November 26th, 2014

New pokemon plush on April 2015!

Hey guys :D
I've seen on a German Anime-Shop that we will get a Goodra and a new Goomy plush! I saw we get a Goodra and Goomy TOMY, too. I think they come in April, too. But i have no pictures, sorry :(

Here is the link for the plushies:

They are Banpresto DX plushies :3 They looks so cute!
I want the Goodra plush! Its awesome <3

I hope you enjoy, guys!

Thanks giving week sales !

Sales permission :
granted on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback

Hello community,

I just updated my sales thread here.
With new photos and items. I decided to sell some of the collections for this upcoming Thanks giving and Christmas day.
Please feel free to ask me any question, higher resolution photos or more even haggle.
I wish you all have a nice Thanksgiving weekend !


Italian collectors! who will be in Milan tomorrow?

Pokemon Alpha and Omega launch party in Milan, Italy tomorrow!

Masuda and Ohmori will be guests of honor! I can't wait to meet them, get an autograph and hopefully ask them a question or two :D Are any other Italians from the community going to be there? I don't know anyone else who is going...

Anyway, how is this merchanide related, you'll ask? Well, today, Masuda tweeted this picture from Milan:


It makes me wonder if there will be any plushies or other merchandise sold at the event! They mentioned "Pokémon-themed gadgets for everyone" but I'm not sure about what these gadgets will be at all. I have the feeling the Groudon and Kyogre plushies are just for show, but hopefully not.

Anyway, I will be there, take lots of pictures and document whatever is available for sale, if anything! If anyone else is attending, you can recognize me as I'll be carrying my custom Hawlucha plush with me :D

USPS tracking problem

Hi there, I wonder if anybody else is having problems with tracking their parcels with the USPS website?
Maybe it is a problem that only occurs to international buyers.
I only get a message "Alert -Tracking for this product is unavailable for - my country -".
Is there another way to get tracking updates than with this website? Or to fix it somehow?
This has been going on for over a weak now and I think this is taking too much time if it's only a system mistake. Customers paid for that tracking service, after all! :/

Update (November 27, 2014): One day after this was posted, the package arrived! XD There was no tracking available at all, neither from the US postal service, nor from my country's postal service. But it's here, so heads up everyone who also has tracking problems! :)

Oh, if this post is against the rules, please let me know, then I'll delete it!
Couldn't really figure out wether it's off-topic since my parcel contains pokemon merchandise... And this could be a problem of interest for other members, too...
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Thank You And Very Quick Sales

Firstly I'd Like To Say Thank You To absol For Trading Me Items For My Collections!

It's Made All The Difference And Padded It Out Quite A Bit!!

Thanks Again And I Hope Your Items Arrive Soon! :D

(Pics Of My Collection In The Cut)
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Also Verrrrry Quick Sales Post:

Received Sales Permission From Entirelycliched On 22nd September 2014
My Feedback Link Is HERE, Please Remember To Exchange Feedback With Me If Applicable.

Got This New Oversized Primal Kyogre Card

Looking To Sell As I Have No Use For Him ^_^


Looking For $9 For Him, Not Including Shipping :)

Thanks Again


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Long time no see! :D Collection Updates! And some wants too!

Greetings all!  Long time no see, hope all is well!  I have been away for a while, just recently moved, got a new job, etc.  Been somewhat preoccupied.  I have just recently been able to get back!  :D

Anyway, so I was recently able to get what I would call one of my grails for the Sealed Hasbro Set collection:

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These two are also recent acquisitions:
52. Torchic Volbeat53. Treecko Wynaut

I am getting rather close to completing them, well sort of anyway.  But now it comes down to the really rare ones, so rare, some I have never seen.  But there is evidence of it's existance! You can see the collection here:

Also, here is the list of the sealed Hasbro sets that I am looking for:  So close!  Yet so far away!  XD

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If you have one of these and are willing to part with it, please let me know!

In other news, I am really close to completing gen2 TOMY figures also (just 3 shy), but I had to put everything on hold to move etc.

haunter morty library

Complete Collection Post (Warning: Image Heavy!) & Sales Reminder

I'm past due for a total collection update, so since I'm finally on break, I took pictures of basically everything that I have (well, almost everything). There are a lot of images below, so I separated them into sections. And as always, feel free to check out my permanent sales post. Without further ado, please click the LJ cuts below for my collection update. ^_^

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Thank you for looking! :) If you have any questions about any of the items above, let me know! I would be happy to help you identify anything. ^_^