November 21st, 2014

  • shmion

Question about legitimacy...

UPDATE: So the Flareon seems to be legit, but sadly the Umbreon turned out to be a bootleg. However, the seller was not aware of this. They had also bought the plush believing it was legit. They were very nice and polite, and we agreed on a partial refund.

Hi! I'm new here. I'm actually in need of help regarding the authenticity of Pokedolls I bought recently. I'm especially concerned about the Umbreon, because from my understanding a legit one shouldn't have a gap in the circle on its forehead.

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Question of rarity & excitement for the games!

So I went and splurged on a lot of keychains, because they had someoooone in particular that I wanted...
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My question is, how hard is it to come across the TOMY Vaporeon keychain? I'm pretty sure I got it for a good price, along with the others.

As for excitement- who else has/is picking up their preorders from TRU? :D Did you get the 'zard plushies?

Quick Omega Ruby and Mega Charizard plush sales!

Hello! I preordered both Ruby and Sapphire at Toys R Us, so I got both the Mega Charizard Y and Mega Charizard X plushies as the preorder bonus! Since I only need Sapphire, I've decided to do a quick sales for the rest. I was planning on putting it up on ebay, but thought I'd first go to the community. :) If they don't sell in a few days, I'll put 'em up on eBay. So if you want them for this price, act now!

Here's what's for sale:

Brand New Pokemon Omega Ruby: $40 + shipping
Brand New Mega Charizard X plush: $20 + shipping
*Brand New Mega Charizard Y plush: $20 + shipping
OR get BOTH Charizard X + Omega Ruby for $60 + FREE SHIPPING!

*I've grown rather fond of Mega Charizard Y plush, so I don't think I'm going to sell it yet. Sorry! ^^;

*PLEASE NOTE: These particular sales are only to the US. I apologize for any international customers, I just am afraid of potential lost items in the mail and international tracking/insurance is waaaaay more expensive than domestic mail. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

(Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on September 19, 2014)

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Price Lowered on Tote Bag!

I'm now selling this for 30 shipped OBO, being open to trades!
Let me know if anyone is interested <3

Other sales and info here:

If you're expecting perler sprites from me, expect some progress pics next week :D

And who else is hoping that the pokecenter stocks up on the new plush?? I've been trying to be patient and not order them from Japan to save money, but I already failed that goal with the Pokecen Altaria plush ;A; Plus there's the fear that they'll go out of stock or not be available in the US, it's a lot of stress XD

Trad me charizard X plush please?

Hello so my twin and I got our omega and alpha today.
Yay! We were about to only get the game until we had to ask the clerk for the plush which came with the promotion; to our surprise he handed us 2 plushies.

So I came to ask for a trade with one of the Charizard plush for the blue one instead. This will have to be a US trade, I have 10 positive feedback and I have sales permission:
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

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