December 10th, 2014

Calling all people who can sew and embroider: Custom Ash hat

Hey, guys! I've been thinking about it for a while, and I finally want to put out a slightly odd request for anyone who can do simple sewing+embroidering.

I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could turn a regular, red snapback hat into Ash's hat from the first season of Pokemon.
So you'd go from this:

to this (but with a flat bill) :

I HAVE seen snapback Ash hats for sale, but the entire back half of the cap is always some sort of mesh marterial. :/

So, basically, all you'd be doing is adding the white part and embroidering the green semi-triangle thing on it, if that makes sense.
Let me know if you or anyone you know is up to it, and let me know how much you/they charge!
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An Exce*pin*onal Auction

1/6: Saw some comments I hadn't responded to yet. Sorry, they got pushed down by a bombardment of comments on another post. I'll get to unresponded comments promptly tomorrow afternoon, 1/7.

*Insert more cute pin puns here!*

Sales' Preview! I tidied up my livejournal sales. These can be found here, or inquired about in this post.

Auctioning off the newest pins!

I was given sales permission on Dec. 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched. My feedback is here.

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Totals are set up as Username (badges) (# of badges) (total w/o shipping) (Payment Status) (Shipping Status). When sending payment, please include your username in the memo. You don't need to write what badges you have, as I will reference below. Please make sure what I have is correct for you. It took me a while to go through and calculate totals because of how many badges were involved, so please let me know if I missed something.

Everyone in the total column will be messaged with their totals. Since there are so many comments here, I won't respond to each comment individually with totals unless I can't send a message. As reminder, these pins ship from the USA. I apologize for needing to push back the ship date to Monday, the 29th. It took me much longer than I expected to get everyone's totals together. Thanks everyone who participated <3

1. methuselah31010 (Dragonite & Gyardos, Blastoise, Labras Dewgong) (3) (6$) (NP) (NS)
2. ssjvap (rhydon $2, dugtrio $1, pikachu $3, poliwag/mr mime $2, Eeveelutions 12$) (5) (20$) (NP) (NS)
3. solishark (1) (Venonat Venusaur) (1) (3$) (NP) (NS)
4. joy_dust (1) (Mankey& Arcanine) (1) (5$) (P) (NS)
5. zamakiko (Cubone) (1) (3$) (NP) (NS)
6. chaos_21 (Articuno) (1) (4$) (NP) (NS)
7. squeakaree (Rattata, Nidoran Nidorina) (2) (7$) (NP) (NS)
8. chronidu (Pidgeot, Aerodactyl x2) (3) (5$) (NP) (NS)
9. vulpeslagopus (Persian Ninetails) (1) (1$) (NP) (NS)
10. stalkingsuicune (Persian Ninetails) (1) (5$) (NP) (NS)
11. kittay752 (Jynx, Vileplume) (2) (3$) (NP) (NS)
12. nicolarbear (Slowpoke Arbok, Drowsy Ghastly Abra) (2) (6$) (NP) (NS)
13. jamplex (Vileplume) (1) (1$) (NP) (NS)
14. technicolorcage (Mew Mewtwo) (1) (3$) (NP) (NS)
15. mewmew151 (Mew Mewtwo) (1) (1$) (NP) (NS)
Dewott - Happy
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1:1 Chikorita Reminder! And a want.

Just a reminder that my 1:1 Chikorita auction ends this Friday:

(Click on the image to go see!)

I am willing to accept payment plans! All I ask is that you work something out with me before bidding :)

I am also searching for this charm!

If anyone has it, I'd be interested in knowing what you'd want for it. It doesn't have to be in its package.
lati, latios, soital, soi

Another 6-ish month of Lattes, Lugia, Weavile, 'tales and more~! [A 6 Month Gets Post]

Oh gosssh I keep doing these updates by half a year or so ;w; Decided to do a gets update within the last 6 months and hopefully soon enough a proper collection update, my room is kinda a mess in some areas right now and I have too many things to sell, but that'll be after the holidays. ^^

I was able to get some amazing gets this past half a year so without futher ado though, here's a gets update & also a little top 5 wants and grail post. Here's a preview of an AMAZING get I'm so excited! ^^

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Thanks for reading...or looking at the pictures~! <3
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Sylveon bath salt & Standing kid (「๑•₃•)「

Basically my grails right there, so I'm practically out of luck. But I'll still try to find them! I've been on the hunt for around a month now, haven't even seen an auction ! 「(゚ペ) (I've seen a kid for 50, which I was about to pay for, but shipping! bluh!)
Any one have duplicates or willing to sell/can point me to the right direction? ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾ

New Pikachu Items

So I recently got some cool new Pikachu stuff! Inc a few lil freebies from a member who I bought the Pikachu tin off :D

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The Snowchu is an early Christmas Present from a friend.

The Hama Pikachu is also an early present!

Link to my sales below, click the pic or the link :)

(Do be aware of Christmas posting with things maybe taking longer to reach you)

Quick sale!

With money getting tight with all these game releases and holiday shopping, I realised I don't have a need for this critter anymore so if anyone would like to give him a new home please do~
I'm asking for $20 OBO
sales info and feedback are found in this link ^~^ noooo not the Legend of Zelda Link

I have some games and for sale with great prices here too ^-^ so other sales found here:
fun to give~ fun to recieve~

If I owe anyone the gift of feedback please tell me so I can get right on it ASAP from me to you~ I will never stop these christmas puns until January muhahahaha
thank you

Card shop is ready!~

Hello comm!

I've been working on setting up a separate card post for all my extras and I'm finally finished! ^_^

Also, don't forget to check out my main sales post! (And my non-pokemon sales post too! ◕‿ᴖ)

I've been pretty depressed because I wasn't as impressed by ORAS as I thought I'd be. I was so excited for it, but once I started my journey, I was sooooo bored.... T-T...UNTIL....I got Cosplay Pikachu♥ She made me want to play the game more just to see her cute reactions and costumes! :) And I've seen the posts about the Cosplay Pikachu plushes and I just have to get them all! X3

I'm still working on my collection update now that I have more time since the semester ended! ^_^ I can't wait to show off my new plushes! :D
But I'll post that in the next few days or so :3

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday shopping! :D

Until next time~♥...