November 14th, 2014

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Mudkip and Lucario Pokedoll Offers + Sales!!

Hey guys,
This is a bit upsetting for me, but I've decided to start weeding a little :( which, on the positive side, will leave me more money and space to dedicate to my main collections! I'm also moving out of college really soon, so I figured now was the best time to do it!

General info:
- I received sales permission from entirelycliched on 19/09/2014
- My feedback can be found here.
- All Pkmncollectors community rules apply.
- I will NOT sell to any banned members.
- If you are seriously concerned about a plush's condition, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK OR REQUEST CLOSE-UPS!

- First person to inquire about an item will be given priority, whether they commit or not.
- If you DO NOT commit, you will be given 24 hours (12 hours if the person below you commits) to respond to a quote. After this time, priority will go to the next person.
- Once you DO commit, payment is due within 24 hours, unless a prior arrangement has been made.

- Shipping is from Australia, however I do ship internationally!
- Shipping for flats starts at $0.70 domestically and $2.80 internationally.
- For international packages or larger packages, I will need to run down to the post office to get you a more accurate quote.
- I am NOT responsible for items once they have been shipped out. If you would like tracking + insurance, please ask beforehand!!

- Prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping or fees, unless indicated otherwise.
- I only accept Paypal for international buyers.
- Australian buyers may also pay via bank deposit to save on fees, but I will wait for funds to process before your items are shipped

WARNING: Those who do not abide by these rules WILL be left negative feedback!!

Offers may end at any time!

Lucario JP 2005 Pokedoll TTO - starts at $20
Mudkip Kawaii Banpresto MWT (tag is still sturdy but has signs of aging, please feel free to ask for a close-up if you are really concerned about it!) - starts at $15

Ho-Oh US 2010 Pokedoll TTO - this is up for straight sale at $15 SOLD!


Hasbro Mudkip TTO - $16 OBO
Jakks Budew TTO - $5
May's Bulbasaur TTO (loved and missing her pot! I usually make her hold Hoppip instead) - $10
12" Unofficial Jolteon plush - $10
Togepi Bandai Friends plush - $6
Reuniclus MPC TTO (keychain still intact) - $7
Play-by-Play Blastoise (loved) - $10
Fuzzy TOMY Squirtle (loved, missing tush tag, has scratches on his eyes but could be repainted?) - $5
Small Play-by-Play Squirtle (extremely loved, missing tush tag, his head has been stitched up the poor thing) - FREEBIE (could increase shipping)
(Please refer to this picture for a close-up of the 2 squirtles!)

Hoppip Bandai Friends plush TTO - $10
Ivysaur Bandai Friends plush TTO - $10

I can try to ship these bad boys as flats to save on shipping!
Inkay pin MIP - $2
Chespin chest-pin (lol) MIP - $3

Ignore Finn - he's not for sale, he's just selling the figures in my place!
Bandai Kid figures:
Gardevoir - $3
Leafeon - $3
Ampharos - $3

Used Squirtle figure lot:
Dark Squirtle roller thingy
Squirtle squirter? (squeezable, has small squirty hole where his mouth is)
Squirtle pencil topper 1
Squirtle pencil topper 2
ALL for $4

Finally, here is a link to my TCG sales!

Thanks everyone, hope you're all having a lovely week!
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Just a few random wants :3

So, I haven't been on this community properly for about 5 months for many personal reasons, so hello again!
A mini reintroduction; I'm a 20 year old Pokémon collector from England. My collection as a whole is pretty small but I am proud of the progress it has made since I joined this community quite a few years ago now! I mainly collect Drifloon and Drifblim even if my collection is still pretty tiny, but I also side collect Woobat/Swoobat and Raichu. The items I'm proudest of so far are my DX Fuzzy Raichu and my Canvas Drifloon which took me years to finally track down! I'd love to start a new collection but I just don't have the money right now haha ^^
I'm really hoping for a Mega-Camerupt plush when ORAS is released. I'm a huge Camerupt fangirl! Maybe that'll be my next random collection one day haha.

Anyways, I only have 2 longshot wants today, but hopefully I can maybe find them~!

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Small Wants (Oshawott) + New collections (to be updated) :P

Wellz, its been a while since my last post, but I just want to put something that I want. I am currently looking for some stickers:

Looking for "Oshawott MPC" and some cheap Oshawott Pan Stickers
(Let me know whatchu got!!)

Secondly, I got some AWESOME new plushies to my collection, also from my GF!
Will be sharing that later on when I get them lined up nicely and pictured! :D

Happy Friday (Short week ftw)! :)
Casual Shoto

Large and Medium plush weeding sale!

Hi everyone!

I've been thinking a lot lately about my collection and decided that I went a little over board :( at first I only wanted to collect pokedolls because they are cute and small. They don't take a lot of space and they are super fun to display! Over the years I started to get random plushies of pokemon that I like and most of them are quite large ^^' the reason why I collect pokedoll is because I am limited in space. I could put them pretty much everywhere in my apartment, but that's not something I want and if I continue to add more other random plushies, that's what will hapend. I also need to consider that I collect other stuff then Pokemon :(

My desicion: Only collect Pokedolls, small Pokemon Center plush of my favorite pokemon and some limited plushies (for some reason, the limited plushies are almost always SUPER CUTE and small ^^). The only big plushies I will keep are my 1:1, plus one or 2 execptions.
The rest, every plush I consider too big or "off topic", will be put for sale and you can find them in this post!

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PLEASE NOTE: There are some plushies I haven't decided yet if I wanted to sell them or not. I will update this sale when I do decide.

Thanks for reading :)


My short want list:
I'm looking for a Walky Mew (actually both sizes, but especially the big one)! It's easily my favorite plush of all time, so I promise to give it a good home. :D Please let me know if you have one you're letting go of! <3
Falling Pika

Leaving Pokémon Collecting Sales Post

Hello everyone! I still have a lot of 'chu goodies leftover from my last sales and I've even added some more items. I'm leaving Pokémon collecting as I am no longer interested in collecting (bills to pay and whatnot, ugh). :c I really would love to find them new homes now, aside for a few plush that I wish to keep. x3
A little preview: Pikachu bag, notepad, and an I <3 Pikachu face pouch and more!


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Thank you everyone for looking!~
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~Wanted Fairy and Lucha Bird Items~

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 1.48.03 PM

Hey all, I'm still recovering from a very chaotic couple months. If you ordered anything from me you should have received your parcel or it's on it's way. (A lot of them were international). I've been accumulating items here and there and giving my collection website an overhaul.

It's been really hard finding past Sylveon items lately but I did come across a few that really excited me.

I've finally completed the "Happy Party Time" Sylveon Promotion line. ;A; It took ages but it's finally aaaaall mine. The last two things I needed were the tape and memo pad. The tape I bought in the past but was lost in transit. I thought I'd come across it again but it took months before that. I love when a collection is finally complete. ;3; It's such an accomplisment. Right after completing this promo I had to create a new promo tab to my collection. XD Pokemikke!!!! Yes! This collection has been added to my site and this time, I'm buying everything at once just so it can be complete from the start.
Click the image to see all my Happy Party items in full.

Speaking of promo completion... I STILL have 3 more Sylveon promos to complete.... Each one only needs a couple items to go. Can anyone help? I'll pay big for the last remaining items needed. The promotions included the "Mascot promo", "Lunch Time promo" and the "School" promo.
From the mascot promo I only need:

I only need the stationary and the blue variant of the scrunchie .
From the School promo I only need:

I only need the pencil cap holder and this Sylveon running with Eevee and Pika clearfile. Or I think it's a clearfile.

And last from the Lunch time promotion I just need one item to complete it. This tiny drawstring bag.

I'm also on the hunt for any and all Sylveon items I don't have.
Check out my want page for more. Let me know if you have any leads or want to show me something!

Sylveon isn't the only XY pokemon I collect. I also collect HAWLUCHA! And I have a couple rare items I'm on the hunt for. Like Sylveon, I'm on the hunt for any and all Hawlucha items that I don't have on my site. Hawlucha isn't as popular as an Eeveelution so I'm also interested in all flat items as well. Be it a notebook, a sticker, featured on a box. ANYTHING. Show me. I'll probably want it. You might be surprised how much I'd pay for a flat. If you have anything let me know.

Here's a small want list with a few things I'm aware of that I don't have:

I'm seriously hunting for these two items..... both have been very stressful for me to obtain. I've contacted pick-ups, middleman, I bought full sets to no provail. I did everything.....but still haven't found I come to the community. If you know of anyone, anywhere, or if YOU have them. Pleeeease let me know.

I'm offering $100 to anyone who sells me this item or finds someone who has it and is willing to sell it to me!
It's called a battle wheel strike toy. It was a blind gacha item that was sold at 711's during the Diancie movie this summer. I came across a few capsules but I never got the one I wanted. Hawlucha. I'm tired of asking people to get them from shops, they only have the light up keychains and no one has posted their extras yet. ;3; I just want this birdy so bad! I know someone had to have gotten one.
I'm offering $200 to anyone who sells me this item or finds someone who has it and is willing to sell it to me!

This is the XY "Gold variant" of the Sylveon metal coin. I've bought sooooo many boxes to only get the same gold coins multiple times. X_X There is only one gold coin a box and there were about 14? pokemon in the set. That mean every Pokemon had a chance to get a gold coin. I spent so much searching for this but still haven't even came across one to bid on yet.....I really want to complete my coin set.....any help would be appreciated.

Lastly, I lowered my huge ebay lot, these items cost me over the starting price but I just need to get this big box out of my studio. Its one of the last lots I need gone. There's lots of good stuff if anyone is interested in it.

Anyway, I'm waiting on some special items before I do another update.
I'm pretty stoked about ORAS! I'm crossing my fingers for more megas (cough Slaking cough Breloom cough)....but either way I can't wait to play.
More soon!

New sales from japan! sticker cards and 150 plus of original pokemon stamps!

Hello, I come to you today with some new sales! I got these in a lot with vaporeon and thought maybe the community would want some! There are some eeveelutions in my sales post as well! Feel free to make offers on anything please!

Here is the link to my sales post
Here is a small preview of the new stuff!!


Here is my sales info!
Given sales permission by (allinia, (4/5/14)
Doki Doki

Authentic Pokedolls?

There's been some debate as to whether these are official pokedolls. I purchased them years ago from a local game store when they used to carry pokemon plushes. I had no reason to doubt they're real, but I'm concerned because I'm being asked a lot my potential bidders. I'd feel less anxious if I had a second opinion!

UMBREON I purchased this one here, so I'd hope it's real! D:

Thanks guys! <3

EDIT: Auctions are mine, I thought it was implied when I mentioed that I purchased them and potential bidders were asking me. ^^;
I received sales permission in 2010, I think?
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More Walmart Plushes

So while out on a trip today, I spotted from a distance a Treecko plushie!!!! Looks like ORAS merch might finally be popping up :D though I think it might have been from the Trainer's choice edition, but I'm not completely sure as I was able to go back by there. But still, it's good to know we're getting more things at walmart now ^_^ Also I saw a Pikachu bank, but I do believe someone has stated they've seen this before a while back.
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Raikou's Makeover!

Hello guys! Hope you're all well and the ORAS hype is strong with you all! ;)

So as some of you may remember, I recently posted up pictures of my collection which included a lot of Tomy figures. Amongst this collection of figures was a rather sorry looking Raikou figure who came to me...minus his purple cloud!

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So obviously I thought a Raikou without his signature cloud isn't a Raikou at all and had to do something about it! So it's repair time! Out came the Sculpey clay, paints, brushes and glossy varnish...and decided to give him a well deserved makeover. So without further ado, here is the new Raikou!

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Now I'll be the first to admit the actual sculpt is not my best work. The purple (which looks more blue here thanks to my camera -.-) is showing all the lumps and bumps that I never bothered to sand down and the carving of the swirls is a bit shabby...but hey! This was an incredibly quick attempt just to see if I could actually pull it off and if I'm quite honest, I don't think he looks too bad =) He will probably stay like this until I decide to do a more precise and refined version some other time...but as it stands at the moment, I'm just happy he has his cloud back now! =D

Thanks for looking guys, let me know what you think of my work and any critiques or tips would be greatly appreciated for further cloud making attempts =P