November 19th, 2014


Alpha Sapphire Steelbook Pickup

Hello pkmncollectors! I am looking for the Alpha Sapphire steelbook case (case only -- no game) for my collection. However, I'm in the US and it would be very expensive for me to order the whole limited edition game from the UK to get one. Is anyone willing to sell me a steelbook case that they don't want?

I know some people don't care about game boxes so much, and keep their game carts in other containers (or they don't mind buying the limited edition and re-selling the cart to someone else), so I figured this is worth a try...

After conversion to USD it would be over $70 for me to order one from the UK, and since the game is PAL version, I can't even play it. Yeah I could try to re-sell the game cart, but I am not very confident that it would sell without me losing over $20 (which would no longer be viable for me for a steelbook, unfortunately). I figure that someone looking for a PAL version would buy from their own country rather than pay extra shipping to get one from the US, so it would be hard for me to re-sell this myself. So yeah... any help would be great! Thanks! Oh yeah, and I know this is really last-minute since the games are coming out soon. I lost track of time, sorry!

If you are willing to do the pickup, please let me know how much you want for it!

Searching for slowpokes -yawn- and sylveon

I'm still looking for the sleepy
Slowpoke metal figures, I search
Yahoo auctions/ebay/sales posts here
Everyday,so if you know where I can
Purchase them or if you have any for
Sale please let me know <3^w^
also looking for the following-
Sylveon retsuden stamp
Slowbro retsuden stamp
Slowking retsuden stamp
Slowbro pencil grabby
Sylveon pokemon center strap

Thankyou and hope you all have a
Good night ^w^