November 24th, 2014

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Mega Tokyo Plush PRE-ORDERS! & 11.29 Pokécen Pick-Up ✿ Sylveon Lace stationary promo & Pair merch!

Picture 5
As many have been searching and asking I've opened pre orders for the Mega Tokyo pikachu plush! You will not be billed for these this week but rather in the first week of December when I post the full pick up post for the 12th. Check all the details below the cut!

I also found a new stationary promo that features quite a few cuties that I know a few Sylveon collectors are going to scream at! ;D I freaked out at the PC when I found this because it's so freaking cute. I fell in love with the gardevoir image featured on the other side of this pattern.
Everything pictured and available for pick up below the cut! <3

The very nice Pair merch coming out on the 29th are of course all available! (those beautiful charms v-v) ORAS merch available last week also available under the cut!

November 29st Pokécen Pick-Up Lace promo ft. Sylveon, & Pair Merchandise! Payment deadline: November 28th, 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST

Rules & Notes
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Once again  caffwin will be helping out again this week with quotes in the comments! <3

You should receive your package within 7-14 business days of Sunday Dec. 7th JST
! Most were shipped via EMS so they should arrive before then.
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Odd Request

I know this is a bit odd, but does anyone have some really scuffed-up old figures they'd be willing to sell me? I'm looking for something to practice cleaning on.

Ideally, I'd be able to get a mixture of harder and softer plastic figures with heavy paint scuffing. Weirdly enough, it's hard to find them locally....everyone just wants to sell mint-condition things in their stores XD
Pokemon - Eevee
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Legendary bird gets + Sales updates!

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More sales updates~ Preview of new items:

I've got a whole bunch of these neat TOMY wind-up gacha figures up for SUPER cheap!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

I'll be out to my BF's place for pretty much all of Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 26-Nov 30) so if you want any orders shipped out before then, please send payments by afternoon of the 25th!

Collection Update/Wants

Greetings everyone!!! Now that I'm finally home, I able to share with all of you my wonderful collection :) It is a bit picture heavy so everything is under the cut~

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All that is left my TCG ^_^ but...its rather difficult to get pictures of all of those as I still need to invest in binder to keep them in XD Plus...I lost over half of my collection because my mother put them somewhere or threw them away during our move T_T so I'm still reluctant to start back collecting because I had so many reverse holos back then...but alas I'll make my decisions. I also accidentally left my reverse holo of Cheren on campus =w= (go me) so he'll be uploaded in my next collection update.

I also forgot to take a picture of my posters >_> probably because I hardly take them out of their books...oops. Another time for them as well.

Annnd now for my lovely wants if anyone wants/wishes to help me out :)

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I'll probably add more later but I need to start budgeting my money soon But thanks everyone for taking a look and helping me let my collection grow :D
Vulpix PD

Quickly SOLD! Also, anyone have any of my wants for sale/trade?

My sales permission and rules can be found by going to my sales post HERE. Both of these still have ink. Both are in good condition, but do have some minor marks/scratches. I think any marks can be washed off -I just don't feel like doing it. Vaporeon $20 or best offer, Srufing Pika is $15 or best offer. SOLD

Can be combined with my other sales, I still have a bunch of Trozei stickers in my sales post. I also still have a TON of items on eBay including pokedolls, figures, keychains, straps, a Lucario Bobble head figure, Pokemon Center pokedoll figures, and whatnot. I will allow haggling on items from eBay if you order multiple items. I'm also taking 10% off the starting price if you purchase through my sales post. Here's a preview that is also a link to my sales post:

Lastly, my wants! I would love to add these to my collection! Help me find them please<3<3 I would be forever grateful and promise to watch out for anything you are looking for as well!
--Willing to trade items from my sales, and I also have some Vulpix items I could trade (canvas plush, bank, DX Tomy, kid figures, 151 pin, and maybe the complete zukan) as well as a Raichu pokedoll, custom Espeon standing plush by FollyLolly, Espeon and Umbreon pencil toppers, and if you're willing to trade one of my grails I'd be willing to give up my Vaporeon, Eevee, and/or Jolteon Jakks figures. I also have Vulpix, Espeon, and Lapras pokemon time straps for trade.
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Tomy pricing help needed =)

Hello all! Hope you're all well and not enjoying ORAS too much without us, your European friends ;P

I have recently become maybe a little obsessed with my Tomy figures at the moment. I'm not supposed to be getting attached to them...but I've already built them a stand for each gen over the weekend, positioned them all in Pokedex number on it and have even contemplated about finishing the gen 1 & 2 collection though I'm a rather daunting 136 figures away from that dream =P

Getting so attached has lead me to try and figure out if they're actually all authentic or not and thankfully only Bulbasaur, Wartortle and Blastoise seem to be iffy which is fantastic news considering I have quite a good few rares! I will post pics of them at another point to see if any of you guys can lend a hand with informing me whether they are booties or not, if they are I kid you not, they're the most convincing ones I've seen yet ;3

BUT I digress! Amidst all this Tomy madness, I've of course tried to figure out what each of my figures are worth. After all, the whole idea of getting my collection shipped over from my parent's house was to value them, sell them and feed my Pokedoll habit :P On my mission, I found this little guide!

What grabbed my attention away from the rather helpful information was the intriguing grid they have with pictures of each Pokemon representing it's Tomy counterpart and an approximate price. The guide states that it is based on single, unpacked figures and the prices are based off end prices on Ebay auctions. Quite simply, I was wondering how accurate these guide prices were? I've tried searching Ebay and the like to get a rough guide price for each of my figures and often found myself trying to perhaps be too modest and tell myself that they were over pricing them. So why not ask the real pros in this tricky business and find out for sure?

Hopefully you guys can help me get some sort of idea of what kind of money I'm sat here pampering and cooing over =P Gonna be very interesting to hear what you all have to say! And of course, if this kind of post isn't allowed, please don't hesitate to let me know and/or remove it =3 Have a good day now and best wishes!
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New 3ds Pokemon Cover Plates

I've been away for about a month due to moving, but now I'm back >:D

As some of you may know, the new 3ds system was released in Australia and New Zealand recently and well..I couldn't help myself and bought one on release :')

I don't have any cover plates yet, but at $17-$30 apiece I only want the best. I can understand how this would miss western Pokenews but have pokemon center released or announced any 3ds coverplates or have Nintendo released any pokemon plates in Japan as of yet?

Thanks :D

Too many thing to say (Questions, Help, Collection, Trading)

Bonjour my fellow collectors !
It's been only 2 months I'm back home after one year working as a nursery animal keeper (my childhood dream just came true, it's a very big deal for me !). And I realised I didn't make a post for 2 years (maybe?) and now I have a lot of things to show or ask to you !

Questions :
- For all Sylveon collectors, I want to buy a plush but I can't choose, so I want your advice. Wich is your favorite/ the cutest/best made ? Can you show me a picture of it ? It'll help me a lot !

- I have a friend who has a little Lysandre collection, and she's desperatly looking for this coupon :
It'll be the last item she need for her Lysandre collection !

Help! :
I need a UK middleman to help me get an item from amazon.

Collection :
I'm planning on updating my collection website ASAP.
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Collection weeding :
Since I've been away from my home for a long time and I still need to make space on my shelves I decided to part with some of my tiny side collections. It's very hard for me because there's a lot of rare items and it took time for me to find some but I want to focus and keep my very favorite stuff/Pokemon.

For now I put everything up for TRADE ! Don't hesitate to ask me fot the condition/pictures of each item if you are interested. I'm not selling anything for the moment but I'll make a sales post later with everything left.

Granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo
My feedback is located here

My Wantlist is located HERE

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Thanks if you made it so far ! And sorry for the derpglish...
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Small sales and a want!

Good evening /;u;/

Firstly, I'm looking for a Celebi Pokédoll as a Christmas present for a friend! Tag isn't ultra important. Shipping would be to the UK, if anyone has one to spare.

Also my collection was overflowing, so I cut it right down. Most of it is on eBay in a lot 'cause selling individually kills me, but I kept a few things back in case anyone here is interested!
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Question about ORAS Artbook

Hello, fellow PkmnCollectors! How goes everyone's ORAS adventure so far? I am happy to have gotten both games and to have taken advantage of some of the ORAS pre-order goodies, but the art book was unfortunately not one of them.

Hoenn Art Book

So my question to you is...what's inside this art book? Does it contain new art or the promotional art we've been seeing prior to the ORAS release? Most importantly, does it contain any pictures of the fabulously redesigned Team Magma leader, Maxie?

Right now the only place I can find the art book for purchase is on Ebay. It's pretty pricey, but it might just be worth it if Maxie's in there somewhere!

Thank you and happy collecting! ^_^
Clear - short story

Returning from the abyss with collection fun times!

Greetings, everyone!  Even though I still check up on this community, I realized today that it's been over a year since I last posted any collection updates here, so I thought it was a good time to fix that.  Let's get this show on the road!


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With the upcoming fun releases and more photos to be taken, I hope to share some more updates with you all again soon.  Thank you for reading!  <3
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Cookie phonestraps + more!

:D Hello everyone, I found some of those adorable cookie phonestraps, plus some trozei stickers and pencils, and I have them up for sale!

Check out the sale post over at my side journal, older items have been discounted! I'm still haggling on multiple purchases, too. Thanks for looking! :3

Follow the link!

(By the way, I'd love to get your feedback if you have received items from my previous sale post! I'd be happy to return the feedback, of course ♥)