November 11th, 2014

Quick question about PitaPoke!

Hi guys! I was wondering if someone could tell me how big the PitaPoke figures are? Just the Pokemon's height, not the other stuff.

In other news, I went on a spending spree the other night and bought my first few items from some lovely people here! When they arrive, I'll be sure to take pictures and show them off. I also need to get my card together for photos, but it's 4am here, so probably not right now...

Oh, and I also have been working on a Wants list! Problem is that I spent all of my savings in one night, so now I probably won't have much for a few weeks. Best not to tempt the beast, I guess. Hope you're all having a nice night! <3

Edit: Oh, um, also -- are the contests still a thing? Like the Caption Contest? It sounds like lots of fun.
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Christmas charms tiny preorder + group buy + Pokemon food and tins?

Hello there guys!
Today, I would like to come to you about two things:

I have bought these cute charms, but I am only keeping Froakie, would anybody be interested in Pikachu and/or Dedenne? This will be only a small pre order, meaning that they are on its way to me. You will of course only pay when they are in my hands! Each will be 5.50$ before shipping, and with shipping and everything, the total will be 8.50$ anywhere in the world for each!
Dedenne: rainyan


I would love to buy this, but I only want to keep Vanillite on this one.
This will be a Group Buy, meaning you will have to pay in advance, and there will be two payments: 1st will be for the items + shipping to me, 2nd will be shipping from me to you! I will buy them off eBay, and each of these will be 4.76$ (5.50$ with fees). Shipping with packaging and fees from me should be 3$ regardless of your location!
Pikachu cookie: snowflaika
Fennekin coffee: puckyducky
Pikachu cake: dezi_kitsune
Pikachu pokepuff: peppermmints
Vanillite: hebilea

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I have come to really like Pokemon tins, because of their gorgeous designs. Is there any Pokemon Center site that shows what tins are currently being sold? Most of the time, I only see promotions on there, but not the food or the tins.

Thank you so much guys <3
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Auction reminder! + Sales

Reminder that my Rare Zukan, Vulpix in-case figure, Tomy Nidorino auctions end in just a little over a day! Note that if the non-duplicate zukan do not get bids, I'll be keeping them in my personal collection xD

And once again I've put up a few updates to my sales!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Thanks for looking! Hope to get some extra time for collection/Weebly page updates because it's grown quite a bit indeed XD Mildly excited for ORAS (would be more but I've just been busy lol). I got the recent Latios/Latias and Rayquaza shirts from Yetee. The Rayquaza came out fine but the Latios/Latias one came with holes in the shirt >_> so I'm really hoping customer service will come through and they can send me a replacement. I got a response from their zendesk saying they'd look through their stock yesterday and waiting for follow-up atm... I can understand defects in second-hand items, but for items bought new, not acceptable...

✿ My First PKMNCollectors Anniversary! Re-Intro and Collection Update! ✿

I see that people like to do a re introduction post and collection update on their anniversaries, so i thought i would do the same! I can't believe it's been a whole year since i first joined! Where does the time go?

Anyhoo, life collecting story time!
My name is Meaghan! You may have seen me booping around on the community probably buying things or just commenting on other posts. I check the community daily, sometimes even 5 times a day. xD
I have been collecting Pokemon Merchandise little by little ever since i played my first game which was Pokemon Pikachu Yellow! When i was ten years old however, my parents disposed of all of the things i had collected, with the exception of one pikachu pillow plush. :c They thought that my obsession with Pokemon was the reason i didn't have friends and blah blah blah. (Not that i had any friends before Pokemon anyways... xP) All i ever wanted to do was watch and play Pokemon and pretend little bugs and animals outside were also all secretly Pokemon. BUT, i have recollected most of my lost items since then, and so much more!! :D I am 23 years old now and am still just as obsessed as when i was little, if not more so.
Here is a photo of me with what i think is my favorite piece of my collection! Julius Pumpernickel the dragonite pillow plush! <3

To be honest i am not sure which direction i would like to take my collection in. Up until now i have just been randomly buying plushes that i liked, usually on impulse. xD If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know!

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Thank you all for looking! I look forward to many more years with everyone on pkmncollectors! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
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Reduced Price Sales


So I really need to get rid of a lot of things. I have reduced prices significantly and would have put some of them up in a lot on eBay, but I need the money asap. Everything is OBO so all reasonable offers will be considered.

Sales Policy

  • Standard comm rules apply.

  • Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on April 2013.

  • Feedback is found here.

  • Shipping is from Australia and international shipping is available. Economy Air Mail shipping rates are available, which is significantly cheaper than standard Air Mail. Tracking prices have also been revised recently so it's about $1-3 extra for tracked parcels.

  • I am an incredibly slow shipper around this time of year. I will only be stopping by the PO on Saturday this week. After Wednesday next week, I should be more free to ship things out.

  • Allergy info: one dog, no smokers, lots of dust. Will lint roll items if asked.

  • Payment is due within 24 hours after price is given.

  • A deal can be made for multiple purchases in one transaction.

  • Please do not hesitate to ask me questions about the condition of an item or any other info you require. I will answer questions as best as I can.

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PokemonCenter's Rerelease of the 2012 Eeveelu Collection + FireFox Update

Was back on and saw that they're planning to rerelease the 2012 Eevee Collection! :D I hope they rerelease the eeveelution binder since I was out of luck for the binder multiple times. Do you hope to see any rereleases of previous promotions? I'd love them to bring pitapokes to the US as well as the pikachu pair valentines day series D:

Edit: just saw that somebody also talked about the release of the standing eeveelution collections xD woops
(Flareon, eevee, and leafeon were on the previous page.)

++ FIREFOX GA PARTICIPANTS: The package was just cleared through customs last night and SHOULD be arriving tomorrow. I'm not sure if I have time until Saturday to get everything sorted, but I'm planning to get photos of everybody's items together, make final calculations and then have them uploaded on Sunday night latest so that I can ship next Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday (for international packages specifically). We have a panpour and gurdurr MPC up for claims for a buck each if any participants are interested, it will be used to discount payment #2.

++ART COMMISSIONS: I'm almost done with everybody's, I still have two I think that I will complete tonight and will upload them for the commisoners to see. I plan to ship them all out on Thursday, I still have commissions open if anybody is interested for $1 each, here!

Hurray for eeveelutions *3*

Christmas Plushies

Hi all!
Does any know (or have any guesses) if the Christmas plushie set and/or the charms on the American Pokecenter website??? I need to get these for my sister for Christmas but they are just too expensive on ebay compared to what they'd be on

Does anyone remember how long after the Halloween plushies were released did they show up on the site?

Thanks for any help!

First wants post in a long time!

Hey guys!

I'm on the lookout for the following at a good price. Postage would be to the UK, let me know!

My wants:

Mega Charizard Y TOMY (main want)
Malamar kid (main want)
Rampardos TOMY (main want)
Chandelure TOMY

Christmas gift wants:

Altaria Petit plush (main want)
Tyrunt Pokedoll
Mega Lucario kid/TOMY
Spooky Party Pumpkaboo iPhone case

Will add to the list as I remember things... thanks!

Small figure auctions

I received sales permission from entirelycliched in 2013.
My feedback can be found here.
I ship from the Netherlands and will ship internationally.
Shipping for small items will start at $2.50
Anything can be combined with my latest sales post.
You can ask for more pictures :)

more pictures under the cut

All figures will start at $1
Bid increments of at least $1
If a bid has been placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction, the auction will extend for another 5 minutes until no bids have been placed within that time.

Auctions will end on Friday the 14th of November at 10 PM New York time. At that moment it’ll be 4 AM in the Netherlands, which means that I’m still sleeping. So I will as soon as possible give the winners their totals.

Countdown timer

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New sales and some gets

Hello everyone!vI'm back with a little sales update with clear kids and starter plushies. Pricing and info under the cut:

ss (2014-11-11 at 06.54.10)
ss (2014-11-11 at 06.54.21)

Collapse )And also, some gets!  I got the Politoed Pokemon Time pen!! I bought it with the Lapras Pokemon Time pen too but it was for a friend (hardcore Lapras collector xD) Then pens still work and they have three drawings of the Pokemon on Pokemon Time style. I saw them on yahoo for some months until the seller put them cheaper xD
I also bought a Heracross UFO and Tyrunt UFO for me. My Heracross is way softer than my boyfriend's one XDD He's on great condition and I love his smile <3


Some New Gets and Some Questions~

Yesterday, my packages from hantsukihaunter arrived~  I was so excited because it contained a figure that I've been hunting since I got back into collecting.

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On top of that, I have two questions for everyone~

Question 1: What is the difference between DX, Hyper Size, and Super Size TOMYs? I only own the Xerneas and Yveltal (that I believe are Hyper Size?)

Question 2: When I was dusting, I noticed that my Raikou TOMY has a stamp on its leg. Does anyone know what this is? It reads G10

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Secret Santa? + a repaint

Hi everyone! Since holidays are coming up and this is my first year with the comm, I was wondering if there's a community Secret Santa event? If so how does it work and when does it usually start?

And to make this post less boring here's some pictures of my first repaint if anyone's interested:

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kyogre 3ds and keychain plush

Hey guys due to debt and wanting a kyogre ds I sold my pikachu 3ds...only to find out its japan only. Is anyone picking these up? I only want the plates to put on a 3ds when I can get one. How much would the system be for a pick up? Also does anyone have the mini kyogre plush?

Hey everyone

I'm still bad at getting on here more cause of my wedding planning ;_;
But I have a very big update to show you my collection!
but first here's a picture of my pumpkin this year! i made umbreon :3 it turned out good
and now! the collection~

[The Collection! (click to open)]


my whole collection and i will show you pictures of each one individually


Starting from the very far left side is my tomy eevee plush i got for my 22 birthday :3
the little one next to it is the I <3 eevee curtain holder which i bought from the comm
the big one behind her is the I love Eevee DX Prize Plush that one I got last christmas at a christmas party from my old boss from when i worked at an anime store :3
the one that you can barley see is an eevee that was given to me by my boss from the anime store I worked at
the other little one is 2013 Banpresto UFO Game Catcher Prize I bought her at a con during this summer
the one in the middle is my very first eevee the Tomy beanie eevee from 1999 my mom gave me it when i was 6 :3
Then i have the pokedoll eevee plush This one was given to me on my 21st birthday from my firend but sadly she bought me a bootie one ;___; I hope to one day get a real one but for the mean time I will love her :3
and the last one is the kawaii eevee i bought from the comm

Starting at the kawaii eevee I have the beanie eevee made by folly lolly she was at a convention called Daisho con in wisconsin and I had to buy her once i saw her! so cuteee. Then I have the walky eevee this was given to me by a friend on my 19 birthday. The next one is the fuzzy eevee i bought from the comm she was too cute not to buy :3


Im sure everyone knows these eevee's these are the I <3 eevee's :3 all of them where gifts but two of them i bought at a con


Random figures that i had since my childhood :3 and bought a few but i may get rid of a few once my wedding is over so i can fit more eevees XD

random figures and stuff and my pokedex from when i was a kid
again i might want to make this one all eevee's

so much yellow! most of these i had snice my childhood and a few i got from comm


my burger king balls with the cards :3 and ash and misty Im using the pokeballs as a center piece for my wedding and ash and misty as our cake toppers

My figures and random pokeballs in the back XD this is where all my tomy's will go one day <3

Thank you for looking and reading all of this! i hope you like my collection ^-^ <3

[My new gets (click to open)] I'm currently collcetion all 151 Tomy figures and i bought these on the comm about two weeks ago

I only spent 18 bucks on all of them yay!!!

Here are my tomy's that i had before buying from the community

Thanks for looking!!!

[Wants (click to open)]
pokemon - world
Im on the hunt for tomy figures from 1999, This is a photo of the ones i have left to get