November 25th, 2014

shiny mew

Looking for some opinions!

Hello comm!

I'm thinking of purchasing some dragon plush to keep my Altarias company, but I'm having a hard time deciding on if any of these are right for me!

1. Latios pokecen or petit
2. Latias pokecen or petit
3. Salamence pokecen

I'm 80% sure I'd want to get the pokecen ones instead of the little petits. Do they look great/adorable IRL? Feel soft? Is the cardboard in the wings weird? Or are the petits better looking? Salamence looked amazing in the Pokecen announcement ad, but some of the actual pics I've seen of it on eBay listings and such make him seem a bit derpy. I expected the wings to flop, but some of the faces/teeth just look silly. I've seen some with mouths that are basically closed.

Did anyone out there get these plush? What do you think about your Salamence / Latis?

ORAS preorder figures pick up

Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying ORAS (: I went to the shops here yesterday, and to no surprise, shops are selling the pre-order bonus figures separately from the games >_> But I thought it might be a chance for people who just want the figures separately, so I might as well try and pick up some figures.


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That's all for now. Thanks!

Updated Sales and a want

Sales preview:
Visit my sale post by clicking the picture or here

I been looking for a mega charizard x tomy figure for awhile and cant find it anywhere on my toyrus... i signed up for notifications at to let me know whenver its in stock and I got the notification a few weeks ago but unfortunately they kept messing my order up and sent charizard y 3 times /:

so if anyone can help me get this item that would be awesome! I am looking for mega heracross too :3 dont want to wait so long so id like to get it from somewhere in US. <3
Casual Shoto

Candy/plush gets! + small question + sale plug

Yay Pokemon gets! :D

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I have a tiny question for people who had, at one point in their life, to sell a part of their collection: How do you decide what to keep and what to sell? I am at a point where I really need to sell some of my stuff for various reasons and I am so not sure how to do it ^^' do you have a "special question" you ask to yoursell? something else? I just don't want to regret selling something :) that's why. Please tell what you think about this kind of situation ^^

I updated my sale post a little <3

Thanks for reading <3
Flann wit her buds.

small sales (zukans + more!)

hey everyone! haven't been on in a while but this is the first week I actually get a break from work, etc. so I'm posting some small sales from stuff I have at my apartment! (I still have other things at home home that I need to organize and sell as well, but this is a start!)

this sales post
includes plush, some figures, a flats lot and LOTS OF FIRE ZUKANS (INCLUDING THE CHARIZARD LINE!!!) so get exciteddd!

these guys will be explaining the rules to you on the post so RESPECT THEM or they shall burn you



Pokemon substitute plush

Hi there

I have a good friend who really wants a substitute plush, so we are trying to get him one for Christimas.

if anyone has one for sale (with tags), please let me know.

Would love to get the large (~12" version), but the pokedoll sized one works as well. (not looking for the keychain). Shipping would be to Canada


Weird request/want & question on name changes

So I recently got a Vaporeon FCS from the awesome dezi_kitsune, but I noticed it was missing something others of its kind had!

(Apologies on the pic usage! I'll take down at request if needed)

The center one; my poor Vaporeon doesn't have its wave! Is it possible to find a replacement for it, along with the clear Vaporeon FCS to the right?

And as for name changes- I was pondering on changing my LJ username to a more common one I use elsewhere, and needed to know if when I changed it, my feedback would gol under the new name, or if I'd need to ask people to re-send it.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and have a good day/night!