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I haven't posted on here in so long, so I'm making myself post and get back into things. :)

I finally have my sales permission (months and months ago), and need to stop being lazy so I can post my first sales. There's a chance I may decide to part with my 1:1 Marill plush, but we'll see. Does anyone know where I can find who granted my sales permission? I know it was one of the last ones on the old thread, and I can't seem to find it.

I'm also curious if anyone knows much about the (Pokemon Center?) Whiscash plush. There's one on Ebay for $150, but that seems quite high. This is one of the only one of my favorites that has an official plush, so it would be cool to track one down for a reasonable price.

Also, my birthday is coming up, and I'd like to put a commission on my wishlist. If anyone feels comfortable making a nice Magcargo (one of my new favorites!), let me know!

Excited to start being more active here soon and getting my first sales post up.
So I went to Walmart yesterday and I saw almost all the trainers choice plush and starter figures! I only got to snap a quick picture, it's below the cut.
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02 December 2014 @ 02:27 pm
so a couple of packages came in the mail the other day, and I have been waiting for a moment when I actually have the brain capacity to not think about finals for me to open them.
A couple of gets from the community and Y!J, as well as an early christmas present.

A little sneak peak:

photo 2
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02 December 2014 @ 02:41 pm
Found! Thank you! : ) Hey guys! I was looking for this specific Uxie Plush. I have had a hard time finding him because it's been maybe 5 years since his release I think...?

(I pulled the image from Google so if you'd like it removed let me know.)

It's meant as a Christmas Gift so it'd be rad to have before next week. : ) Thank you for the help!
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Hi there!

I'm brand new to this community, so I thought I would say hi before I just jumped into anything else around here ^^ I go by Lilac Latte here, but I am also on other toy forums like MLP Arena. If you're interested, I have all that information and more on my journal's only entry, lol.

So I'm coming back into the Pokemon fandom for the first time since I was in 5th/6th grade which, believe me, was a looong time ago. I'm not about to age myself here!

I have a few questions, if that's okay!

1) I am looking for a Combee plush, if anyone has one for sale :)

2) So, I've gotten around to digging in some old toy boxes of mine since my family moved recently, and I just have a question about this guy:

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Nina Needless
02 December 2014 @ 03:39 pm
Hey guys.
I have so much Hoenn stuff for sale :) I hope the Metal Tags find a new home!
Also i have the stakks still for sale! Take a look :3

Edit: I will send out all your items on this coming friday! Thanks for your patience <3

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02 December 2014 @ 06:00 pm
Sales permission granted in March 2009. Feedback page here.

Hello! It's been a while! I have made a big inventory update just recently at Electric Sheep Factory and will be adding more stuff over the course of the month.

I am also giving out a 10% discount for any orders over $10 if you use the coupon code "WINTER2014"! Ends December 22nd.


Not too long ago, I changed the overall checkout process of the store. You won't be charged right away; in order to provide an accurate total, I will calculate the shipping fee manually and then send you an invoice. Please provide a valid email and make sure to check for the invoice afterwards! Default is Paypal but I can provide one by Square if you rather use that.
02 December 2014 @ 07:13 pm
Hello community! First of all, we won the Happy Christmas GA but we're waiting the first payment from our middleman, so be patient. Secondly, I've finally finished my exams so it's time to do some sales! >.< I still have all the amadas, a lot of figures and more plushies on my sales post so you can combine with anything there! I have a Groudon figure for auction, some plushies sales and a Raichu patch.

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02 December 2014 @ 08:56 pm
Have some new holiday sales for everyone. New charms, magnets, notebooks, straps, etc. Great stocking stuffers! I also have non poke items in my journal.
If you want multiple items feel free to throw me an offer (no low balling please)
Thank you! Hope everyone has a great holiday season

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International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 12/02/2014
Click the images for bigger photos

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02 December 2014 @ 09:56 pm
Hi guys, so me and abbeymew are downsizing our collection as we aim to be moving out soon so thats prompted quite a lot of cutting down on some of our bigger stuff.

Also abbeymew recently did a sales post with other stuff so anything bought from >>here<< can also be combined for shipping

Here is a small picture showing some of the things that are up for grabs ;)

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02 December 2014 @ 10:08 pm
Does anyone have anything for sale from the Kokeshi collection? Let me know!:)