November 20th, 2014

by chickadee115

A busy collector trying to make a post ^^

I haven't posted for ages (2 months, which is not so long in fact lol But I was used to posting at least once a month, so it seems a while to me ^^). The reason is simple: studies (like most of us). Besides I'm a bit frustrated because I'm pretty sure I won't have enough time to play ORAS (> <). But this week we had less homework, so I had to jump at this chance to make my post at the end.

Let's start with my latest purchase: Pokémon Adventures manga.
Red, Blue and Yellow have been republished this year in France.

Then my gets from the comm' o/
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And now my other gets
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Thank you for reading :3

Take a look at my collection website for more pictures:
(even though it is not updated at all :/)

I also have a Fb collection page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And check my sales o/

Some gets that aren't T-Tar related.

Hey yall!!

After a long dry spell of no mail at all..(not even bills???!!!) I finally got some goodies in the post!! And they arent tyraniar line!! even tho i wish they were

I also have a general pic update of my collection!!

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I also finally got around to setting up a Noppin account and working out all that stuffs!! Soo happy!!

I also have my wants for the week!

I am still really after the 2 tyranitar chuppas!! just missed out on one on the comm the other day and i really want to add these lovely little guys to my collection!! would also be pretty happy to sell my soul for the thinkchip+ tyranitar

Also wondering if someone could source the 4pack Moncolle Set of T-tar line(dont want to be paying anymore than $35 AUD), and the Banpresto keychain when it comes out!!!???

Hope everyones enjoying their week :D
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I'm sure we all have them...Scuffed Figures!

Maybe this will help that become a thing of the past? Interestingly, I think I've found a little trick to get rid of them! Huzzah! The secret? Nail Polish Remover.

Now as an important note, PLEASE make sure your scuffed figure is actually scuffed and not SCRATCHED or CHIPPED. Applying nail polish remover to the figure's original paint job which is damaged will only make it worse!

So what do I mean by a "Scuff"? Let's take my Tomy figure collection as an example. They have been stored away together in a small, confined box for a long time. Being so tightly packed together has caused some figures to rub against each other when moved and I find that one figure's paint can scrape onto another's. For example, Bulbasaur rubbing up against Cleffa may give Cleffa an ugly green scuff, or Bulbasaur an out of place pink mark.

The easiest way to tell if your mark is a scuff rather than a scratch or chip is by closely looking at the mark. Is the colour completely different to the figure's original colour? Does the blemish look "drawn on" rather than chipped or gouged out of the figure? Is the colour similar to that of a figure you have stored the marked figure with? If the answer is "Yes" to all of those, then this little method may help you! If "No", you maybe looking at a case where you need to repaint or replace your figure, all depending on how bothered you are about marked figures of course.

So your figure is scuffed. Grab your nail polish remover of choice (I used Cutex Ultra Cleansing nail polish remover if you feel a brands specific ingredients may help with the clean-up process), a cotton bud (or Q Tip I think they are known as in the US?) and most importantly, good lighting and a VERY gentle hand!

Dip your cotton bud into your nail polish remover so it's well saturated and locate your scuff in a well lit area. Place the cotton bud onto the scuff and start rubbing at it VERY gently. I cannot emphasize how gentle you have to be here! We want only the scuff to be removed, not the figure's actual paintwork and rubbing too vigorously WILL permanently damage the paint job! To avoid this risk, I generally rub at the scuff in a delicate swiping motion, moving the cotton bud TOWARDS me, lifting the bud after each swipe to check on the scuff and using the side of the bud rather than the tip where the cotton is nice and soft and bouncy. This of course can be situational if your scuff is placed in an awkward area, so just try to be as careful as you possibly can regardless.

Hopefully, your scuff should be gone now or at least starting to disappear. The key is to be patient and not to rush your work. Rushing the job will more than likely again result in a permanently damaged figure which nobody wants!

It's also handy to note that some scuffs will just be a heck of a lot more stubborn than others and rubbing at them too much will probably do more harm than good. If your mark doesn't look to be fading as quickly as others you have worked on, it may be best to admit defeat and learn to love your figure's imperfections. Knowing when you're beat and when you're winning is key to this method!

I hope this little guide helps at least one of you guys and hope it was explained clearly enough =) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask either by replying or sending me a PM!

Have a lovely day!
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Hey everyone!

It's an exciting time in my life! I've been accepted into the Peace Corps and I'll be moving to Africa this June. I can't move my collection with me, so it's time to give it right back into this wonderful community :)

There are tons of plush, figures, and way too many stickers. I split up my sales into two posts which you can find by clicking on the banners. (Please comment on the post containing the items you want :))

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Wants Post & Pickup Reminder

Seems pretty random, but I'm looking for a MWT JP minky Mime Jr. Pokedoll! The one I currently have is lonely and looking for a partner to match - can you help me find him a new friend? :)

Here is a pile of them at the PC from years ago, but I'm fairly picky about condition so I would prefer the doll itself and the hang tag to both be mint. <3
I'm hoping to pay $25-$30 + shipping. Let me know if any of you guys has one that you'd be willing to part with!

Also a quick reminder that the deadline to pay for prnzs' pickups this week is approaching - please make any last minute orders and have them paid for by 3pm PST/6pm EST tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 21st)! :)

This includes shiny Mega Metagross, POKEMIKKE, New Years, Christmas merch, Pokemon Petit, and Pokemon ORAS PC plush along with anything else that's available at the Tokyo PC! Click the photo to be transported to the page with all of the info and place to submit all orders.

AgentGoldfish's Custom Commissions!

Well, ORAS releases tomorrow! Super-duper exciting! In order to fund myself in getting both the game and the waves of new merch coming up because of it, I'm opening up flats commissions. You can commission me to make more or less anything flat! I currently have supplies onhand to make charms and stickers, with the ability to easily get the supplies for other things (such as bookmarks and cards and whatnot). Rules and examples below the cut!
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I'm not going to set a limit on slots just yet, but I may officially halt requests if I somehow end up with too many at once.
You are allowed to ask for a sketch of what you want so you can see how it will look before you commit, but I would like to request payment be made when you commit so that it can be sent out the day it's finished.
You are also allowed to make requests for non-pokemon characters like trainers and such. Stuff like pokeballs and logos (eg aqua and magma logos) may be cheaper than a regular pokemon. If you wish to commission me for something non-pokemon related, please do so through pm or my tumblr .)

Also keep in mind that stickers and charms are simply two of the things I can make. If you'd like something else, I can probably make it just as long as it's flat.

And while we're at it, my latest sales post still has plenty of nice figures up for grabs!

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auction reminder and maybe picking up commissions?

here's a reminder for my custom plush auction

there's flaaffy
and a Valenting spinda!!!!

they are unfinished, but will be finished prior shipping


also I'm opening a slot ("two" but this first one is already booked, so just one) for anyone who wants to commission a plush from me. This time my only requirement is it has to be a simple pokemon meaning not too many colors or wacky designs, but feel free to ask. If I like the project I'll take it.

This one would arrive late december, but can be made prior to christmas, but I'd charge 10 dollars more for that.

My work can be seen at

1. kendall4356 - piloswine pokedoll

Also: My birthday is tomorrow which is when ORAS releases...YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!


ask me for quotes and if I can do the or not and then if all is well you'll be number 2!!!

also if anyone has a whimsicott pokedoll or a mismagius pokedoll, I'd be willing to trade a cutom plush for it. (partial trade for one of them, full plush trade for both)

Super Duper Want! c:


Hello everyone!

Could someone help me find where to buy this plush? (Or preorder it if it hasn't been released yet.) I don't know what the shelf price is, but everywhere ive seen it so far has it marked so high. O.o I hope to be able to find one for a fair and decent price.


Thank you for looking! :D
Shiny Ninetales

A Growing Collection - It's GETS Time!

I've gotten so many little things in the past few weeks... from the community and Ebay/Amazon. My collection(s) are growing. I must say that looking above my monitor at my Suicune collection makes me happy. I'm not exactly sure why, or how to explain it, but it makes me smile. I went from having nothing but a single Suicune card, to this:
 photo SuicuneCol111914_zps991ef7f8.jpg

It's not the best set up at the moment, but it will do. Having them on my desk eventually resulted in my one Suicune Cho Get to be chewed by a troublesome cat named Toby. That's why I have two. The one on the right is turned so you can't see the ribbon chewed in half and the teeth marks in the purple fluff. Toby also ran off with my brand new keychain when I left it lay on my desk for a few seconds to go get a piece of tape to hang it where it is now. Thankfully he had it by the string and never got ahold of the actual figure. So I placed them above my monitor in a small shelf that is getting overrun by Suicune! I might have to evict the Eeveelu TOMYs in the next door shelf to expand my Suicune shelf!

I enjoyed putting the PLAMO Suicune model together. The instructions being in Japanese didn't slow me down one bit. I was EXTRA careful putting the stickers on and tried to line them up the best I could. Out of everything I have obtained, I think by far my favorite piece is the Suicune Motion/Clipping Figure. It's pose, the detail.. something about it makes me love it the most.


In non-Suicune-get-news, I was very lucky to stumble apon an auction with the Charizard Chess figure I've been after. I've seen it going on Ebay for 20$+ just for Charizard. This one, however, had both Charizard and Charmander for just 19$. I snagged it up. The seller was even nice enough to send me a Mega Charizard Y coin with them!
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And another great find on Ebay that saved me a little money, the Charizard TFG! I won the auction on the starter set that included the Charizard TFG for only 14$ with shipping. I figured I could probably sell the other figures later and make most of that back, leaving me paying almost nothing for the Charizard TFG. I may or may not yet, as I do love the detail of these figures. The box got really damaged in the transit, but the figures were all fine. Thank god I don't care about MIP or anything. (Pardon Mortichai checking things out in the pictures. He likes to inspect my new stuff.)
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Shiny Charizard

Hello Butterfree!

Forget Episode 26, Bye Bye me, it's hello to the newest edition of pokemon plush to my collection. Coming in at number 336, I finally found a Butterfree Pokedoll after years of searching. In a few months I'll be getting a custom pink butterfree plush made. So excited!

If there is anyone looking for one, I will keep an eye out.