November 23rd, 2014

$2000 psyduck offer - expired! Psyduck obtained!

Hey everyone!

I've decided to raise my initial offer for my Grail, a psyduck plushplush. I am now offering $2000. So please, can someone help me find one? I've exhausted every lead I could find. :/

This offer will expire on January 1, 2015.

I have found one! Thanks to everyone for helping! :) And a special thanks to furioustreeko for pointing him out!

Topps Pokémon CardDex

For those who remember, and for those who never knew but might be interested, I am creating an application for making an inventory of the Topps Pokémon Cards.


I had release a beta version quite a while ago. Now I realized that to add some features and to make the program look a little better it was quicker to rewrite it completely in another language, since the one I was using was outdated and difficult to work with. This means the application is again a nearly untested beta. It should work on windows OS, not on other OS; I think you can use an emulator for that, but I only have windows OS at hand, so right now I can't try to use an emulator from another OS. Till now I tested it on three windows 8 and on a windows 7, it worked, hoping it works correctly on other computers too. In case it doesn't please tell me, I don't have anymore computers to make tests myself, so I rely on external help.

The most important features I added are the inclusion of different editions for a series, the inclusion of different foil types and the inclusion of foreign series.

In this page you can find the download for the new beta:

In the same page there's a long speech on the application features and on how you can help the project by reporting bugs, giving info, pics etc.

If you collect this cards you may find it useful, not only for making the inventory, but there's a great deal of information about each series.

If you are from a non-english speaking country, among the information I'm looking for, I'm particularly looking for information on foreign series. If you take a look at what information the application contains, you could help me fill it. Many episodes cards are also listed as Unknown because I don't know their name in that language

Also, this is my missing card list (I'm mostly interested in missing common cards and promo cards, chasecards are too expensive):

Thanks for reading this far XD

Auction + Weeding Sales!

Heyo Fellow Collectors!
I have two exciting things to auction off and I've got a whole bunch of new items for sale!
Auction will end 11/28 @ 10 PM Pacific Time :)

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

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First thing I have for AUCTION is this Lapras WaterPark Figure
Its in good condition and I do not know much about this figure.

This will start at $20
BIN anytime at $50

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In Celebration of the Oras being released, I have this 3rd Generation Color Pencil Tin for AUCTION also!

This is in Used condtion and only has 7 out of 12 color pencils in it. (I used it as a kid in school haha)
but I think the cover is really cool and might be an interest for some of you collectors out there.

This will start at $15
BIN anytime at $35

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Now on to the SALES!

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1:1 Mudkip Sale

Money's running low, so I decided to let go of my 1:1 Mudkip Pokecen Plush. First the formal stuff.

- I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11
- Payment only via PayPal
- All shipped items are international, so no need to ask for the shipping fees.^^ I ship daily, but not on sundays, as german post offices are closed on sundays.
- Preferably I'd refrain from dealing with people who have negative feedback :( Sorry but I don't like taking risks.
- I don't hold items longer than 24 hours unless clearly asked to do so.

He's in perfect condition with his hang-tag still attached. Was kept in a display case for the time I had him, so he's basically like he came from the PokeCen. :3 Asking for 75$ shipped for him. No matter where to. Can't do much about the price this time though, so not too open for haggling.

Anyways, how's everyone enjoying ORAS thus far? :) Sadly us europeans have to wait until next friday, but from what I've heard, it must be tons of fun, so I'd like to hear some of your impressions. :U
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An Introduction + Possible Bootleg?

Edit#2: added a little more to the mini wants list. If anyone is selling or knows someone who's selling any of these, please tell me!

Edit: I thought I'd also list a few of my wants. I don't know if I'd be able to afford them all, so there may only be a few I might be able buy at the moment, and I might only get only one or two of them at that, but I'll list them anyways. Helps me keep track of things.

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Hey guys! I just recently got in to PKMNCollectors, and I hope to have a great time here!

Time to introduce myself a bit. I collect mostly plush, and have recently started on collecting pokedolls. My favorite types are the Poison and Grass types, which show a little bit in the plushes have. It's not much, as I don't get to shop for plush that often, but I can show you what I have. It'll be shown under the cut!

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Now, I also would like a little help here with identifying this Tomy snivy. He's another plush of mine, but I'm a bit unsure of him for the moment. I think he might be a bootleg, but I'm not sure if he is, or isn't. I'm normally really good at identifying whether a plush is fake or not, which means he likely isn't, but I still really don't know about that. I got him as a gift from a friend last year, and that friend of mine isn't really too big on pokemon. She also bought him online somewhere, but I don't know where or from who, so I guess that's the main factor doubting me. You can take a look at him under the cut.

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He also came with a tag, but I'm not sure what happened to it. I don't exactly remember what the tag looked like, but it had some yellow on it I think. He also has a tush tag that I didn't get a clear picture of. I might take a picture of that if you need to see it.

PS. I preordered Omega ruby and we also got Smash for Wii U. They're awesome.

Tomy Large Pikachu Plush = Get

Yesterday was a GOOD day at the Comic Con in Birmingham. I spotted something on a stall and promptly made my way to it and bought it. A large Tomy Pikachu. Biggest plush I own. It is now living on my bed, since it's not going to fit on the shelves etc lol.

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He's so squishy and cute <3

Link to my sales below, click the pic or the link :)

mega trike

Wants post

Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while since I posted so lets start with some wants ^^

I'm mostly looking for a few things under the Christmas tree so: here we go :D

Charizard Y plush

Zangoose pokemon time plush

 Any mega Manectric merch, the TOMY is top priority

Thank you so much ^^

Pokemon Tales Possible GA?

So I have been looking for one of these for a while, and I was wondering if anyone would like to GA it. I dont have sales permission so I can't lead the charge, but I would be happy to help in any way.

These are Pokemon Tales books that are in all japanese and were released from 1997-2000 and have super adorable and quirky arwork and amusing plots.

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If you'd be interestsed in hosting this as a GA, let me know, and I can pm you the link!

Hello everyone!! Sorry I was away~

Hello everyone! :D I haven't been on in a week now cause I was busy making cosplay and getting ready for a con
I went to Daisho con I been going for the last 6 years ^_^ so I have alot of stuff to show you of what i bought from the vendor room!
But here's a picture of me and my Fiancee as Team magma (it was my first time sewing a whole outfit!)

[Spoiler (click to open)]10422272_10100263146750577_5618066153910239699_n
I got this cutie pie :3 look at him, how could you say no? he's a Japanese import too!!

I finally got a pokedoll figure of eevee! but her stand was missing ;-; oh well she's still cute

Me and my Fiancee got our first Kid figure! we got blastoise! cause my fiancee love the squirtle evolution

I swear all this pokemon stuff i bought from the same person at their booth (except pikachu) but they showed me this and then i was like YEP I NEED IT, imma have my fiancee put it together cause he loves legos C:

I just wanted to show a close up of this fabric someone in the artist alley had a pokemon scarf and i had to have it

here's a picture of me wearing it :3

I had so much fun at the con the only downside is i haven't got to play much of my new pokemon game cause of the con and now i have to work 7 days in a row at work ;___; but i hope you enjoyed my new gets! :D