December 9th, 2014

Doki Doki

Is This a Real Card?

Is this card real? I've seen two of them pop up on eBay (I've included photos), but when I bought the first one they told me they made a mistake and it wasn't actually foil. :(
I didn't know this version had a non-reverse holo version, does anyone know anything about it?

$_57 (1)ok
I think this is the foil-type that's on the cards?

Some quick WTB: Ninetales/M-Absol

Hi everyone, short & sweet: I missed out on both of these items, so if anyone has them for sale or knows where to find them (please no Y!Japan or other middleman sites, they still confuse me to use >.> ), let me know. Shipping would be to 46311.


Mega Absol Pokedex keychain

Ninetales Hanafuda pin


And as always, I'm always on the lookout for any merchandise that I don't have on my collection site:

Expect a gets post soon enough, as well as a sales update! I'm working on leaving feedback to all I've bought from, and the list keep growing. <3

Payment #2 for Guys and Dolls GA

The plush are on their way from Japan to herar.
Invoice Screenshot
The shipping and fees total is $3.81 per plush.
So if you bought two, its $7.62 etc.
This notice applies to okapifeathers, wobbuwhit, princesspichu, kittay752, kuro_kage_kun, and schenzi.
Original GA Link
Please send payments to herar(at)smileandleadcustoms(dot)com with:
your username - payment 2 - guys and dolls ga in the memo.
Please pay within 48 hours. Thanks :)
Vulpix PD

Gets, Trades, and Sales Oh My! Also, question for people in France

Firstly, I would love to trade either of these pokemon time bookmarks for a Lapras pokemon time bookmark. Not looking to sell unless I get ahold of a Lapras bookmark. I'm also willing to buy a Lapras bookmark, so if you have one for sale please let me know!

I recently got a few things from comm members including an Altaria pokedoll and silver Vulpix Keshimon and I also decided to buy a copy of Pokemon Heart Gold.
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Wanting a second Jigglypuff pokedoll to give as a gift if anyone has one for sale!

I have added a bunch of things up on ebay. Here's a link to my regular sales post and rules. You can also click the preview pictures to get directly to eBay. Some things not pictured are a Lapras Pokemon Time strap, Vulpix 151 pin, and a used Pokemon Time iPhone5 case.

For people living in France who have shipped internationally before: I purchased a lot of 8 small figures from a seller on ebay. They are charging me 35EUR($43) for standard shipping, is that normal? I'm concerned that I'm being bamboozled here. The cost of the items is only 13EUR($17). I am in the US. I have contacted them since they sent the invoice to ask if there is a cheaper shipping option, but they haven't responded.

For sale: Togepi cosplay!

I went to a con a few days ago in my Togepi cosplay, and have now decided to sell it xD

togepi1 togepi2

Dress with the felt pattern (one or two need touching up)
Felt crown thing

The pattern is continued onto the back too ^^
Fits a size small - medium best, but the fabric is rather flexible!
20 shipped OBO

Sales info:
There's a Pikachu hoodie, Drifloon line pouch, and some other things in there~
noot noot

WANT! : Meowth Diorama

I'm looking for a specific one actually! I'm looking for the clear case diorama of Meowth sleeping under a kotatsu and I've been looking for a while but haven't had any luck ;u;

Please let me know if you or anyone you may know has one to sell and I'd love to buy it to add to my collection.

Thanks for readin'

Want & a quick question for fellow plushers

Anyone selling a snorlax pokedoll for less than 20 shipped? Its come to my attention that I was way way off with the price. I would be willing to to do $40+, not including shipping, so let me know!
looking for a christmas present so while hang tag is not necessary, but would be really appreciated. The pokedoll one is the one I have in mind, though I may consider other snorlax plushes if one catches my eye.

I’m not actually sure of the pokedoll’s price, so if you have one for more than 20, I would still love to take a look at it.

(This pic is off of google, so if it is yours and you want it down, let me know!)
This guy is super adorable and I just know my friend would love him, so if you could help me please!!

Also a quick question for other plushers out there:
where do you typically get your minky from? I usually live at Joanns when it comes to their sales and coupons, but they never have any type of minky that isn't the dotted minky, let alone in the colors I want. So any suggestions for stores/sites with a variety of minky that won't completely break bank? Thanks!

And also, so this isnt a super boring post, and since I know at least a few of you are digimon fans too, check out what just came!

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Hi everyone! I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I've loved pokemon forever, but just recently started really paying attention to all the pokemon toys out there and truly collecting. I've actually been stalking the front page of this group for a while now, aha, so I'm excited to finally participate. I love seeing everyone's collections and plan to participate in buying as well :)

I don't have a ton of space, so right now I'm mostly just seeking out items that especially strike me. At the moment my focuses are Weavile and Absol, my top two favorites, but what I own is pretty varied. My little collection is under the cut!

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New sales

Hello community I'm back with some quick sales. I have some cool Banpresto postcards, stampers and pokemon link/trozei magnets :3 You can combine with everything of my sales post and you can see all the info over there!!! ^^
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And this is the reason of these sales! I keep myself the Ninetales postcards, Ninetales, Manectric, Pidgeot and Taillow pokemon link magnets, Arcanine, Quilava and Ampharos stampers, Poliwhirl coin bank and finally a 'bag' to keep your kleenex with Politoed (I didn't even know what it was, but Politoed...)
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Hello to everyone!

Hello guys, im' from Chile and I'm new on the community. I love pokemon since I can remember, but Stunfisk, Kyogre and Musharna are my favorites ❤️. Im' so glad to stay here because I see amazing collections on the community so I want to share a little of my collection

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In Chile is difficult to find merchandising, thats because im join here, to search some stuff

Well, thats all, thank you for read (sorry for the bad english 😱)