)

Anyway these are the places that I do know of so far:

Are there any others I'm unaware of? Please and thank you!

Mew Figure and Chopsticks Auction + Small Sales

Hello guys!
I was cleaning my room today and I stumbled across this really cute Mew-holding a masterball- Water Squirting figure <3 <3
I tried to find more about it but nothing seems to come up on google... (If anyone knows about this figure please let me know!) on the bottom of the figure, it says Bandai 2005
Since I do not know the rarity or the price of this item, I am going to auction it off to the community!

Also, I have two (NEVER USED of course) Pairs of chopsticks that I will also auction off!

The auction will end on November 8th @ 11 PM Pacific time!

And also, I have some NEW things on sale, that you might want to check out.

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

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2005 Bandai Mew -Holding a Masterball- Water Squirting Figure
Starts @ 15
BIN anytime for 35

each Starts @ 5
BIN anytime for 15

Straight Sales
MIP Suicune keychain - 5
Blastoise Pokemon Time - 9
MIP Mega Lucario Light keychain - 5

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Thanks everyone :)