November 13th, 2014

  • syminka

Want to buy Mansion of Eevee stamps

Hey guys! I am looking for some stamps from the mansion of eevee set. I need:

Someone was selling Glaceon and Leafeon for $10 for both. If it was you please come forward <3
I'd like them in near mint-mint condition and still working. Just let me know!

I need a glaceon pita poke as well!

Also, Amiboo figures come out November 21st! Pikachu and Lucario (lucario is released later I think)

Have a good week! It's gonna snow here already this weekend. Can't wait!! :D

Anniversary Update and recent gets

Hey guys. My collecting has been slowing down in the last few months, but I actually got a few things recently and I decided to make a post about them. But, if I recall correctly, we're around the time that I first joined the community 2 years ago! The years went by so fast. (I believe I joined around October 2012 so I actually missed it). So I guess this is going to be a bit of a re-intro, anniversary post as well. :)

First a couple gets and a want:

I got this clear Latias Jakks figure from hantsukihaunter. It's a really nice figure, but it's starting to yellow a bit at the bottom. I read somewhere that soaking it in hydrogen peroxide might help, so I left it in some over about 3 days and I think it helped a little. By the time I had checked on it again, most of the hydrogen peroxide had evaporated so that could have been why it didn't work completely. Anyone else have any suggestions for yellowing figures?


I really like this figure and I think it would be nice to reunite her with her brother. Does anyone have the Clear Jakks Latios for sale? I would really appreciate it. :)

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Finally, if anyone's interested in the 5th Pokemon movie "Pokemon Heroes" staring Latias and Latios on DVD, it's the last thing in my sales other than a coin. You can check it out here or by clicking on the following little picture.


This post is super long, holy cow!
Thanks for reading everyone. After 2 years I still love being a member of this community, weather I'm buying left and right or not. I'm looking forward to being around for many years in the future. :)
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Sales, many things reduced & most under $5!!!!! Eevee evolutions!!!

Hello my lovies, long time no speak! I really must get back into the community again. Hope you are all keeping well :3

Aaaaaanywho as my subject suggests my shop is back open :D There are still Eevee & co merch for sale so why not come have a look :3 CLICK THE PIC OR THIS LINK TO GET TO MY SHOP xXx

ORAS tote bag! Pokédex button badges! 2014 Holiday card sneak peek!

Hello everyone! I haven’t been posting in a while, but I’ve got a lot of stuff for you to check out today!
First of all, ORAS is coming out next week! Ahhh yeeessss, so excited!
To celebrate, I made some tote bags with all the Hoenn Pokemons in PokeTime style, they are now available in my online shop :)

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Next, the Pokédex button badges!

I've finished all 5th and 6th gen designs *throws confetti*, which means almost all pokemon pins are available to purchase :D
Each button is USD $2, they are about 1.25 inches big.
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Lastly, some of you may know that I give away holiday cards every year. Well... I'm doing it this year again! Yay!
The free card sign up will open on Monday, November 17th 11:00 AM PST. So mark your calendar, set your alarm! I will be giving away 100 cards exclusively for pkmncollectors members. I will post the sign up link in another entry, so don't miss it :)


Yay, got some new goodies this week, still waiting for a bit tho :O

so here are some picks :D

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Will be leaving people feedback on friday.

Also, i was wondering if pkmn collectors have/would like a facebook group that could be a bit more casual, like just being able to converse with a bunch of other collectors and stuff, it could be a fun idea! idk


My wants for this week are the 2 tyranitar chuppas, not wanting to pay more thant $20 shipped each, and if they are together id really not want to spend more than $30 (: lemme knoww :D
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Charizard, Pokedoll and Pikachu Gets! (+question)

Hey there guys,

I am really happy about my new gets that I got within the last few days!
It contained a package that took ages to arrive from Noppin..


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I also still have a question that I posted in another post yesterday but got now answers. It concerns the TCG:
I bought a Japanese Neo booster pack yesterday from my local second hand toy shop who sometimes has old Pokemon cards that individual people sell to him. I noticed that the Japanese cards were kinda different from the English/German ones as to their surface. The English and German cards are pretty much the same, but the Japanese cards are kind of slightly thinner/flimsier and their surface feels more smooth and silky, and not as paper-like as the English cards. Is this normal for Japanese cards? Other than that, I didn't notice any suspicious signs though. The (holo) rare was right on top of the pack when I opened it.

Thans for reading/looking ^-^
  • scarity

New gets and size reference pics :)

The mailman really made me happy today so I'll be showing off my new gets which include the contest prices from yellow_fr3ak i had to collect from the postoffice and I unpacked on the way home (I was too excited to wait haha)
And then I opened the second box at home with my Christmass Fennekin Miyuki ^^ I hope you all enjoy that :)

Also further down I have made some size reference pictures of plush, I will explain more after my newest cutie gets ^^
Little sneak preview ^^
photo 1-3

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So I had an idea but I didn't know what you all would think of it so here goes, my idea was to take good simple size reference pictures of all my plush. I know myself i find it hard to judge how big plush are and if I want them or not sometimes, if I think it's worth my money or not and I can only imagine I'm not the only one. So my idea was to take all the way around pictures of my plush with a consistant size reference next to it so you can easily compare them. I also wanted to take pictures of multiple angles and if i have them their tags, this could possibly help with ID'ing real/fakes aswell I hope for some people :)

Please give me input on my idea, I used a redbull can as that was the only can I had available and I hope most people know how big it is, if anyone has a better Idea I'd be open to suggestions or maybe additional ideas?

For now I'll just start posting them on my personal JL and here of newer merch if you all would enjoy this, if not I won't ^^ I may eventually make a website around it aswell, I don't have a huge collection but all bits help right?

Here are some examples of the pics I took today, additional and bigger ones can be found on my LJ

photo 3-4

I can only say the snowman fennekin is just too darn cute, pretty soft whooly like fur and the scarf is just the cutest little touch, it isn't huge but not too tiny eighter I like the size, it's about the same size as last years Fennekin plush :)

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Please give me some feedback I'd love to hear your ideas and if there is already such a website or so I'd like to hear that 2 :) I just never found it myself ^^

Reminder for Custom Plush Auction!!!

Here is a reminder for my custom plush auction, ends this sunday and it's still at the starting bid!!!!

examples of my work can be found at

I'm no newbie to plush making, but unfortunately I sold my plushies before I had DA so there isn't much in there, but hopefully enough to convince ya'll to bid! Hoping to get money for ORAS (come on, ya'll are excited. I KNOW)

here's the link:

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NY ORAS launch

Hey everyone! I was wondering, do any of you guys know if Nintendo world is doing any giveaways during the launch? I checked the website but they didn't say anything other than oras launch date. Is anyone planning on going? :D thanks :3
Chillarmy - Shiny
  • kitzune

Grail Chinchillas and Psychic Cats

I have been waiting to make this update since the end of October!

For the first time ever in my collecting history, I found a grail, and I won it! And I was so excited I wanted to share my find with the community...but then I got sick. I assumed I would feel better by the end of the week, and it's now two weeks and a half and I'm still sick. But tonight I decided to finally take some pictures and so here I am!

I haven't posted in a while, so let me give a quick re-introduction. I started collecting with Chillarmy/Minccino and he will always be my main collection, although recently Espurr has become my second primary, alongside Umbreon. I've been collecting for about two years or so. I have a Tumblr where I post Pokemon merch information and pictures from the Pokemon Center and other stuff.
With that out of the way...

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Along with Chillarmies, I also have been hard at work collecting the male Meowstics from the Pokemon Male! Female! Banpresto promotion. I am verrrry slowly getting better at winning prizes from claw machines, and all of these prizes I won myself.

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To everyone who made it this far, thanks for reading through my post!

Pokemon Adventures Manga Boxset Sale @ Rightstuf Today!

Not sure when this will end, since they make it sound like it's a Thursday-only deal (or just starts Thursdays?) but all of the Pokemon Adventure manga boxsets out currently are on sale!! The B/R/Y and G/S/C sets are super cheap, too!

Rightstuf ships worldwide, and within US, has free shipping over $50, and is TAX FREE (in every state but 3).

Just figured I should point this out for manga fans :)


So I've noticed rather lately, that my collection has been going to...the dogs rather lately. What I mean by that, is my obsession with the Lillipup line is beginning to show it's face. So I'm thinking of starting that up as a side collection. I'm going to get around to uploading pictures of my collection in the next coming weeks as it has grown since my last post, but I won't be going home for another week and a half.

So...until then. If anyone has any type of merch that has to do with the Lillipup line (aka Lillipup, Herdier, and Stoutland) please let me know? I already have the pokemon center plush, the MPC's of both Lillipup and Herdier, and the mascot plush of Lillipup as well. So if anyone has anything else, please let me know ^_^