November 8th, 2014

Pikachu 3DS XL News~ and a figure question!

Hello everyone. (:
Just wanted to share a news that I've recently saw.

Pikachu collectors who missed their chance at the Pikachu 3DS XL and doesn't need club nintendo code rejoice!
It seems that there will be a re-release of the Pikachu 3DS XL in Singapore!
However, this version is a little different - it will not come with the club nintendo code!
As it has the official logo for Southeast Asia and Middle East territories~

It can play both Singapore (idk if there's such a thing even) and US games! :D
It is estimate to be released on the 21 November 2014 and cost approx. USD$247.


Also, I came across this 2 figures but have no idea of it's origin. /:
I've tried googling and ebaying for information on these figures but to no avail.
From the description, it 2.36 inches by 1.18 inches and from Japan.
It has a nintendo stamp on the product as well (but even bootlegs have it).
So I'm wondering if anyone knows where this figures are from?

Thank you <3
And have a great day or night! :D

christmas want!

hey there! i'm really, really looking for the snowman torchic plush! this cutie, right here:

(please let me know if i need to put this under a cut/shrink the image!)

i'm not really sure how much they go for and i don't mind if the plush isn't MWT! i would really love to have one for christmas, though, such a precious plush<3 i please let me know if you're selling one/know of someone selling one. thank you! also look forward to a collection update from me sometime in the near future :3

Finally Got Shelves (Again...): A Collections Post/ Update

Hello community! Hope you are all doing well!

After my big move about 4 1/2 months ago, my fiance and I finally got time to reorganize our bedroom and he got me shelves so I could put my Pokemon collection up and make it more home-y for me. I had to leave my wooden shelves back at my folks home in Virginia because of space issues, so he got me smaller plastic shelves for the time being until we move into a bigger place. So enough back story and onto my current collections!

(I apologize for blurred images. I took them on my phone and my hands tend to be very shaky. :/ )

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Thank you all for viewing! Have a lovely weekend!
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small little get!

I participated in prnzs's Nov. 1st pickup and received it yesterday on the 7th! I was super amazed at the fast shipping since they gave it to the post office on the 2nd, yet shipped out the the 4th. Super fast air mail either way! I got the Hoenn Starters Petit Croquis sketchbook, mainly because I wanted to draw all my new hoenn pokemon adventures in one little note book.


It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be and the paper isn't brown like I thought for some reason. The paper is a lot like moleskine paper or like thinner and finer printer paper but it has a lot of paper packed into it. It's also spiral bound! Though it wasn't up to my expectations, it's still adorable and makes me really excited for the new games.

I plan on drawing everyday in the little book and hopefully in color! (I don't have my prismacolors with me at the moment sadly so here's just an inked title page)

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Maybe help with a project??

So I have been on PokemonCollectors wikia a bunch recently, and I can't help seeing its current faults.
  1. Its not at all up to date. Like at all
  2. Its a pain in the butt to try and edit and add on to the information tables

Because of this I had started cataloging cubone merch (my primary) on a google docs spreadsheet, and this got me thinking, this would be a really efficient way of cataloging pokemon merch.

So I have 2 questions.
Is there a different site that actually catalogs merch well (all merch, not just plushs) that I just dont know about?
If not, would anybody be willing to help me out with this project by going through their merch and just plugging it in to a spread sheet so we have something that is sort of complete?

[Introduction Post] The Gallade Master has RISEN

HEY GUYS I'm new here; you can call me Avalon :3 I am a self-proclaimed Gallade master (hence the name MasterGallade), and as such he is my favorite Pokemon and I have a collection dedicated to him. I also have a growing Pokedoll and plush collection, and a HUGE Pokemon TCG collection. I've been wanting to join this community for awhile but I only now had the time to get started with it :D

ABOUT ME! I've been interested in Pokemon ever since the beginning, and my first game was Pokemon Yellow, after which I went back and played Pokemon Red, and I have played at least one version of every duo of main games so far, and every third game (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, etc.) in each Generation. My favorite is Gen 2, which is the ultimate source of nostalgia for me. I also got into the Trading Card Game right from the beginning, when my first holo card was a Blastoise from Base Set, and my favorite card ever is the Corocoro Shining Mew. My favorite Pokemon was Mew until DP came out, when Gallade became my favorite Pokemon. Off the top of my head, my ten favorite Pokemon are Gallade, Mew, Rotom, Hydreigon, Aegislash, Lugia, Yveltal, Zekrom, Ampharos, and Reuniclus <3 (I could go on for awhile about stuff about me but I'm sure that's enough for now xD)

ANYWAY! I'm sure you guys want some pictures of merchandise or something..

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OH ALSO I won one of my holy grails on ebay the other day..

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OKAY That's all for now :3

First sales post!

Hi everyone! I'm posting my first ever sales post here on PKMNCollectors! I'll do my very best to be a fair and just seller...for great justice!(lol) I only have one item up for sale at the moment but it's a rare item and I hope some of you will take a gander.^_^ See Sales Rule in the Le Cut!

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My wants list:(No le cut)
-1:1 2014 Treecko plush
-Delphox Pokedoll
-Fennekin Head Pillow
-1:1 Snivy plush Japanese version with or without tag!

There will be more on the way. I just have to get my camera phone out and charged up. Happy shopping!

Again a lot of Tomy's for sale

I received more figures from Japan and I will be selling of my doubles. I will do a huge collection update in a few weeks when I get a new shelf :D

·         I received sales permission from entirelycliched in 2013.
·         Here is my feedback:
·         I ship from the Netherlands and will ship internationally. I accept PayPal only. Please include your username and what you bought in the note. And don’t forget your address.
·         I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.
·         I will let you know when I shipped your figure(s).
·         PLEASE let me know if you are committed in buying or if you’re just asking for a quote. If you don’t say you are committed or ask if I want to hold any items for you, the items will stay available for others.
·         I will hold items for 48 hours when asked. I can also hold them longer but then you have to be sure are committed in buying, otherwise I will have to leave negative feedback.
·         Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or PayPal fees.
·         I don't accept haggling at the moment, sorry.
·         You can ask for more pictures!


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Phone Strap Question

Hi everyone! :) I was wondering does anyone have any info about this Togepi phone strap I came across while searching ebay.

Mainly, if such a thing actually exists? I was looking on pokevault but didn't come across anything, so I was wondering if a community member might know anything before I just throw my money at it while taking a leap of faith.

First sales post!

Now that I have sales permission, I'm hoping to sell a few things so that I can get another item that popped up! I just have a few smaller things to sell for the moment while I test the waters of being a seller. I've got a few zukan, tfgs, and rumble-u figures. the prices include shipping. feel free to let me know if I've done anything wrong since this is my first sales post!~

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For Christmas the Pokemon Center made PokeDaruma.  It's like pokemon but as snowmen.  In 2012 they made a snowman pikachu, snowman torchic, and snowman oshawott.  This year they made another snowman pikachu, and the snowmen kalos starters.  I currently have the snowman pikachu from 2012 and in the mail I will have the kalos starters be delivered. I would love to own the torchic or especially oshawott.  If anyone knows where I would be able to find the oshawott or torchicplease let me know.
Pokemon - Jolteon!

Out of the wood works I emerge...

Whoa, it has been QUITE some time since my last post here; I've all but disappeared off the map here it seems!

Though, it's true my collecting has downshifted a lot this year, more so because I'm forcing myself too. Not that I don't still make a purchase here and there, but I'm trying to be calmer about it.

On that note though, I'm doing a little christmas shopping right now for Toda and looking for things of the following pokemon:

Shuppet/Banette/Mega Banette *Anything except TCG and can badges*

Especially looking for anything Mega Banette-wise; but I don't think there's been much released yet has there?

As for myself... I was wondering... anyone who purchased the new Rayquaza pokemon center plush - how do you like him? Was he worth the price or do you own other Rayquazas that kind of outshine him? I noticed he was posable, which is super neat. I just can't decide if I want to go ahead and drop the money for him or not. I think he's such a derp to be honest, but weirdly enduring haha.
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Quick sales


Hey guys! My mom is fostering 4 kittens and I want to adopt one. So here are some cheap sales so I can get some kitty starter items like food and a litterbox! (my kitty of 21 years passed away almost 4 years ago and I am finally ready for another one!)
I also have a pack of xy phantom forces to add to this. If you buy $15 or more I'll just give you the whole pack :)

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International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 11/7/2014
Click the images for bigger photos

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My Lil Brother wants:
Mega Sceptile and Sceptile Plush and EX/FA CARD/CARDS
Mega Lucario and Lucario Plush and EX/FA CARD/CARDS
Mega Charizard and Charizard Plush and EX/FA CARD/CARDS
and other toys too

I am also a collector, I like Lapras, Togepi, figures, toys, odds and ends. Collectables, etc
fab, fabliau, fleischauer

High Priority Christmas Gift + Questions

Hello everyone, I hope you're feeling wonderful today!
I am still shopping for Litwick Line Christmas presents and I found the main part of the gift to go along with the Chandelure line zukan!
I did not know this existed until now! XD I feel silly!
I am in serious need of a Super DX Litwick plush from the I Love Gothic promo! It does not need its hang tag!! I would prefer to pay no more than $30 shipped for it if that can be arranged! I found one on eBay for far too expensive: (

EDIT: If anyone has used zukan figures in newish condition (no pieces broken off), please contact me! I need to following: delphox, chesnaught, snorlax, chandelure, espeon, honchkrow!

And then, here's one of my question. I also found that there's a little Litwick LED lamp similar to the Pumpkaboo, and I feel like even a used one would be expensive. I searched all over and the only one I found was one unused  for a starting price of about $100 (ouch!) I was wondering if that's accurate and if not, how much are they? how much would they be used? I'm sure they're out of my price range, but I can't find them anywhere so I was wondering if anyone in the comm had one they can value for me!

Also, another question unrelated to Litwick!
I see a lot of plushes for sale as Mint With Tag. I was wondering, sellers out there, what do you consider mint when talking about a plush? Is it mint when it had all tags undamaged? I feel that would be more considered new than mint. I imagine mint to be something carefully sealed to preserve it. I feel like it's pretty hard to consider a plush that's been handled mint condition. Please politely correct me if I'm wrong! What do you think?

EDIT: One more question! Does the comm ever do anything similar to secret santa?
Thanks for your time (: