November 7th, 2014

'Male' ♂ Banpresto Plush Auction ends in a few hours!

My plush auction end today in 8 hours, bid quickly!

Come check them out :)

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To make this post less boring:
I saw this at 5 below, from a distance I swore it was a munchlax.
Do you see it?
2014-11-01 14.38.10
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Does this kindof look like a munchlax to you?

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No way!

Hello! New to PKMNCollectors!

Hey there! I'm a somewhat new member, although I've been lurking for a couple years, hehe. I finally decided to join up not too long ago. This is my first post, so I'll introduce myself a little bit.

You can call me pixelpoe, poe, pixel etc. Any iteration is fine, I'm a Pokemon and Nintendo plush collector from Canada who also draws sometimes, I draw a lot of Pokemon gjinka. I also collect all the main series Pokemon games. My favourite Pokemon is Kecleon and Ambipom. I have a fondness for Normal types in general. I don't have any current photos of my plush collection, I apologize, as I'm in the middle of packing for moving. Here are a couple I took about a year ago. The games are recent.

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I'm looking for any Kecleon related plush (even though I think there is only one in existence? The small TOMY one, correct me if I'm wrong! I'm not an expert by any means.) I'm hoping with the release of OR/AS soon, Kecleon will get some cool merch as he so rightly deserves. :)

Question about Tomys & some tcg sales

I noticed that on my voltorb and a voltorb i sold to someone the figure itself had some lines on it, they look like scratches / hair lines? Im not sure yet this were brand new sealed... is this normal?

I am thinking since they were mass produce that its just a factory defect type of thing? I just saw it on some of the used figures too....
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Any help would be appreciated xD

Now to the sales! I can ship today :)

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TCG (can trade for my wants:

Prices Below.

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For more stuff (tomys, kids, etc) check out my ->

It's Christmastime!

I haven't posted in a while, but I thought I would let you all see the wonderful Christmas plush from Pokemon Center as I received them all today!


The snowmen feel exactly like the previous ones they released back in 2012. Out of all of them, I think Chespin looks the best. The Santachu is made of pretty much all minky and you can even put things inside his little bag! The only thing that irks me about it is his cuffs look kind of pink because of the way the white meets a with the red, but regardless I love them all.

If you want better pictures or even a video, I'd be willing to do it for you!

EDIT: I just noticed that Santachu's beard is removable, but is still attached to his back.

Vande's Pokemon Sales - Plush, Charms, Figures and More!

As I got my sales permission granted yesterday (yay) I thought I should do my first sales thread~ (how I wish i had good graphic skills at this moment in time lol)

All plush (minus the Pachirisu *and maybe the Raichu and Vampire Victini*) are legit.

(sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 06 NOV 2014)

(Community Feedback here | Ebay Feedback here I also have feedback on a certain Digimon forum that I run the Sales/Trading area on there. Available if requested :))

(community rules apply)

The Rules / Shipping / Postage / Quotes Etc

- I only accept Paypal. Please send payments as Goods, and include in the memo your LJ username, so I know who you are, and the items you're buying. (it also makes it easier for me to give you feedback!)

- No banned members allowed.

- Any boxes I use are re-cycled. This is to help keep costs as low as possible. All bubble envelopes are new.

- I will combine shipping whenever possible to make it cheaper for you.

- I ship from the UK. Shipping in the UK starts from $5 not tracked (for smaller items like charms/figures if sent in a bubble envelope and international from $8 not tracked. Any international parcel tracked start from $12 (for charms/figures). For plush Internional shipping starts from $15 non tracked and $20 tracked. I am not responsible for any lost mail. NOTE: If the shipping comes to less, then i refund the difference, minus the cost of the envelope and paypal fees If it's more, then you don't pay a cent/penny/etc more.* Don't forget, with this I also have to buy your box/envelope. I will try and fit a plush into a mailer bag rather than a bubble envelope upon request. It may help cheaper shipping.

- If you commit to buy, I can hold your items for 24 hours. Please do not back out from sales once you've committed to buy. This can result in Neutral/Negative Feedback depending on the situation.

- If you want a price/shipping quote first, then decide whether you want to buy or not that is fine. It is first come first serve (so if person a wants a quote, person a has 24 hours to commit after quote)

- Our house is cat/dog/smoke free. We have a gerbil, but it is in a different room from where I keep my plush etc.

- All Prices are not inclusive of shipping. When posting, please ensure you tell me where you live (i.e UK, USA etc) that way i can give you an estimate on postage. If you prefer your item to be sent in a box (some small plush will likely fit in bubble envelopes, then please say so in advance!). I may also try and put it into a clothes like bag upon request.

- If someone asks for a quote, I will provide one and give that person a chance to say yes or no. Even if someone says they can 'buy now'

- I can generally get to the post office on most days after work. (Minus all day Sunday as it isn't open and Wednesday Afternoons *again not open*)

- I only accept Paypal from any country. No E-cheques

- If you want more pictures, please let me know and I'll be happy to do the best I can.

- If anything is struck out it means it is sold.

Vampire Victini *not sure on legit* ($10), Emolga ($15), Piplup ($10)

Pikachu ($10), Raichu *not sure on legit* ($15), Top Left Pichu ($20), Top Right Pichu with Candy Cane ($20)

Charms - $1.50 each (for the multiples with different colour straps, please say which colour you would like)

Darumaka, Munna, Shaymin Sky, Shaymin Land, Chikorita, Suicine, Riolu, Raioku, Entei, Chespin, Plusle, Eevee, Bunnery, Dedenee, Pikachu, Mew, Turtwig, Chimchar, Magnezone, Lickilicky, Drifblim, Lugia, Manaphy Deoxy, Regigigas
Piplup (x3) blue strap, yellow strap, white/grey strap, Cyndaquil (Black Strap), Cyndaquil (Yellow Strap), Dialga, Rayquaza, Giratina, Jirachi, Mewtwo, Palkia

3DS Case ($5), Shaymin Stylus ($4) Piplup Stylus ($4), Xerneas + Yveltal ($5 for the pair)

Eeveelution Keyring - $6, Legandaries Keyring - $5


Line 1: Yveltal ($5), Xerneas ($5), MegaBlaziken ($3), Meloetta ($3), Vivillon ($3), Woobat. ($3)

Line 2: Raikou ($2), Wobbuffet ($3), Raichu 1 ($2.50), Raichu 2 ($2.50), Pichu ($2.50), Charizard ($5), Tepig ($2.50), Piplup ($2.50), Shinx (Colour) ($1.50), Shaymin (Colour) ($1.50), Shaymin (Silver) ($1.50)

Line 3: Suicune ($2) , Snivy ($3), Froakie ($3), Chespin ($3), Fennekin ($3), Meowth ($3), Inferape (Silver) ($1.50), Giratina (Silver) ($1.50), Palkia ($1.50)

Line 4: Espeon ($3), Terrakion ($3), Keldeo ($3), Virizion ($3), Cobalion ($3), Empoleon (Silver) ($1.50), Dialga (Silver) ($1.50)

Line 5: Purrloin ($3), Keldeo ($3) , Bulbasaur ($3), Ivysar ($3), Venusaur ($3), Buneary (colour) ($1.50), Mamoswine (Silver) ($1.50), Inferape (Colour) ($1.50)

Luxury, Dive and Dusk Balls - $4 each

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Steelbook - $15

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Hi! I got introduced to the community a little while ago and I finally got approved to join a few days ago.

I'm at college in Boston right now, so my collection of Pokemon plushies are a little pitiful, but here it is:


Advanced Generation Hasbro Mudkip (it's been with me since Ruby and Sapphire!), I LOVE EEVEE Super DX Leafeon (boyfriend's birthday present for me!) and large-size Substitute (I found this guy at a local shop in Boston for 32 bucks, so I snagged him).

I'm really into collecting plushies, but I am interested in little keychains and such too.

My wants list is pretty short right now. Right now it's as follows:

2009 Raikou PokeCen Pokedoll
2009 Suicune PokeCen Pokedoll
2009 Entei PokeCen Pokedoll

(I have been wanting these three since forever. I'm super interested in buying them as a set.)

2014 Mudkip Life-Size PokeCen Pokedoll (THIS ONE IS COMING IN THE MAIL YAY)
2014 Kyogre Pokedoll PokeCen (I'm probably holding off on this one until it gets released in the US Pokemon Center)
2014 Latias Pokedoll PokeCen (ditto)
I LOVE EEVEE HQ Eevee (trying to find a decent price on this one; I might get two as I have a little sister that loves Eevee)

That's all for now! The life-size Mudkip should be arriving sometime later today or next week. I'll post pictures when it arrives. :)
Mewtwo and Mew

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

Hey guys, I hope you're all keeping warm as the temperature drops! I'm here to show off some neat stuff, and tell you about bonding with family over Pokemon!

But first! A fellow staff member of the convention I worked with this past year was going to Japan! She asked other staff if there was any Japanese merchandise we'd like her to pick up, to be used as prizes for contests and tournaments at next year's convention. She even said she'd go to a Pokemon Center! It was so nice of her! So I made a list of a variety of Pokemon merch - most of it wasn't too specific, like "a DS cover" or "a notebook," but I did want one specific spooky plush. Here's what she brought back!

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I also got an amazing sculpture from j_dengan, but unfortunately it got damaged during shipping, so I have to get some glue and a steady pair of hands to repair it. Then I'll show it off here! :>

Now for the family stuff. :)

My cousins were in from the US, ages 15-9, and they're really into Pokemon! Knowing I was a big fan, one of them brought his entire Pokemon card collection, and we did some trading! I haven't traded Pokemon cards in years, so I felt like a kid again. XD And this kid knew his stuff - he was very careful about making fair trades! He was especially fascinated by my older cards, like Ancient Mew and the Magma and Aqua cards, so I traded some of those to him. When he saw all my Pokemon figures and plush he decided he wanted to trade his figures for some of those next time we saw each other. XD
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Bonus photo: my in-game gets!
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I've also updates my Sales Post, so come take a look! (Man, I need a banner or something!)

Thanks for reading!


A Wild Sunny Appeared!

Bet no-one's ever made that joke before, ha...

Hello hello! My name is Sunny, and I was officially accepted into the community a month or so ago. I held off posting at first though, because I gave my savings to my friend so he could buy a refurbished 3DS and a copy of Pokemon X. He's never owned one and he's super poor. However, since I'm here to primarily BUY things, I figured I would wait until I'd gotten together some more savings first and therefore not be tempted by all of the amazing things here without the funds to do anything about it!

I wrote a big long blabbery thing about myself, too! It's under the cut. All you really need to know is that I'm 23, female, British, currently living in America, and if I were a Pokemon I'd be a shiny Meowth.

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I'm sorry for writing so much. I tend to get a little carried away, as is obvious -- and ESPECIALLY when it comes to Pokemon. Anywho, I hope I can meet some good friends and get some awesome new toys!