November 22nd, 2014

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Anyone looking to make some holiday spending money? (wants post)

I'm looking to do a little pre-holiday shopping for myself, so just thought I'd put up a wants list to see if anyone had anything I was looking for that they were willing to part with. Prices listed are rough amounts I'd be willing to pay, are negotiable, and would be before shipping. I'd be looking for fairly good condition items, but not necessarily perfect.

[Pokemon Wants:]

Pokemon Wants:

Absol Next Quest Pearl
-Absol Next Quest TFG Pearl Version ($50)

absol tradingcoins all colors
-Absol Trading Coins (silver, copper and black normal versions) ($10 each) / (gold, silver, copper and black color-change versions) ($20 each)

Zoroark coins (gold, silver, copper, black)
-Pokemon Medal Collection BW1 Gold Medal ($20)
-Pokemon BW1 Metal Collection Zoroark Medals (gold and copper) ($20 for gold, $10 for copper)

-Lucario Pressed Penny and Zoroark Pressed Penny ($20 each)

Umbreon Chupa
-Umbreon Chupa Chups Figure ($50)

-Gold and Silver Umbreon Chou Get Figures ($35 each)

[Other Wants:]

Other Wants:

-Renamon Mascot Figure ($25)
-Renamon Tower Figure ($25)

-Adventure Time Sitting BMO Figure Included With Second Version of Jazwares Jake Figure ($20)

Thanks for looking ^^

New collection set up + update!!

Hi everyone it seems like once a year I come back to re-introduce myself ^^;;; quick summary: I'm a long time Lati collector (been on here since 2008!) And now with the release of ORAS (and new lati merch!) my love for collecting has been revived!

I moved recently and didn't have the space for my old collection set up. So a little trip to ikea solved this!
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Thanks for reading!

Help documenting missing Vaporeon figures/pseudo-figures?

The beginning for Pokemon was quite something- we were getting all sorts of interesting merch.
I'm looking for some help listing all the known figures (and things that would fall under non-flats) for Vaporeon. I've come across a few things in people's collections that I haven't seen for sale and don't know the name of, so help identifying them for future reference and searching would be great!

What I have so far in my collection under the cut!

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I just need help making sure I have a detailed list compiled of what I'm missing, and names for a few things, such as-
A Vaporeon talking keychain? It's super chubby and has a button of some sort on the bottom
Possible Vaporeon coin bank?

Thank you for looking, and have a great day!

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Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything, but I've expanded my collection a lot lately! I've mostly bought stuff from the comm, but also from PokeVault and :)
Here's a few photos showing my whole collection. I'm still waiting on a couple shipments, including one that I shipped to home instead of school (so I'll get it next weekend, woohoo!), so I'll probably post again when everything has arrived!

I also got Omega Ruby yesterday! I'm loving it so far and DexNav is definitely the best thing ever.

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Pokemon OR/AS Launch NYC Gets!

Hey! I just got back to Nashville, TN, from an amazing night with some amazing people I've met while waiting in line for the triple launch event in NYC! Nintendo World was painfully slow, but after 5 hours waiting outside in the freezing cold, I made it in with my mother(who is the best mom in the entire world) who bought me some plushies for my collection when I purchased the two games! :') I bought a lifesize Pikachu, but I was disappointed they had sold out of 1:1 Treecko's. :(

Here's an entire picture of what I got in Nintendo World (plus my Hasbro Poochyena GRAIL from ebay!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 18.42.31

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Auctions reminder and waaants!

Hello everyone! Just a little reminder that my auctions of some stamps are going to finish by tomorrow. I've lowered a bit the starts so you can check it out clicking here or in the photo

And to make this post lest boring, an awesome get thanks to lady_supergirl, the heracross zukan piece! I love the pose and that the wings are translucid. Thank you!

And also, I'm still looking for those items, if anyone has it let me know! I'm also looking for the politoed coin bank that it is supposed to come in the series of that wynaut. There are more on my want post
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And finally, a sales plug and a list to my complete wants list. Thanks for reading!

Looking for a Marill plush~

Hey guys!

So like I did for my Pokemon Y, I'm getting plushies of all the first evo (not including baby pokemon) Pokemon on my OR team <3

My team is made up of Sceptile (Inigo), Swellow (Virion), Skitty (Anna), Azumarill (Lissa), Latios (Chrom), and Manectric (Vaike).
I bought Treecko and Skitty already and have plans to buy Latios, and I'm waiting/hoping for the pokecenter plush to come out for Taillow and Electrike, but since I doubt any new plush will be coming out for Marill, I'd love to buy one from someone here ^w^

I'm looking for a Marill roughly the size of a pokecenter plush, and condition doesn't matter (though I'd prefer newish). Price range varies depending on the type of plush, so show me what you've got :D


Also, if anyone has made their team already I'd love to hear it ^^