December 11th, 2014

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Main collection gets + sales

Hey community,
today i will show you my new gets of the last month :D
I mainly collect Absol, Umbreon and Meowstic. My Meowstic collection is still not big.
Im still waiting for my DX Meowstic male plush and my Absol i love gothic plush. I hope that they came soon ^-^

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And now to the sales! That is the last chance this year to buy from me ^^
This is the rest which i have to sell. Dont forget we have holidays soon and the post way can take a longer time :)

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I going to bed now. Im super tired :D See you later guys!
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Fuzzy gets~~

I got some fuzzy gets >w< ~~

I'm thinking of putting up at least the top row for sale for sure, but still thinking about the ones in the middle row and for now definitely keeping everything on the bottom row. XD

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More sales updates~ I've reorganized my keychains since I got a load of great new swing straps and such in :D Preview of new items:

ALSO! I have a buttload of 7-11 Drink Figures at only $2.50 each now! :D These guys are about the size of TOMY Moncolle figs and really cute poses! (one full set of 6 figures reaches my $15 minimum)

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Once again, holiday season is on so I'm giving out various surprise goodies to all FLAT-RATE shipments as long as stuff fits~ :D (sorry not really doable for non-flat-rate since it affects weight). Holiday cheers!!
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Searching for 2014 rayquaza PC plush/My dearest pikachu plush

Heya guys! Working on my re-intro post here ^^; didn't wanna make another post before it but I have a plush i'm looking for. Does anybody have the 2014 rayquaza PC plush for sale? I'm also looking for the my dearest plush and keychains so if you have those and the rayquaza i'd love to nab them from you.

Sorry for posting before introducing myself! My intro/collection post will come ASAP tomorrow C:

Long time no post!

Uhg I've been so busy guys! But I figured I had the time so I'll make a quick little collection update today :)

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Thanks for checking it out! And sorry I haven't been commenting and sutff lately, or posting ;n; I miss being on her so much, but I promise I still check out posts and love this place and I will try to be as active as I can!

Much love you guys <3
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Gyarados and Magikarp Zukan up on Ebay!

Hey all!  Just wanted to let you folks know I put up my Gyarados zukan along with one of my Magikarp zukans up on ebay for sale!  If it sells in the next couple days I can probably get it to you before Christmas too!


Click for the auction!

Also if you've baught something from me at this point everything has been shipped out!

Hope everyones having a good holiday season!


Gingerbread Eevee house!

So I bring a little photostory, of me and Eevee making my first gingerbread house!


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So how's the season going for you all so far? If you don't celebrate Christmas, have you made other pokemon-themed decorations for your house or room? Show them to me, please! I wanna see your decked out halls of pokemon!
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Christmas gashapon GB?

group buy

Someone was kind enough to help me find the Meowth gashapon piece I've been searchin everywhere for! But the piece comes with a set of six and so it makes it a bit pricey...
so would anyone be interested in the other pieces for a group buy?

The pieces included are:

- Ditto haepbrosonearth
- Jynx
- Oddish jamplex
- Meowth (claimed by me)
- Pikachu
- Marill

If I get enough interest, I'd like to make an official post for a group buy!
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New Pokemon Amie Promotion

It looks like we will be getting a brand new promotion tomorrow at the Mega Pokemon Center Tokyo featuring Sylveon, Fennekin, Dedenne (and more) in a Pokemon Amie theme!

(Source: @tizu___tama on Twitter)

PokePalre (or ポケパルレ) is the Japanese name for Pokemon Amie, so I can't wait to see what other Amie-themed goodies are in store for us tomorrow ♥

I will pick up the PokeAmie Fennekin & Sylveon plush! Comment below to be added to the pickup list.  Plush will be $22 and shipping is $8 for one plush.  The rest of the PokeAmie goods are now added to my webstore!!!

The exception is the Sylveon Blanket and Cushion Set which I will take slots here for -- I have EXTRA IN HAND and they will go first come first serve by claiming in the comments below.  They are $55 before shipping & fees which I haven't been able to calculate yet since I have to go to work this afternoon all weekend long (;___;) I will continue to take slots for them but I'm not sure how limited they will end up being at the Center (repeat of Eevee Collection 2012 blankets anyone??)

Sylveon Cushion & Blanket Set:
1. slothyshroom
2. acidmimi
3. ibburger
4. superfluousmeg
5. sleep_is_god (*PAID*)
6. tewzi
7. princessharumi
8. fokko
9. animecatmew
(the above slots are in hand & guaranteed! I will continue to take a pre-order list however:)

Here's a sampling of the goods that are available! Additional pictures can be found on my Twitter for now!!

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Pokemon Amie Fennekin & Sylveon Plush Pickups:

Please send $30 for one plush or $55 for two plush to allierinia[@] and leave your username & which plush you ordered somewhere in the notes.  If you want to combine with anything else, please check out with everything else you want + the plush you ordered in my webstore (Fennekin link, Sylveon link) and mention that you were on the pickup list!!

1. zugagirl (*PAID*)
2. themessyness (*PAID*)
3. kuro_kage_kun (*PAID*)
4. acidmimi (*PAID*)
5. ibburger (*PAID*)
6. jheila (*PAID*)
7. superfluousmeg (*PAID*)
8. natsu_neko (*PAID*)
9. animecatmew (*PAID*)
10. princessharumi (*PAID*)
11. doryphish333 (*PAID*)
12. chatsy (*PAID*)
13. digivolution (*PAID*)
14. slothyshroom (*PAID*)
15. tewzi (*PAID*)
16. bluehyaku (*PAID*)
17. sleep_is_god (*PAID*)
18. ghostykins (*PAID*)

1. stalkingsuicune (*PAID*)
2. themessyness (*PAID*)
3. ibburger (*PAID*)
4. soiledpoetry (*PAID*)
5. xxlatiosxx (*PAID*)
6. superfluousmeg (*PAID*)
7. jessyistired (*PAID*)
8. princess_snivy (*PAID*)
9. bluehyaku (*PAID*)
10. caligulah (*PAID*)
11. chu_knuckle (*PAID*)
12. sleep_is_god (*PAID*)
13. ghostykins (*PAID*)

TODAY'S PICKUPS ARE COMPLETE!! I have 15 EXTRA Sylveon plush IN HAND and will continue to do pickups in the future, I will be back before the weekend is over!! ♡

To place an order for a plush, please go here:

Additional Slots:
1. zugagirl (Mega Tokyo Pikachu Keychain)(to be combined with Sylveon) (*PAID*)
2. ibburger (Latias & Latios Petit Mascot Plush)(to be combined with Sylveon & Fennekin) (*PAID*)

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I can combine with any orders including the Mega Tokyo plush:

Thanks everyone!  See you all tomorrow after Mega Center day (´▽`)ノ♡

Pre-Christmas Gets and Collection Site! **MAJORLY PICTURE HEAVY!**

I promise I'll actually post my Christmas/Birthday (my birthday is January 1st) before October next year! XD I do have another couple of shipments on the way, but I have a feeling that they'll probably get here around/after Christmas. Without further ado; my gets! :D

Since last I posted, I've started two main collections (Zoroark (with some Zorua) and Suicune) and I've actually started some side collections (Giratina, Victini, Darkrai, Magikarp/Gyarados, Beldum/Metang/Metagross).

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The last thing I'd like to mention is the fact that I made myself a collection site! It's still under construction due to the sheer amount of Pokemon merch I have. I'm planning on putting all of my merch up on the site, so it's very picture heavy! I'm mostly using this to keep track of what all I have (since quite a bit lives in boxes). I'm also making a wants page to keep track of all of that stuff. Here's the link:

I just got done with finals, so I should be able to keep the updates rolling to my collection site~

First real collection post + Sales

Hey everybody!

I have yet to post any of my recent gets due to being so busy with work and my sales post. I had a day off today, so after getting everybody's items shipped out I came home to take some pictures of my new stuff! Today it snowed from 2am-5pm here, so the snow outside allowed for some great natural lighting ahha :) Here's a little preview

photo 2

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As for my sales: All but two packages have been sent out :) I have contacted all of you with a shipping update, and I'm excited to see everybody's posts when their items arrive! :D Tag me so I don't miss out on them guys!

As always here is a link to my sales post, it's up to date so feel free to come on over <3

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Lots of gets and a video unboxing

Hello everyone!
I FINALLY got everything mailed off the other day. So so sorry for the delay. They should still make it by Christmas. I was given the gift of a sinus infection with acute bronchitis. Thanks a lot Santa! So I was down and out since Friday. Still kinda out BUT YOU CAN'T KEEP ME DOWN! *cough* sorry. Now for all the stuff I missed.
I got a lot of items in the mail. First one is *drum roll* This little cutie!
He wants to open everything else!

I made an unboxing video of some stuff I got in the mail. This was 2 days before I got hit with da sick. Sorry for the sniffles.

I'm still waiting on more items.More to come later!