November 28th, 2014

ღ Pokémon // Groudon

ORAS has landed in Europe! Lots of steelbook photos inside

Hi everyone! It's currenly past 1am in the UK, and I've been back from the midnight launch for a little while, looking at my goodies and taking photos! Thank Arceus I don't have any lectures tomorrow, because these new games are taking over my day.

Lots of photos of the steelbook edition, plus figures, below!


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And for those I am middling games for...

Photo 27-11-2014 04 10 33 PM

They have arrived, much to my mother's excitement, safe and sound! I sent them home rather than trusting my university's mail system. I'll be going home and back on Monday just so I can ship them off to everyone! The things I do for the comm, hey? :P

Looking for any Lapras kids! ^_^

Hello lovely comm-folk!
It's been forever since I've posted anything (my advanced classes have been kicking my tush this semester)
kittay752 my darling, I know you sent me a long, wonderful email, which I've also been kicking myself about not answering because of the aforementioned craziness going on - but I promise I'll get back to ya. <3
I've even blown right through my one year anniversary on pkmncollectors without a re-introduction which really bummed me out.
However, I will be doing a giant collection update (and boy is it giant) during the Christmas break! ^_^

Anyhoo, I've been noticing most of my Lapras kids have scuffs and wear, so I'm looking for anyLapras kids without scuffs or wear! :)
I'd especially like to get my grubby paws on the attack kid. O_O
For reference:

But again, I'd like any Lapras kids you may have in good condition. :)

Oh, and to not make this post ultra boring, here's a little snippet of the collection, with hints of ghosties, lockness monsters and chubby cuties.


Collection update and re-intro

Hi, I'm RobertIsAwesome, or Robert, and I'm back! I joined PKMNCollectors back in March of 2013, and my TOMY collection has expanded a lot thanks to you guys! I also collect cards, and plushies, and favorite Pokemon is Ivysaur. It also started back in December of 2012 when I got my Wigglytuff, Venonat, and Venomoth TOMYs. From that day on, my collection has grown and I'm only down to 2 left to complete my 151 Pokemon in TOMYs. I just got a new camera this month, and I'm getting used to it.

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I hope you like this update of my collection. The Mega Tyranitar Tomy Set is on my way, so I can't wait to show you that! :)

Looking for Talking Togepi

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) ^_^ but like most people have probably already said, now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to think of Christmas xD I'll probably end up making another post once I find out what Pokemon is my little brother's favorite, but my main goal for this Christmas is locating the Talking Togepi plush for myself. It looks like this:

Any help would greatly be appreciated :D It's talk pack wouldn't still have to work and I know shipping would probably be pricey if it still had it, so it wouldn't need to be included if we both don't want to deal with that. Thanks to you all for taking the time to look/read this.

Site Sale + Item Question!!

Hey everyone! I have a sale going on for my webstore. From now until the end of Cyber Monday, use the code "Porygon" to get 15% off of your order before shipping.

Click on the image to be transported to my webstore! <3

(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched. Feedback can be seen here.)

That takes care of the first order of business!

Second, I am wondering if anyone has any info on this rug. The seller states that it's a PCNY rug, but I can't find any info or past transactions for it ANYWHERE. Anything will help really.

Thanks everyone!! <3

Whoa! Black Friday Sales!

Hey guys! I thought I'd get into the "holiday spirit" and join in on giving discounts on my sales!
For orders that are $18 and up (before shipping and fees), I will apply a 15% discount! ^x^
This sale will go on from now, till Sunday 8PM EST!

So long as you comment before 8PM EST on Sunday, you will get the discount.
Haha, so don't be shy, ask for a quote! I've quite the collection of things. c:

Click the link below the banner to be transported to my sales post


Thank you guys! and Hope y'all had a good holiday/black friday! ^x^

ISO: 3DS XL cases

I'm planning on purchasing a black 3DS XL next week and want to buy a couple cases for it. Does anyone have this case by any chance?


Also,have you guys had luck with cases off of e-Bay as far as it lasting and not fading?

Thanks in advance! :)