December 7th, 2014

Auctioning Whimsicott Pokedoll+ Rotom Wash Pokedoll +1:1 starter plushes pickups @ Nintendo World

Hi all! I'll be auctioning off my Whimsicott and Rotom W pokedolls. Their tags are close to mint condition (they have a couple of small bents). I'm happy to take more pictures should you want a closer look.

I will also be offering pickups @ Nintendo World for the new 1:1 Hoenn starters that were just put out today for anyone interested. They will be $65+shipping/fees EACH

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Pancham WANTS

PLEASE GUYS HELP ME OUT I LOVE U ❤ ❤ I am still missing these items. Christmas presents!? 8w8

not even going to apologize for not posting ;~; I have nothing to post about, I'm sorryyy ahh I just throw money at people now!

When I'm able to display more of my collections though I'm going to do a biiig post showing everyone out of their bags. I'm excited for the day when I can set up my new Licki' collection, it's grown a lot since I moved last and is going to look awesome displayed.
Same with my brand new Surfing Pikachu collection! He is so fun to collect!

But for now all I have is my slooooooowly growing panda collection. and it grows so slowly that it's never noteworthy D8

I'm loving the pics of the new holiday themed plush though, they are SO CUTE. If there's a Pancham one released I think I'd diiiie

OH. I'd like to share my most exciting recent Get with you guys though, I guess, because he is very interesting and I could not find a pic of another MIP one online.

I LOOOOOOVE this figure. He. Is. GORGEOUS. He's SO BIG. SO CUTE. And I'm SO glad I caved and purchased him.
Straight from Korea! MIP! HOLY RARECANDIES.
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Cleaning Sale!

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:

I've been trying to downsize for months now!
So, I've promised free stuff in my last post, however, people were asking for the most popular of pokemon. I do not collect canines or eevees or whatever because I hate them for them showing up in my feed too often. Plus, I do not connect with them as well as I do with cephalopod pokemon and the abra line. *shrug* Call me crazy.

Sorry, darlings.

On another note, I've gots me a new camera! This means better pictures!
I'm going to be retaking store photos and post them up every once in awhile. I'll leave links to previous sales posts so you won't miss a thing and you'll see new products more often.

Please state if you want tracking. It's a $1.05.

Ask for quotes! The shipping prices are just a guideline.

No international shipping.

FLATS - $.45-$2
Non-Flats $4-$7
I am more likely to haggle with you now, due to the prices.

More pictures can be taken upon request of a serious buyer.
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Keep in mind some of these posts are old. Please ask for the item's availability.
Previous Sale
Previous Sale #2

Is anybody still selling their ORAS games?

Hiya! A few months ago I posted about buying Pokemon XY for my friend, and now I'm back wondering if there's anybody who's willing to sell me their copy of ORAS for a Christmas present for a friend of mine. It doesn't matter which version: OR or AS is fine. If not then no big deal, I can just buy one from Amazon, but I wanted to see if anybody wanted to sell me a cheaper copy of their used ORAS. I'd be willing to trade one (or more items) from my sales that I posted yesterday (linked <~) and throw some cash in with the deal. I also have some other stuff that are unlisted (like eevee and pikachu stuff) so if you're interested in trades then don't hesitate to leave a comment. 'v' I can do trades + cash, or cash (paypal) only offers. Thank you!
  • caffwin

Auction & Sales Reminder!

This is just a quick reminder to let everyone know that my Christmas auctions will be ending tonight at 9pm PST/12am EST (midnight, Dec. 8th)!
Abra is still at starting bid and there are lots of ornaments available. :)

You may click either image to get to the sales/auction page!

My First Pokemon Sales Post!

Season's Greetings Everyone! :D

After being granted sales permission by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014, I am finally ready to reveal my Sales post. Yay~!

Believe it or not, it literally took weeks for me to get this post up. There were just so many things to organize, catalog, price, etc. etc. But I am finally ready, so please come on in and take a look! :D

Follow Victini to view my Sales page. :3
ck's pokemon sales 500

I hope to get more things up in time, but I feel that this is a good amount for now. Thank you and happy shopping! :D

Weekend holiday sales!

Hi all! I got some sales for you here. Would make great holiday gifts LOL ;)

Some highlights include-

PakiPaki Lugia - $69
Croagunk Wooden Statue RARE - $149 (HUGE PRICE DROP from my asking $299 and I paid $320+ for this)
Got other things like Inkay Case for only $12, a unique Tyranitar cutout,  Laying Eevee, custom Noctowl plush, Suicune TFG and more. Check it out.


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fist pump!

Fairy Want + Secret Base Pokedoll Question

Hey all! I hope eveyone's enjoying the holiday season~
I'm still looking for a MWT Jigglypuff pokedoll; I'm aware of how much they go for so please let me know if you're willing to part with yours.


Other pokedolls that I'm on the lookout for include:
- MWT Magikarp pokedoll
- MWT Delibird pokedoll
- MWT Shinx pokedoll
- MWT Turtwig pokedoll

Question Time!  I'm not sure what to make of the Secret Base pokedolls, and I was hoping for a few other opinions.

Do other pokedoll collectors find that the Secret Base 'dolls have the same characteristics as normal pokedolls?  I feel like the stock pictures make them look more like Pokemon Center Plush rather than pokedolls -- Mudkip and Torchic in particular.  So what are your opinions?  The main reason why I like collecting pokedolls is because they're obviously stylizaed to fit a mold, but I'm kind of stuck when thinking of the SBPs.

If anyone has gotten the older pokedolls as well as the Secret Base pokedolls (Mukip, Torchic, Treeko, and Skitty), would you mind posting some comparison pics?
Eevee &amp; Vulpix
  • vepsmin

I need this!

Hi everyone, it´s been a while! Today I come here asking if anyone has this Eevee  iphone cover to sell. I´m soon getting  iphone 5 and would like to get this cover for it, but I´ don´t really fancy the idea of paying up to 50 to 60 bucks with shippings and all on a online store/ ebay.. So I´d like to pay  $ 40 at max with shipping to Finland included. Feel free to offer if you got this or correct me if my pricing is a bit optimistic. It doesn´t have to be MIB but I´d like it to be in ´as if just opened from package´ condition.   :3                                                       kännysuoja 2

Looking for Wailmer and Wailord stuff


My boyfriend maagicaltrevor is a Wailord lover, he's only just started collecting, so I thought it'd be a nice unique Christmas pressie to give him some whale bits :D
Shipping would be to the UK

So far all he has is Wailord STAKS magnet, Super shiny cracker sticker and Wailmer TCG card from HGSS Triumphant.
Like 3 things LOL best collection 2014.
So anything, figures, stickers, misc ect, very excited, thank you everyone :D

Also related...
I need a Shining Wailmer ;A; in ORAS!
He's always doing cool stuff for me and has surprised me with grails before, I wanted to surprise him with a shiny Wailmer!

I'm only on my 3rd badge right now where I've been so busy with GA's and stuff, so I lack the time and the right rod to find him with. But he's on his 5th and is getting closer to where he can catch one. I have no chance to catch up in time for a surprise. Can anyone help me out or have one!?
In return I can offer a brown paper A5 drawing, or anything you like!

Thankssomuchomg <3

THANKS SO MUCH TO RIOLU you beautiful person you ;U;

Super Shiny Sticker GA - Stickers arrived, all packaged up to go, just need to weigh them tomorrow and send a PM to everyone with price and PP details

Amazing Jumbo GA - Everything has been sorted, packaged and everyone will recieve a PM tonight/tomorrow with more details

Thanks for bein' AWESOME GUYYYSSS~
  • renshao

Beautiful Bento Boxes!!!

Hi Everybody!

I'm coming to you all today because I need some help with an investigation! ^_^

Okay,so a few years ago (I'm talking maybe 3-4 years ago), someone on this very comm sold a beautiful Pokemon Bento Box (see photos below). I thought at the time "fjfbfhbsjbfu IT'S BEAUTIFUL" but didn't have the means to purchase it for myself, being a poor college student with no cash!

Okay, well years later and I can't take the internal nagging anymore...I think about the beautiful box often - I've not seen one for sale since.
I recently taught myself how to use Japanese dep. services, and it's been the one thing I've been hoping I'll no avail.

I know there's at least 2 different designs of box, because I have seen photos of another one with different Pokemon on it (later generations) and I'm pretty sure that they are made for Daisuki Club members! They normally come with chopsticks, etc too.

Does anyone have any more photos / information / ideas of where I could find one?

Oooor, -stay with me for the longshot - are you the person that bought this beautiful box long ago and by chance no longer wishes to keep it? It may be a long shot, but if anyone has one, I'm willing to pay over $100 for one provided you can accept a small payment plan.

Please help guys! The beautiful box won't get out of my head!!!! ;_;

Other than that I hope you're all well and are all getting some lovely grails for Christmas! I love seeing all the gets posts at this time of year! ^_^

Bento Box 1

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Shiny Riolu Pokedoll
  • riolu

Regarding Riolu Jakks...

So I recently purchased a MWT standing Riolu Jakks plush on the community. I was super exited because it was the last plush I needed to have every Riolu plush MWT....or so I thought.
I was comparing the plush I bought with the picture I was using for my wishlist and noticed they have two different tags. Are there seriously two different releases of this guy? :| Does anyone have any information on this (like the years)?

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I'm also looking for a replacement 2009 JPN Riolu pokedoll with the tag in excellent condition. The tag on mine isn't in such great shape.

My next post will be a major customs update. ^^

Custom Plush mini sales!!!! (Spheal lovers have to see this!

So I got a sewing machine, and in order to practice for my commission with it I made a petit spheal! Shiny form! EEK!!!!Collapse )
(The fangs are there, their just kind of clear. I'll have to make the whiter later)

Also I got sales permission by entirelycliched on November 6 2014

So, these are pretty easy for me to make so I'm gonna open 3 slots. (2 max per slot)
they'll be 40usd30 usd+fees and shipping.
I'm just having 3 slots for now because I want to just do them for fun, maybe I'll add more *IF I feel like I can do it and *WHEN I finish.

anyone having problems on LJ or is it just me?

In Need of Oversized Groudon Pokedoll

So I recently fell head over heels in love with Groudon, and I am in dire need of the oversized Pokedoll


I really don't want to spend more than $50, but I really, really, REALLY want this guy and will make money magically appear in order to obtain him lol Please help me out guys! Thanks :) You all are always so helpful and nice (I don't know who's picture this is. I took it from Google. If it's yours, please notify me so I can credit you. Thanks!)
girafarig time
  • choppii

choppity lane's new plush store!

Hey everyone! Sorry to post so soon after the last, but I didn't think I'd have my plush store up so soon! ;v; (I had to make a separate store for them as my other store hit the 500 item limit)
I am in the process of selling the majority of my plush collection and putting them on the store, and there's already over 150 on there up for grabs! So if you're interested, please check it out~


Items can be combined with my other store, just leave a note!
Thanks so much! <3

I received sales permission from allinia on 6/11/14!

EDIT: It seems that you get an error if you try ordering from both stores at once! If you make two seperate orders I'll refund you the extra shipping ^^

torchic comparisons!

Hi! I've seen a lot of members hesitant about buying Secret Base pokedolls, or just wanting to see how they compare to normal pokedolls in general! I finally got out both my new Secret Base Torchic (whom I adore<3) and my minky Torchic pokedoll (whom I also adore, of course!) for a quick comparison for everyone!

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Anyways, there you have it! In case you couldn't tell, I love both plush very much. I hope this helps somebody out! As I said, please feel free to ask for more pictures or any questions! I'm no expert on plushes, but I'll try to help in any way I can :)

PS: Is LJ being wonky for anybody? It took me like, two hours to actually get the photos to work?? Ah, well. Enjoy, anyways!

sales post

Hello! There's an auction with a big grail in it, so time for sales! :D I took entirely new pictures and added items from the last three lots I received from Y!J. If anyone remembers the clear kid lot I suggested turning into a GA, well, I failed to get that together so I bought the lot instead! There's also tons of regular kids, keychains, stamps, minicots, tiny figures, TOMYs, zukan, and more!

(Follow the fake cut to my sales post!)

Also, please do read the rules! I've added a few new ones, so even if you have bought stuff from me before it may be different!

Sales permission granted on dewott on May 17, 2013.
My feedback is here:

bit of a longshot wants

Looking for two items today! Hoping someone here has them (ideally MIP) so I don't have to pay Ebay prices ;_;

One is the Skyla Pokemon Mate figure charm!

Second is the FireRed/LeafGreen Super Music Complete CD set!
I kind of collect Nintendo OSTs on the side, and since I'm getting the HGSS one, I figure I might as well try to add this to the collection as well. :)

Also does anyone know if the ORAS OST is a fold-out digipak kind of thing or does it come in a jewel case? Because digipaks make me sad ;_;