November 15th, 2014

Another questionnnn and update!

Hi guys! I just received my first ever purchased package from the community, so I'll be posting my gets this weekend -- hopefully along with my card collection, although there's a LOT of cards to photograph!

I also had another question. I've been working on a wants list, which I'm hoping to post soon. Something I'm having trouble finding out about is mini figurines. When I say mini, I mean REALLY mini -- I would like a collection of roughly 1cm Pokemon figurines. I recently asked about PitaPoke, although they turned out to be larger than anticipated; now I am wondering if perhaps any of the smallest figures on Zukans might be as small as I am looking for, such as the first evolutions of families. Can anyone with Zukans that have small figures please tell me how small the figurines are or can get? It's a really odd request, I know!...
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Slight Problem/Zukan Sale

So, I'm Selling Off Park Of My Zukan Collection Due To Various Reasons (One Being To Buy Kecleon, Tropius And Lunatone/Solrock Merch)

Which Leads Me To Subject Number 2

Im Selling Of A Good Portion Of My Zukan Collection, So I've Once Again Updated My Sales To Include These :D

I've Also Reduced A Few Prices Of Some Of My Items Also :)

\/ \/ \/ Sales Below \/ \/ \/
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Thanks Again Guys



P.S I'd Still Like To Know If You Have Any Kecleon, Tropius And Lunatone/Solrock Merch :D
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Large and Medium plush weeding sale! Part 2 - Auctions

So I had a talk with my boyfriend yesterday and he helped me decided to sell more of my large plushies.
Long story short: My pokemon collecting went a little over board... at first I only wanted to collect pokedolls because they are cute and small. They don't take a lot of space and they are super fun to display! Over the years I started to get random plushies of pokemon that I like and most of them are quite large. The reason why I collect pokedoll is because I am limited in space. I could put them pretty much everywhere in my apartment, but that's not something I want and if I continue to add more other random plushies, that's what will hapend. I also need to consider that I collect other things too.

My desicion: Only collect Pokedolls, small Pokemon Center plush of my favorite pokemon and some limited plushies (for some reason, the limited plushies are almost always SUPER CUTE and small ^^). The only big plushies I will keep are my 1:1, plus one or 2 execptions.

One problem that I have with those 3 is that I have no idea how much to ask since they are no where to be find, so I decided to auction them! :)

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I updated my permanant sale post with more plushies :)

November Vaporeon Hunt! 2 to Complete the Group!

Long time no see! Been busy with life and keeping myself out of trouble, but now I'm here for something special! Two somethings, actually.

I need the Vap Sitting/Trick Pose-

...and the Korotto Manmaru plush-

What makes these two so special? They are the LAST TWO official plush of Vaporeon I need to complete my plush collection of her!
I'm looking to get them as reasonably cheap as possible, so I'm looking for ones that do not have their hang tags anymore. I'm ready to add these 2 cuties to my collection! owo7

JUST need Korotto now!
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Starter Pokemon Poll Tour Round 4 - Sinnoh!

After the first three generations, I'm here with the fourth round of our Pokemon starter poll tour!

It's Sinnoh time, ladies and gentlemen!

(image by Amastroph on deviantart)

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And as always, if you haven't filled out the poll in the previous posts and would still like to do so, here are the links!
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Okay now marbles may not be everyone's definition of exciting, but when you collect a pokemon with little else to collect for it that isn't flat, you'd be surprised how into it you can get!

With my collection budget more often than not being in the single digits, it's definitely made collecting a real challenge over the last few years, but I'm happy to say after a good amount of time focussing on it, I've completed my Aerodactyl Marble Collection!!!

Aerodactyl_MarblesCollapse )

I believe I have finally been able to get every colour marble they made of the gen 1 marble collection set for Aerodactyl!  Admittedly I actually finished this a long time ago without knowing it seeing as I missplaced one of the marbles, but I found it yesterday and here they are!

The different colours I've found the marbles to come in is Dark Blue, Metalix, Green, Yellow/Gold, Clear, Light Blue, Ivory/Cream, and Amber!

Im just so excited to have another part of my main collection that I could work on and finish!

In other news, I totally changed up my desk set up and moved some things around, so I'd like to share my current work place with you all!


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So that's my little mini update, so now the question goes to all of you, what are your work spaces like?  Do you like to decorate your work space with your favorite pokes?


Legitimacy Check and Offers Reminder

Hi guys! I need a quick favor. Please tell me this Mew EX card is real. I mean, normally I wouldn't question authenticity on Pokémon cards, but my nephew gave it to me and he gets his cards from his school friends and one time, he brought home a Pansear with 10000 HP. Lol so yeah this looks real, but I don't want to take any chances.

(click for full size)

Also my offers post ends in less than 24 hours so if you haven't, pls check it out!

Thank you!


So many gets!

I just got back from the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi show with a few figures and some cards. It was my first convention! I was surprised to see so many people, a lot of cool costumes, but more importantly, a lot of merchandise for sale! I'm not very good at writing, so let's get to the pictures. Here's a little preview:

Convention gets!
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Since I've joined the community in October I've been tempted many times by the sales here, I was waiting to receive a few items before posting my gets over here ^_^
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Today was a great day for me with so many gets! And next week there will be a Pokemon Day here in France, I hope to get more goodies then too!

Thanks for reading this far ^_^ Have a great weekend!

My lovely collection :)

Well its the weekend! Thought i would share a little bit of my collection like I mentioned before! My small but lovely collection over the past long weekend from my gf.
I got a bunch of plushies and cola candies :3 drools.

Now you know what my dp is for :p
And the pika pair <3!!!

(Excuae my bad placements):p

Happy weekend and Black Friday Sale next week! :p

Hey everyone I haven't been on here in ages :D

Hi everyone,

well I want to start by saying since my last post I have a few money issues and had to sell my collection but a couple months back I started collecting again and I just wanted to show you what I have so far :)

I have also started buying from japan and america so I have got quite a few bargains but anyway here is my collection so far.

[Signed Japanese pokemon white from Oxford Street Release Event]IMG_20141115_185518
[Pokemon TCG (Mew Page 1)]IMG_20141115_185655
[Pokemon TCG (Mew Page 2)]IMG_20141115_185704
[Pokemon TCG Page 3]IMG_20141115_185713
[Sealed Domino&apos;s Pizza Snorlax]IMG_20141115_185722
[Sealed Promos]IMG_20141115_185749
[Game Promo Shiny Pikachu (1 open, 2 sealed)]IMG_20141115_185800

Thanks for looking :)

feel free to comment and I hope to have a collection like I used to have.

Collection Update! + Wants

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. I again apologise for the long gap between my posts, I collect at quite a slow pace. So I decided that now I've accumulated some more gets, I'll share them with you! <3 Also, I'm hoping my collection website will be finished by my next post. :)


A box...?

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And now, since I have quite a bit of birthday money left over, my wants; (If you want any of these photos taken down, just let me know!)

-Absolite. I know there is one on Ebay as of now, but it's a bit expensive...

-Absol Attack kid. I've been looking for this Kid Figure for quite a long time, and it's been quite elusive.

-Absol TFG. A beautiful figure, but I've never seen it for sale sadly. I would like it with it's base. ^^

Thanks for reading! <3 ^^/