November 12th, 2014

Lotsa Stamps GA payment #2! TCG sales

Hey all! I just wanted to let all of the participants from the Lotsa Stamps GA that it will be here tomorrow/today(Nov 12) whenever my usual mail gets delivered. :) So be on the look out for this post to be updated in about 24 hours with payments due.
It is here! Check out all of the info below.

Remember, no payment is due right now. Just giving a heads up to you all and will be updating this post as soon as I get the stampers tomorrow!!

They have arrived!!!

GA participants:

Non-Paricpant Buyers:

Spreadsheet Here!

Payments can be sent to - please be sure to add your username and Lotsa Stamps GA final payment in the memo spot! :)
I'm headed off of here and won't be back on for about 12-24 hours(depending on what happens tomorrow, so I'll verify your payments tomorrow)

ALSO! EXTRAS!!! - I really don't want to hold on to all of these stamps, please, anybody pick up some extras! Only $0.25!!!! These are open to ALL community members. :)

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Also! I have some TCG from Phantom Forces to sell. I thought I'd offer them here before heading to eBay. :)

Both versions of Mega Gengar(35/119 and 121/119) and a Gengar spirit link card for $30 shipped in the US and $35 shipped internationally.

Az FA $4 plus shipping.

Dialga EX $8 plus shipping

Pikachu Beams Question

Hello I saw a few days ago someone posting this awesome cute plush xD
Does anyone know if its just a Japan exclusive? Im not sure how to look for it and on ebay there is just one listin for $500.00... Would love to buy it from US directly so if anyone knows any info on this item let me know <3 would really appreciate it!

Also I would like to make some custom sculpture / figures would anyone be interested? I am thinking $10 depending on size and details :) have a lot of free time the next few weeks so would like to create something new ! I am open to recreating something but please understand since its handmade it will always look slightly different :)


Updated Sales!

Oh gosh hey everyone!! Been a while since I posted, but as usual its been crazy. Looking for a new job, excitedly waiting for the new game, new love and drama! Such animu, very slice of life. Wow.
...Yeah I couldn't quite help myself. XD;; Anyway!

The link right under the banner will warp ya to my permanent sales post! I've added quite a few new things! Ditto tomy figure, Entei and rayquaza tomy plush, lots of banpresto and pokedolls as well! Check it out!


Also!!! I totally haven't decided which game to get yet... Alpha..? Or Omega..? I really haven't a clue! Tell me which one you're getting and why! :D
Thank you for your time! ^x^

Offers post!

Hello Community! I come today with many offers! Most notably, a classic Gen 1 t-shirt from HotTopic, circa 2007. Also, my D-Arts Kamex/Blastoise figure, a Gen 1 poster, a few Blastoise items, and a bootleg Pokémon Blue game for GBA. Come on in!

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Pokebox GA Extra Sales (open to community!)

Hi everyone!

The Pokebox GA has arrived~ :D
However, there are 8 items up for grabs at low low low prices~
Please do give them a new home!

Some info:

  • chain received sales permission on April 11, 2013! (feedback)

  • nysaurus received sales permission on July 27, 2013! (feedback)

  • Shipping will be from Australia!

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Also, payment 3 is now up for the following members:
agui_chan, agentcalifornia, agentgoldfish

You can view your payment details (here)!
Please put "Pokebox GA - username - payment 3" as your subject/ memo!
All payments should be made to!

For normandyai and starpurrloin, payment 3 will be combined with stairs-off GA! ^^

Thank you guys! :D
Please clarify if you have any questions :3

New Pikachu Figures Get~

So today I got a visit from the postman and he brought a Pika Parcel of Pikachu figures - 3 of them!


I do love these three Pikachu. They look great on my shelves with the other Pika. I think I also managed to make a little space for any new figurse too lol. It's a constant puzzle game of moving stuff around to slip stuff in!

Now below is a link to my sales as posted a few days ago. I have amended the postage costs. Because Royal Mail estimator is a load of rubbish. I checked better at my local post office for better quotes! Click the pic or link below!

What the cutes..?! + FireFox GA Arrival!

Ohhh geez there is just something up with Ichiban Kuji's release this time: warning.. it's adorable.
And there's more under the cut!
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As for the firefox GA, the firefox GA has ARRIIIIIIIIVED!! Thank you to Atlantia_rai for taking such good care of all of our beloved pokegoods! n3n I've done a rundown of whose items and whose, sorted out extras, and I will be uploading payment #2 this Saturday or Sunday! I hope to have everything shipped out next week. I'll be slowly uploading each person's items DOWN BELOW so please wait for your photos to pop up! c: EDIT: DONE!

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  • j_ule

Starter Pokemon Poll Tour Round 3 - Hoenn! (+question)

It's time for round 3 of our starter poll tour! :)

First, I'd like to point out that some of you still tend to misinterpret the first question. ^^; I don't mean naming your favorite for each individual evolutionary stage accordingly, but just picking out ONE Pokemon, no matter which evolutionary stage it is. This makes it easier for me to calculate which Pokemon gets more "votes". Of course you can also name two Pokemon if you really can't decide. ^^

After Kanto and Johto, it's Hoenn this time.


And on to the poll!

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As always, the previous polls are open, so go post if you haven't already :)

A little off-topc questions for you card collectors among you:
I bought a Japanese Neo booster pack today from my local second hand toy shop who sometimes has old Pokemon cards that individual people sell to him. I noticed that the Japanese cards were kinda different from the English/German ones as to their surface. The English and German cards are pretty much the same, but the Japanese cards are kind of slightly thinner/flimsier and their surface feels more smooth and silky, and not as paper-like as the English cards. Is this normal for Japanese cards? Other than that, I didn't notice any suspicious signs though. The (holo) rare was right on top of the pack when I opened it.
pokemon: mamo!

Tokyo Grand Opening merch!

(Exclusive?) Merch to celebrate the MEGA Tokyo PokeCen opening!!

(click for bigger size)

Offerings include:
-Adorable Pikachu plush with Mega Charizard Y hoodie!!
-Special Mega Charizard Y Mega Ring set
-Special pearly Mega Charizard Y plamo +Pikachu!

There's a special keyholder near the bottom left of the page that I THINK is being given out at the opening ceremony? Can someone clarify this? :D</a> The keyholder will be given out at an exclusive opening ceremony that will be limited to 300 people. Impossible to know if it will be sold at a later date!

So cute!

Quick website update

I have updated my website, including a updated guide explaining the difference between a bootleg, an unofficial, and a custom plush. Feel free to check it out! Will be having a Pokedoll update soon, been super busy. 
For more updates follow me on instagram @mewisme700!

To make this post less boring here's me posing with some of my favorite children.


Have a great rest of the week!