December 1st, 2014


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Looking for Buneary DX Pokedoll.

I've been debating on this for a while but I can't hold out any longer. If anyone has one for sale please let me know<3 It's just so cute! And I'm also looking for the regular one just in case nobody has the DX for sale. Thank you! Also if you have the shiny buneary kid or the lopunny stamper for sale, let me know about that too. :33

Just a side note but I'm totally okay with loved condition as long as it's not too bad.
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Awesome Book Auctions + Holiday Sales

Hi everyone, I have the Pokemon Movie book and the HGSS/Johto Quizbook for auction. Also have plenty more items for sale including a Pokemon Mate mug, human merch, Halloween & Christmas stuff, plush, and clearfiles. Please take a look and give them a loving home!

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And now for regular Holiday Sales!

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Please read sales policies before commenting, thank you!
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A drunken Umbreon Pokedoll...and have I been swindled!?

Hellooo all! Hope you're all well...And Merry Christmas!! December is here, yaay!

And what a lovely December kick off I've had this morning :3 The postman arrived with an adorable little bargain I got from someone having an Ebay clear out! He is getting wrapped up for Christmas by my boyfriend though...but I've been allowed to check him out for authenticity checks first! A MWT 2010 US Umbreon Pokedoll...for £12.99 shipped! All checks out well so far...shadowed text on his hangtag, barcode, lovely even stitching & stuffing and tush tag all seems in order. I have noticed however...he seems a little drunk! I cannot for the life of me get him to stand up xD The only way I can get him to NOT end up falling flat on his face is by balancing him on his rear legs and tail. Is this normal for Umbreon Pokedolls...or is there a trick to getting him to sit pretty that I've yet to discover?

My second query is maybe not so light hearted...I have made another purchase on Ebay for again..what I though was a bargain at £8.99 shipped. A 2010 US Mew Pokedoll. Apparently. The seller stated in the item description that it was purchased at Disney World Resort I presume Epcot of course and even went ahead to state that the plush is authentic and not a reproduction. Sounds good right? Until my paranoia kicks in AFTER buying it xD Handy. Since I purchased the Pokedoll using my Kindle, the image they used wasn't as clear as it was on my boyfriend's laptop...and pinching said laptop yesterday gave me a chance to have a proper look at my purchase. Low and behold, alarm bells are now ringing. The white eye embroidery looks too large for the blue parts...and now makes me think I've purchased a bootleg :/ For your convenience, here's a link to the auction to check out for yourself.

Do I have any rights to file a claim with PayPal and get my money back if the plush turns out to be fake? If it does, I'd be very annoyed considering the seller very clearly tried to pull the wool over their customer's eyes...and past experience has seen sellers like that become very distant and unhelpful when called out on their deceptive ways so I'm not exactly holding out for a helpful response from them. Or maybe I'm just being overly paranoid and it's just a little fault these Pokedolls are known to have sometimes? Either way, your help is always massively appreciated and I'd love to know what it is I've gone ahead and purchased..and what to do if I've been swindled!

Thanks for reading guys and best wishes!!
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omega update part 1! and santachu get!

The release of OR/AS has been such an amazing time for me as a collector. I'm sure everyone knows that I collect Groudon, so with merch of him and as well his super beautiful primal form, i am. IN HEAVEN. no lie. so i would thought i'd do an update since i received quite a few things lately. *^*

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I still have about 3-4 major packages to come in with more of my baby's stuff, so I guess i will be doing another update in a week or 2 when they all arrive!

I also wanted to post some stuff i got from - I know some people were interested in seeing Santachu's tag and since i received it today I thought I would post it.

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Aaand that's all for today!

One last thing: My etsy shop will be closing for hat orders later tonight. However, I will have my pouches available through the rest of the year!
I have 2 coupons available:
Free shipping in the US with coupon FREESHIP
and discounted shipping for international orders with coupon DISCOUNT!

Click here or the picture!

sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/2011. feedback.
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Update on AnimeRaro situation + search post

Hello everyone! I recently posted about a situation with AnimeRaro and advise from you guys led me to open a Paypal dispute. Today I got a refund and I just have to wait until it shows up in my bank account! Thank you everyone who told me about their experience and gave me ideas on what to do.

Now for a quick search!
Honestly, this might be an odd request xD
I'm looking for a Luxray and Luxio kid with their boxes, or just their boxes really! I just really want the box xD I believe they also come with a little card flat? I dont expect any NiB Luxray or Luxio to be floating around in my price range really. I dont mind if the box is opened, just as long as it was opened carefully :p I know where I can get the kids, I just want their boxes too!

I also know that I owe you guys an introduction post and a gets post! I want to do a giant one in one go once all my stuff comes in the mail and I get a shelf so I can clean off my dresser. :p

Have a nice rest of your day! Thanks for reading!


Pokemon 3DS XL Sale! *Lowered*

 photo Untitled-2-1.png

Please read the rules, if you fail to do so I WILL know

ALL pkmncollectors rules are in effect for this sales post
some_text #1. I recieved my sales permission on 10/04/2012 from dewott. And here is a link to
my feedback:
some_text #2. I ship from the US and use USPS as my preferred shipping service.
some_text #3. I only accept payment in the form of Paypal
some_text #4. Shipping is not included in my costs and will be added when you ask for a quote, please do ask for a quote before you commit to buying.
some_text #5. Haggling may be accepted on some items please ask but don't feel offended if I turn your offer down some things aren't as negotiable as others.
some_text #6. Trades may be considered simply ask and post a link to your sales/trades and I will let you know if I see something I like.
some_text #7. Please ASK QUESTIONS if you are curious about something I would like to know. I may not have thought of every detail when posting the description of an item but you can bet I will help you out if you need to know anything
some_text #8. I will NOT sell to banned members of pkmncollectors
some_text #9. For any questions pertaining to my rules please use my Questions/Comments thread below

Pokemon X/Y Blue 3DS XL - $160 *Lowered* I should mention this is a used system so there may be a few minor scratches or nicks here and there but don't worry I took very great care of it! This is a US bought and owned system so lets not forget region locking.
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Pokemon prints for sale!

Being the Slowpoke I am, I only just realized that Society6 has a $5 off everything and free worldwide shipping offer today (until 12 AM Pacific Time). :D;;; I know it's already more than halfway through today, but I uploaded a few of my Pokemon artworks to my store to be sold as prints (one of them is offered as a greeting card as well!), so please take a look if you like Mega Lucario, Noivern, or Pokemon being adorably lovey-dovey!

Link to store here!

My feedback is here, and I was granted sales permission by denkimouse in October 2009.

Help me find my final figure! :)

Looking for some luck before the holidays to finally complete my MIP Kanto Tomy collection!

Who is the final figure you ask? Magmar? Gastly? The infamous Electrode? Pffft. Nope! This one is even harder than the rest (for me anyway lol). The almighty...

Oddish. LOL fml

Never thought he'd be so hard to find. If anyone can help me out, I'd pay 100$ for a MIP Oddish (Tomy, not Hasbro) and love you forever. xD

I also need a replacement for my Pinsir, Magnemite, Magneton, and Tauros/Kangaskhan 2 set. Will pay 100$ for Pinsir MIP, and 50$ each for the others. Packages keep getting crushed on me!!! :( I swear I've spent more replacing figures than buying...

Thank you so much for your time. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! <3
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Crawling out of lurkerdom to do some collection weeding sales!

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Introduction and Collection

Hi everyone! My name is Spritzzie and this is my first post! A quick introduction and then I'll be on to my collection!

I've been a Pokemon fan since I was in kindergarten but I only started collection properly a year or two ago! As you can tell by my username, I love Spritzee! I use it on my "competitive" team and it's shiny too! I like to collect lots of merch! Plushies, TCG, figures and I'm thinking about getting some mugs too! My collection might not be big but it's slowly getting there! Also if anyone of you would like to add me on my 3DS just ask me! Alright. Onto the plushies!

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That's it for now! Thank you so much for letting me into the community and talk to me if you'd like! Sorry if anything is wonky in this post. It's my first time using livejournal ;w;

up to 25% discount

Sales permission :
granted on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback

Hello again community,

Since Thanksgiving just passed last weekend. I want to give discount in my sales thread here

Here is the rules :
<100 = 10% discount
100-200 = 15% discount
200-250 = 20% discount
>250 = 25% discount

Sales until 6th December 2014 23:59:59 PM PST

The discount will apply before shipping and the fees. Also some items are free shipping inside USA too !

Thanks for looking :)

Comment what you collect for Trades

Heyyy everyone, it's been a while! I apologize, my lifes been really crazy atm, but seeing the holidays are soon, things have been slowing down lately!
I hope everyones been having funs playing ORAS (the little I've played of it has been awesome! I really needa play it more lol)

Anyway, as the titles says, it's that time again! this time it's only for trades though (sorry!) atm iIm more iterested in trading then selling ^ ^

Without further ado

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Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 9.35.14 PM "Click the above cut for the info" OuO

note: it might take me a bit to reply, as tommorows my b'day ;u; I'll try my best to reply to the comments I get at school!

Thanks for reading ^ ^