November 17th, 2014

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Xmas shopping sales

Need anything for Christmas? I have a couple new items avaialble and they will arrive WAY before you need them :)
I have a lot of cards, sylveon plush, it's demo notebook, choco figures, and more!

I also have some non pokemon items on my personal journal

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International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 11/16/2014
Click the images for bigger photos

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espurr pls


Hey guys,

SO! Now that my exams are over, and I just got a new job for the summer, I finally gave myself over completely to the ORAS hype :D And the first thing I did, besides pre-ordering AS (FINALLY!) was buy myself a cute little minky Latias Pokedoll!! The demo made me realise how much I loved the pair of them, so I am now looking for her baby blue counterpart <3 If anyone has the 2009 minky version of the Latios Pokedoll they're looking to sell, BESIDES HAVING A TUSH TAG, I don't mind him in ANY CONDITION (although I'd prefer to get him at the lowest possible price) please shoot me a quote including shipping to Australia, but please don't be offended if I turn you down, as I have seen a couple about - they just haven't been for the right price!

Any help would be much appreciated really!! However, PLEASE PM ME with any links as I will be going to bed soon, but I'd really like to have a chance at owning one :( Thanks everyone! xx
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Talking Bidoof question

This is more of a question than a collection post, so I really hope this isn't against the rules ^^;

I've had my talking Bidoof plush for a good few months now, and it's mostly untouched so the condition is pretty much as I got it still. It even still works! My concern comes from the fact that today I somehow found a Pokémon collectors blog with a wonderful Bidoof collection, and they mentioned that the talking Bidoof plush is bootlegged a fair bit, which I was unaware of, and now I'm feeling a little paranoid! For a few decent reasons I think, though I'm hoping my paranoia is unfound...

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2014 holiday card giveaway!

Hello boys and girls!
It's that exciting time of the year again, yep, my 4th year giving out holiday cards!
Just like last year, I’ve prepared 100 cards to give out this time, and these are exclusive for Pkmncollectors members!

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So you want a card? The rule is simple!
I will open the sign up at 11:00 AM (PST) today, so you can fill out your information accordingly.
Here is the link:
The list gets filled pretty fast, so good luck!

List is full, thank you!

Birthday Get! (And some wants.)

So I posted a couple of weeks ago about my tiny little plushie collection here in my dorm room while I'm off at college. Now, my 21st birthday just passed, and not only did I get some booze to celebrate the occasion, I got...

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I'm going to take the opportunity here to put down my wants list again just in case anyone sees this and is interested:

2009 Raikou PokeCen Pokedoll
2009 Suicune PokeCen Pokedoll
2009 Entei PokeCen Pokedoll

(I would prefer to buy these as a set but I would be interested in them separately, too.)

That's all for now! Maybe I'll update again soon with some new gets after ORAS. :)

so much excitement!!! new gets

=D I AM SO HAPPY Finally got my hands on this items :


The stamps are super adorable too now my trades and sales will be pimped out xD haha!

AND I was able to get my hands on some tomy cases I have no idea when they were released all I know is that I am so HAPPY with my purchase :3 !!! one of them however its not in great condition... the doors wont open / close easily and makes a sound as if its about to break >_<

I will be selling some of those cards and some phantom forces furious fists + others but I need to update my sales post first! I also got a lot of tomy figures extras! nip as well which would be for sale. ^.^


to view my sales post click here or the picture :)

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collection update!

hello friends!

i'd been waiting quite a bit to do a collection post, probably for at least a month now? thanks to you guys, my pokemon collection is steadily growing. since a lot of my other collections are hard to get things for, or don't release new products very often, it seems my pokemon collection is slowly taking over. thank you for being my update source, guys!

so, here's a collection update. let azelf guide you below the cut.

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  • ferix8

Sales including a blaziken pokedoll!

I was granted sales permission on 01 DEC 2013 by entirelycliched
My feedback is here

- I will ship internationally
- No Haggling, No payment plans
- Paypal only
- I ship from's about an additional $9 on top of the price below
- Once the item is shipped, I am not responsible for the item anymore


Woobat - $5

Growlithe Canvas -$33 TTO

Wartortle and Cubone Battle Playset BNIB - $50

Blaziken pokedoll (not my pic, no tush tag) - $75

Lapras canvas (not my pic, TTO) - $10

Custom Ditto - $5

Reversible Pikachu - $10 (not my pic)

Reversible Marill - $10 (not my pic)
photo 1
Pichu Plush - $5
Custom Voltorb - $25

edit:// does anyone know where in Japan those crane games are located? i.e.: the Nidoran plushies... THX!
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Umbreon Plush Catalog! Help please!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! This past two months I have been narrowing down what I would like to focus on collecting, and one of those is Umbreon! I know its not a unique choice, but I've always loved him (plus he was a great part of my Nuzlocke and competitive team in the games)

I want to pace myself with collecting though. It will feel much more rewarding if I took this slowly!

The main goal of this Umbreon collection is to have every Umbreon plush! Now, I am in absolutely no rush, but I need help catalogging the plushes that have been released for him.

So far this is what I know exists of him:
(Soon to be in order of release)
- 2014 US Pokemon Center Eevee collection standing plush rerelease
- 2012 JP Pokemon Center Eevee collection standing plush
- 2010 US velboa pokedoll
- 2009 JP minky pokedoll
- 2008 JP minky pokedoll
- 2007 JP velboa pokedoll
- 2004 JP velboa pokedoll
- 2002 JP velboa pokedoll
- 2012 mini pokedoll keychain
- 2013 Pokemon Center trick pose
- year?? Banpresto I LOVE GOTHIC regular UFO
- 2012 Banpresto standing keychain plush
- 2013 Banpresto card motif plush
- 2013 Banpresto regular UFO plush
- 2013 Banpresto MPC plush
- 2013 Banpresto Super DX plush
- 2013 Banpresto Halloween plush
- 2012 Tomy Sitting Plush
- 2013 Korotto Manmaru plush
- 2009 Umbreon Canvas plush

EDIT: With the amount of pokedoll releases I've discovered I have decided only to get one JP minky, one JP velboa, and one US velboa for my collection xD

This is all that I know of so far! I would like to complete this catalog with proper release year and titles and I would like to include rereleases (i may not include too many in my collection, but i would like it just for reference) I will edit this entry when new information is presented. I will try to do research myself as well! I may include pictures and place the catalog under a cut when I get the chance to as well.

Collection update =)

Finally, I have given my collection a proper place. I bought a cabinet and put everything inside.
Also left some open spaces to add more ;) I think I would need a second one soon as this one is pretty filled already.
I can always just use this one only for Eevee stuff though, and put the rest somewhere else,
like my TCG cards etc are on a table next to it.
Here's the link to my collection post

Thanks for looking =)

Picture to brighten up this post =P

Multipost: Fighting Type GB + Retsuden offers + sales

Hi guys I came back with some things. First of all I received the Fighting Type GB and they are on good condition (if someone needs a photo, let me know!) All the info is under the cut

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I also got a little package so I have some extras for sale with retsuden, straps, stickers...
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And I got some gets. I finally have all the Ninetales kids! Three regulars and both clears *^* More Poli-line things with a super lot with the strap, the pen and the notebook of Politoed Pokemon Time!!!! <3 (yes, I have both of each one now xD) Lucario MPC, Piplup random figure and newer Charmander and Charizard MPCs!

  • renshao

SMJ Question!!!

Hi Everyone! Long time so speak. Here today as I have a couple of questions and after forum trawling can't find an answer.

So there's an item that I have been wanting for over a year. It's on ebay, but the price is ridiculously high... I found it on YJA last Wednesday for a reasonable starting price, and decided to finally just grab the Tauros by the horns and set up an SMJ account. I sent a deposit via paypal, and am awaiting my new password so I can start bidding. However....this was last's now Monday and no email from SMJ. I've emailed them 3 times with no response :(

Getting worried that I might miss my item. So does anyone know how long SMJ take roughly to sort out the deposit? Their website says they respond to emails within 24 hours...can anyone recommend any other depot services that I could set up instantly to bid with?

Anyway, thanks in advance for your help ^_^ Mega excited for the new games, can't wait to have a Camerupt again!
  • herar

i want stuff!

okay, ORAS is days away, and i should be saving my money for upcoming Groudy stuff but GOSH I JUST WANNA BUY STUFF RIGHT NOW.

Here's some stuff i'm looking for:

This little ice cream charm from the Winter/Sweets Picnic promo. I'd prefer just to have this charm. I'm also after the swing chain with this guy on it.

I literally just now figured out these existed! They came out in August with all the movie promo stuff. I am looking for the Chesnaught bathsalt figure! Or if anyone could point out where I might be able to buy a box to try my luck, that would be okay too.

The rest of my wants are here:

I am interested in literally anything that's on the list (especially Groudon, Klefki and Chesnaught) and also not on the list that I might not own.
and I really want some custom primal groudon (or just regular groudon) stuff that ISN'T flat stuff. I am not talking just plush/sculpts but like anything yo for real. I have been browsing etsy/storenvy/etc snatching up everything i can but i need...more ;_;