November 30th, 2014

Plush ID help?

Hi everybody!

So today, I was organizing my collection (which has yet to be posted on LJ T^T) and found these two cuties ^-^

I bought them in Hong Kong while I was visiting family, but I don’t think they’re bootlegs, because of the good quality.

I’ve been having trouble finding them online. I haven’t even seen pictures.

Would someone in the comm please tell me what they’re worth, or any information about these plushies?

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TL;DR - I would love to know if these plushies are rare or anything. Even if they're not, I still love them!
I don't think I'll sell them, but maybe if someone offers in the future.

Thanks everyone!


Keshimon, Ball Choco, Absols & more!

Hello! I updated my shops with some nice stuff :) got an entire series of unopened Ball Choco figures, a bunch of Keshimon, some mini models and can figures, and some Pokecolle caps. All items are still 15% off through the end of monday with code "xmas" :)
tomy-000001L also got an update of a bunch of stickers, mainly gens 1, 2, and 6.  Select stickers are still 50% off through the end of monday, no code needed.
Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.

Want or a Possible Trade?

Not selling anything but looks like I need it:

-Sales permission granted on November 6 2014 by entirelycliched
My feedback:

Whimsicott pokedoll and or mismagius pokedoll
They are so cute!!!! But they're rare :(
So I would preferably have the used so it's cheaper, but throw me an offer!!! Also no yahoo japan, way too confusing for me, and I'm just interested in people who have it here. I'd be willing to make a custom plush of an equivalent price to what you're looking for, if it falls under the colors I have! (Trade is what I'd rather do too so, please to take a look)

I have in minky
light and regular pink
light and ragular blue
creme (This can be used as a light tan or a white, but not both)

I also have this rough white, but it's only used for small details that would work well, like the tusks on the piloswine pokedoll

examples of my work (The one I think reflect my capabilities most. I am getting a sewing machine, it's actually on it's way, so if I can figure out how to embroider, that will be an option too):

Of course I would make this toward the end of December as I am actually finishing up a commission right now. I don't like to take up more than two projects at a time because it's a lot to think about and I lose my interest too fast for some reason XD

also just a side note:
Will pkmncollectors host a tournament or something? I think that would be awesome! And will the be secret santa trades this year? I actually heard about them long ago and just remembered)

I do have sales permission!!! I forgot to mention that!!!

sales Nov

sales perm granted by denkimouse august 2010
paypal only ships from PA, USA
mega venusaur no handtag $25 plush shipping
regular forme keldeo pokedoll no handtag $15 plus shipping
kibago/axew TY plush $10 plus shipping
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Updates and Early Christmas sales~

My new adorable little chubbies <3 I seen them on etsy and I just couldnt resist.
Everything is so chubby even their wings ;u;.

I havent been around too much because of work and stuff but Im still buying when I can :3 and getting excited about new stuff coming out ;o;.
If you cant tell Im running out of room and have started building box shelves xD.

Regular Sales

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Christmas Sales
All toys and plush buy two get one free
Free item is equal or lesser to the lowest item bought.
Christmas sales end December 24th
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Does anyone have a super smash brothers 3ds club nintendo code they don't want?
I'll give you the code for mewtwo when it gets sent to me,it shows as spring 2015.

Thanks so much :D


ORAS Print and Stickers for sale

So a while ago when it was announced and I got so damn excited, I done a picture for ORAS, and I recently got it printed by a really good company for a con I did, I also done some stickers :D
I never thought of posting it on here though to see if anyone wanted to buy some, if not im just happy to share it :>


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Wanted / Looking to Buy !

Ok, so I have to be a good girl and not buy too much before this holiday season. But I need to find the cheapest prices for the following things (price+shipping). I know places like Sunyshore and Ebay have these, but I'm interested to see what other people are charging!

What I need to know is:
When is the soonest I need to send you the money
How much it would be
And how much the shipping would be to me ( Johnson City, TN 37614 )

*Be aware that just because you post/comment does not mean I will absolutely buy from you! I will be looking at multiples places/offers. *bows politely*


Mega Tokyo opening *special edition* Pikachu Plush and the Keychain plush ...

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Cute Sylveon

Looking for: Talky Sylveon Plush

Hi all, I'm in search for the Talky Sylveon plush.  There are quite a few on ebay but all of them have stock photos and none of the sellers are responding to my request to take pics of the plush (I'm concerned about bootlegs and the fact that no one is messaging me back...also concerns me).  I'm looking around $35-$40 shipped, as that is my budget right now. Doesn't necessarily have to be in the box since that'll just increase shipping costs.  If you have one, please let me know!  Found, thanks!
pika cap2

Wanted Entei kids or figures

Greetings all I'm doing a secret santa for a group and I found about mine giftee and she likes entei. I already got her the shiny entei zukan so I'd like to get maybe one or two kid figures so if anyone has any for sell please let me know

thanks for viewing
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jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store

Hey Guys!

After alot of work I've finally managed to get this sales post up!

I am first and foremost a Pokemon Kids Collector. I love these little guys; some look awesome, some look really cute, but all of them are really good to collect! <3 During my time filling out my collection I realized how expensive it can be to order them using a middle man service. I once paid over 30$ for a clear pikachu that I had won for 600 Yen (roughly 6$). I wanted to make Kids figures more accessible to everybody here at the community, so I decided a while ago to make a shop where everybody could buy kids for a good price <3

My aim is to have the biggest selection of kids available here at the comm so that collectors don't have to pay middle man/shipping fees 4 or 5 times when they want to buy a few figures. Shipping prices can be rediculous! They have been going up recently world-wide, and it has become a big hinderance for many collectors! I have a system in the sales rules section that allows purchasers to save on shipping so that they can get the best deal for their money!

I have a huge collection and I want to be able to help everybody else grow their collections as well :D

Without further ado, just click on the link HERE or the image below to be redirected! <3 

Store Front
Noivern time

I'm alive :> Sales post!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday :) (I'm so not excited to go back to work tomorrow) I haven't had many gets in the past month (Noibat/Noivern y u get no merch?!) but I will have an update eventually once all my commissions are finished ^^

I decided to weed out a majority of the rest of my eeveelution collection and my super tiny Litwick line collection. I cut the prices on some of my items and (almost) all kids are $2 and under!

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Handmade keychains sales

Welcome to custom keychain sales post!
Well shall we check what I have to offer? Some products got their names changed as now all of them got the sturdier bases! There's the common traits for all the products:
- Keychains are unique, you may request any character from any fandom you love or even an original character of your own! All your choice, there's no limits!
- New wood supplier, all keychains are sturdier than before! Almost unbreakable!
- All buyers may pick between optional models as sketches provided by me. If you have a settled pose, or even a picture of the character and you would like to look like that, feel free!
- The sketches for the models are freebies and will be delivered in the package among the keychain/s!
- The buyer may pick between silver or golden chain!
- I ship worldwide to any place, no limits on that neither!
- Paypal only!

Chibi Keychains!
- The simplest kind of keychain, and also the smallest, perfect for cute poses and chibified characters!
- Poses are simple and the size doesn't allow much detail but does it job!
- The buyer may pick between 2 optional models.
- Price: 12 USD
(+2 USD for shipping fees. If you order 3 or more keychains of this kind the shipment is for free!)

Detailed Keychains!
- Very detailed and dynamic poses and slightly bigger than the chibi keychains!
- The buyer may pick between 3 optional models.
- Price: 20.5 USD
(+2 USD for shipping fees. If you order 2 or more keychains of this and/or other kind the shipment is for free!)

Double Team Keychains!
- It's a double keychain, two characters together in a dynamic pose!
- The buyer may pick between 3 optional models.
- Price: 29.5 USD
(+2 USD for shipping fees. If you order 2 or more keychains of this and/or other kind the shipment is for free!)

Forever Yours Keychains!
- Two characters together that can be detached from each the other! Perfect to offer to a friend, relative or lover!
- The buyer may pick between 2 optional models, all workable for the detachment!
- Price: 29.5 USD
(+2 USD for shipping fees. If you order 2 or more keychains of this and/or other kind the shipment is for free!)

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched

Please take your order by commenting or sending an email for

That's all! 
Happy Hikari

Selling Dragonite collection, price changes, and new Tazos/misc stuff

Hey guys. I came to a difficult decision recently and that was to just focus on collecting plush, with the exception of Kingdra stuff (because he doesn't have plush, anyway). That means I have a TON of figures to sell! I decided to start with my Dragonite stuff because it's not totally packed away and easy to sort. I've been collecting Dragonite for a long time and have several pretty rare figures. Everything is in excellent shape, many things are mint. Some of the pricing was hard to do because I haven't seen many of these figures in a feel free to shoot me offers. Also, if you collect Dragonite and are missing a specific figure that I don't have listed feel free to send me a PM. I might have it but forgot to list it or was unsure about selling it. For example, I do have both Dragonite keshimon and most of the colored metal figures. I didn't list them because I like them quite a bit but I'd be willing to part with some for the right price. Even if I don't have it, I'll give you as much info as I have, I like helping out my fellow dragon collectors :).

I did a poor job organizing my photos so the Dragonite stuff is spread between two categories in my sales: Other Figures and Misc. There are kids but they aren't with the other kid figures because of this.

Other than all the Dragonite stuff, I added two rare TFG (Latios and clear Groudon), a bunch of Tazos (including Johto and attack pose ones!!), and an Eevee plush. I also dropped prices in general :). Just trying to clear stuff out!

Sales Preview:



Link to sales: