November 16th, 2014

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Reminder for Mudkip + Lucario Pokedoll Offers, and a 1:1 TOMY Pichu

Feel free to shoot me a lower price than the starting price for Lucario :) I just wasn't sure how to price him, but please don't be offended if I refuse your offer!

Click on the picture or this link to be redirected!

Also, if anyone is interested in this lifesized TOMY Pichu, please let me know, as I'm thinking of letting mine go if I can find him a loving new home!

Handmade dedenne kagamimochi plush!

I saw that the Pokemon Center was releasing New Years goods, and the dedenne kagamimochi plush was one of them. I thought it was super cute and I wanted it, but with lack of money being a problem and dedenne not being one of my main collections, I decided not to buy it. But I still wanted it...
So I made my own dedenne kagamimochi plush!
This is a picture of the real one from the Pokemon Center that I used as the model.
dedenne kagamimochi

My version is under the cut! Be warned, though, that this was my very first time making anything like this, so it's not super good! If you still want to see a complete noob's work, go ahead and look! (>w<)
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Thanks for looking!
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Updated Sales - Hoenn Merchandise!

I did some digging in one of my storage boxes and found quite a bit of stuff from the third generation as well as some older items. I've also updated my sales post with some better pictures of items that I haven't sold yet. Click the image below to be redirected to my sales post. :)

Sale Banner
I've also got quite a few Latias/Latios gets recently. I've been reorganizing my room so that I could get my whole collection displayed (including some of my custom plushies that are hanging from my walls/ceiling). I'll have pictures of my collection soon!

Custom Plush Auction

-Sales permission granted on November 6 2014 by entirelycliched
My feedback:

Info about my sales:
-All community rules apply.
-Prices are in USD and will accept paypal only!!!
-Unless stated, prices do not include shipping/fees
-Shipping is from Texas.
-You can haggle, but please be reasonable. There is a high chance I won't haggle much if it's a custom. (also no haggling in auctions, that should be a given, but just saying)
-I come from a clean and smoke free home and no animals.
-I can hold up to 48 hours IF requested. I can do longer, BUT partial payment would be required then.
-I will ship as fast as I can and I will let you know once an item has been sent. I will use USPS
-I have the right to refuse selling to anyone, even if you are not banned. (Generally this is if you make me uncomfortable or if I receive anything that I find rude)
-I can ship internationally, but I'm pretty new to that, so it'll be nice if you can help me out with it^_^
-another thing, when I price you for shipping, I will also add in the charge of a box. Bubble wrap is free, but I may choose to charge for packing peanuts where I find necessary

I'm trying to get as much possible for ORAS, so here's another auction. These were plush I was making but lost interest along the way. These WILL be finished prior shipping, you are not buying it as it is. No exceptions. They were made by me and I would prefer to keep the 100% by my. But yeah, I have a flaffy pokedoll (with a slight head tilt, made to be that way) An azrurill plush, and a valentine spinda, it has a cream and pink color scheme rather than cream and orange one. It was to be made on Valentine's, but I couldn't finish it fast enough, and it still on my to-finish list.

This auction will end on November 22 at 9:00 pm central time. 5 minute extension applies. No sniping, and banned members, are a NOPE.

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Flaaffy starts at $100
azuril starts at $100
VALENTINE spinda starts at $100

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a picture of all my plush with a pikachu pokedoll (who is NOT included) for size reference.

This page will be edited if I forget anything, but will be tagged as edit: so the original post will stay as is. (in a sense.)

once again, This auction will end on November 22 at 9:00 pm central time.

72 hours auction! Rare Tomy + TFG figures!!

Hi guys! I come back with an awesome auction event again!This time, enjoy them, many rare figures included!!



[AUCTION LISTS!]Sales Permission granted by Allinia and 10 June 2014
- All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply!!
- My feedback can be found here :
- I am not selling to people who got banned.
- I ship from Thailand and I ship worldwide!
- All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or pp fees
- I accept Paypal only.
-Remember to pay for the paypal's fee!
-Payments are required within 24 hours of sales confirmation. If payment isn't received within 24 hours, the item will get relisted
- After that it will belong to another person who want the same item(s).
-Do not edit your comment or post and reply to the people who came before you if you want the same item(s).
-After I ship the item(s), I will take no longer responsibility for the item(s). If you want a statement to proof how I ship, how I pack item(s), feel free to ask!
-I am a fast shipper, don't worry I will try to send item(s) asap after got the payment.
-If you want to trade some item(s), my want lists can be found here :
-If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)
-Every items in my sale post are officially authentic, I bought all my figures from Japan
Noted: My english is my second language, so I am sorry if I did a wrong grammar or make you confused by reading my sentence!

1. cloyster tomy

2. shellder tomy

3. nintales tomy

4. blastoise tfg

5. trainer tfg

6. bulbasaur tfg

7. nidoran male tfg

8. voltorb tfg
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Custom Kyogre double sided pendant

Hey guys I found this pendant I really liked at Michaels and added a Kyogre to it. He's one of my favorite Pokemon and I wanted to wear one without it being a toy figure. I was going to add Groudon to match the yin yang on the pendant but it would have made it too bulky and heavy, would have made a cool Christmas ornament though. It's a two sided pendant, not for sale. I took pictures with and without flash because unfortunately I have bad lighting in my apartment. I am taking commissions for figures, necklaces etc if anyone is interested.

I am also still looking for the tiny plush Kyogre keychain if anyone has it.

My customs page is
I got sales permission from Gin in January 2011.

My feedback page is:

Bigger version behind the cut

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Lookin to possibly trade a porygon2 plushplush

Hey all.

So I've been thinking about getting rid of my porygon2 for various reasons and thought it would be better to trade him off. I have over 10 positive feedbacks and even have sales permission. I'm looking to hopefully get either a psyduck plushplush or a giant entei worth about $1000. I will listen to other offers and even cash offers. I'm also willing to add in my prototype bidoof into the trade as well.

I do have a lot more that I'm planning on getting rid of so I can add more if needed.



Looking for:


Sales permission granted by Allinia on March 2013 and my feedback is here:

Multi-Purpose Post :: {FireFox GA Payment #2 / Commission Updates / Mini Sales / Wants }

Hello, hello!

Thank you to the firefox GA participants and to those who have commissioned me for being so patient, I'm finishing the very last of my commissions and will get back to you soon. Lately I've been getting drawn more into the whole anime figure collecting thing, and with Christmas coming up, that isn't too good. So I've come to do some early shopping to try to find the perfect present for some friends.

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Finally, I swear it's always the struggles of finding what a boy wants for Christmas since you think they wouldn't adore the cuddly little plushes as much as you do.. So hopefully I can get him cuddly AND kickbutt enough for him to like. ( / __ o ) Like me, he really likes eevee (i think I may have rubbed it off onto him oof). I have a perfect birthday present for him that I'm trying to get him later on but for now I'd like something else.. does anybody have anything sort of on the bigger side of eevee, a pillow maybe? Ah yes, a pillow would be nice. I tried to get him a laying eevee plush in an auction but aalaaas, I was sniped last second (literally last second) D: I'd like to get him something on the bigger side, so please show me your eevees! Here's what I had in mind: ;3;
The I <3 Eevee laying plush and I think I'm leaning more towards the eevee head cushion, does anybody have one for around $30 shipped in the US? ;v; I welcome other present ideas though! He also likes jolteon and lugia a whole lot! (Please no figures of lugia and jolteon and eevee though ( /;v;) )
And for my lovely best gal, I'd like to get her this N figure for x-mas! (Which again the photo isn't mine :'D)
I'd like the one with the zorua for her. I see that they're going as a set for 34.50 shipped on Amazon, would anybody be willing to do a halfsies-claim with me or would be willing to sell me the one with the zorua alone?
Thanks for reading! n3n Happy thanksgiving to those in the US, and merry 1-month before Christmas / Hanukkah!! Woohoo!

Zukan Question + Updated Wants!

There's a few Gen 5 Pokemon I was wanting zukans for, but they never got them. Now that they have started releasing Gen 6 zukans have they stopped making Gen 5 ones?

Also, if anyone has any of these for sale let me know :)

Charm Sets: Poliwag Line, Barboach Line, Mega Blaziken Line

Zukans: Charmander Line, Bulbasaur Line, Poliwag Line, Taillow Line, Buizel Line

Kids: Krokorok, Greninja, Mega Blaziken

Pan Stickers: Articuno, Cottonee, Whimsicott

Pokedolls: Poliwhirl, Oddish, Blaziken, Spheal, Buizel, Munna

DX Treecko Pokedoll
Semi-DX Treecko Pokedoll

I'm also looking for someone doing plush commissions for a few Pokemon that never had official plushies released :3

Felt figure commissions (Slots are now FULL) and sales update

Hello! So between a family trip to Germany, school finals, an upcoming convention, and of course the Holidays I'm about to get super busy. So unfortunately I'm likely not going to be able to to open up commissions for regular plush until late December. I had a few people asking me about them and I thought I would be able to sooner, so I apologize for that. ; A ; However I need to stock up on some felt figures for a convention so I've decided that I can offer a few slots for custom ones while I'm making them all!

What are felt figures? They're tiny original customs made of felt with painted details. They're designed to be simplistic and to fit in plastic Easter Eggs (I sell them as mystery eggs) so they are about the size of the original Tomy figures. Here's a preview of some I've made before:

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I've also got some small sales and some pre-made customs (by me) over here:

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Thanks and have a good day!

All the custom slots are now full! Thanks to everyone who ordered! Items will be made within a week. <3

Sales Update

Hey everyone! I recently updated my webstore! Updates include some older Banpresto plush such as the shoulder buddies, the new Winter Promotion plush, Santachu and more!

Click on the image to be transported to my webstore! <3

(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched. Feedback can be seen here.)

Collection Post

Hello! I promised this post a while ago and was going to wait until all of my latest orders came in, but sadly the tracking for the final item hasn't activated yet so I have no idea when it will arrive. I decided to post my collection now for everyone to see! So, without further ado...

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And I'd quickly like to ask again if anyone has a shiny Flygon kid that they're willing to part with. I really wanted to have one before I get my copy of ORAS but now I'm thinking that probably won't be possible. If anyone is selling/auctioning off one or knows of a sale/auction, please PM me. 

I'm Looking For Some Stuff Right Now~

Hello, everyone! I'm here to throw some money at you buy some things. I'm hoping to find all of the items listed below, but I understand if that's just not possible. I will accept higher prices if I have misjudged the price of the items (and lower is always welcome). I would like these to be in good/new condition (though all but one of the Charizard TOMYs is can be in less than perfect conditon). I would really appreciate it if I was not directed off of PKMNCollectors too much (Ebay, Pokevault and user shops are fine, but I would really rather get things from within the comm).
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I'm wanting the clear Suicune TOMY and Mew Night Light most. The Mew will be a gift for my girlfriend and the clear Suicune TOMY is probably my favorite Suicune figure.
[Excited Sylveon]

300 + !! | | My huge gets are here !!

Hey guys !! So remember how I mentioned in my last post that huge package I was waiting on to get here? Well it finally did about 3 days ago, took me a while to compile my post because I had to update my collection site and that took FOREVER. But I am done and ready to show it off !!

Also with this update I have reached over 300 Sylveon items in my collection ! 343 now to be exact. I'm very proud of this ;u; I didn't think my collection would get this large. Anyway, let's just get to the photos <3

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Tote Bag Sale ^w^

Hey guys!
I'm selling my extra tote bag here, since I ended up with two. I was trading it but it didn't work out, so I'm hoping that it'll end up going to someone else this time around!

I'm hoping for 35 shipped, and will consider trades or offers.

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013

On another note, if you bought something from me or were notified that your commission has been finished, it's either been shipped or will be shipped tomorrow :)


Only a few sales

Hello pkmncollectors!^^ Hope you all had a nice weekend!

I´m coming with a few things - I´m working on my collection update I wanna make soon and I have to re-organised my pokemon folder! So today I weed out some of my flats, mostly amadas and some non-flats. Look under the cut for the sales! (please use the link under the pic)
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November 21st Pokécen Pick-Up ✿ ORAS Release & ORAS merchandise!

Less than one week until November 21st, the official ORAS release! I've been eagerly awaiting this day and I know a few others have been as well so time for a pick up post!!

HUGE Pick up under the cut - Includes Shiny Mega Metagross, POKEMIKKE, New Years, Christmas merch, Pokemon Petit, and Pokemon ORAS pokecen plush ALL available for pick up this week!
Read the rules before posting, check out all the new merch coming out on the 21st, and choose among a massive list of other items also available for pick up this week to celebrate!!

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Shipping Updates Updates under the cut! Edited 11.24

Also,  caffwin my dear friend will be helping out by answering quotes in the comments as I rarely have time to get on Livejournal during the week due to my full time job (Think Japanese full time, 10AM~9PM or later). If you have any questions/comments please post in the Questions/Comments thread and I'll get back to you as soon as I can and caffwin will be here to help as well. <3

Shipping udates/Edits!
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New Gets!

Hello Everyone. At Last I got my Gengars in the mail! as well as Christmas Reef Meowth! :) The Gengars came in a very neat Pokémon Center bag! which my parents were not to thrilled to find, as they were the ones that opened it, my mom thought it was her new pair of shoes, and she got mad to find the pokemon center bag as she threw it at me. As soon as I looked in the bag, I was so amazed too see how awesome the Gengars are. I especially love the white one. I also had gotten my Christmas reef meowth today! I had no idea he was that small :) I also have him next to another Christmas meowth I had bought around this time last year :) and Christmas Aipom. I often wonder if they are anymore Christmas Meowth Variations? if so I would be interested in seeing the different Christmas meowths that I do not have. All the Ghosties look so good together :)



small first sales post >_<)/

Hello~ o/ I have a few things up for sale so come take a look. It's my first sales post so there isn't much, but maybe you can find something you'll like ^w^)/

Sales Permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
My feedback can be found here:
You can find the rest of my sales policies in my sales post.

Click on the banner to be transported to my sales.
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Long time no post!

Hello everyone!
I've been away for quite a while. I haven't even been lurking so much here and I don't know why xD I think it's time for me to be a little more active here again :) I've been collecting slowly but steadily and my collection has grown so much. I have a proper collection shelf now but it immediately became filled with all my plushes and figures. And now I need another one Dx I should've bought two shelves right away but hey everyone's clever after the situation is already over. Because you see, the one I purchased was from a second hand shop (there were three shelves altogether then). So there's no chance for me to get similar shelf anymore. I need to work this out somehow...
So I can't really show my collection to you because all the figures and plushes are scattered all over in our house and some of them are in boxes and bags! It would be the best thing ever if I could one day get a whole room for my Pokemon stuff! A collection room <3 *-*

To keep on continuing collecting I should first try to get rid of some extra figures and other merchandise I have. So I updated my sales post :) please go ahead and take a look! Click the link below the picture to be transported ^^


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