December 14th, 2014

Quick Want: Jakks Leafeon plush

Hey guys!
Wazzup? ;D
Just a quick want this evening - I'm looking for a Jakks Pacific Leafeon plush!! (not fussed on whether it has a hang tag or not, but I would like it to have its tush tag!) If anybody could possibly help me out, that would be super!! ^^
And just to make this post a little more colourful, here's a pic of the cutie!

(Pic isn't mine - if you own this, please don't come after me with a pointed stick - I will take it down if asked! >.<)
Thanks, and ciao! :D

Edit: Wow so many responses! I should be right in getting my Leafeon now! Thank you sooo much guys!!! ^^
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what is my Pikachu?

hello guys, a few months ago I bought this Pikachu in annoying Outlet store and his tag is damaged. I think is Jakks because I have a Turtwig Jakks that has a similar tag... (I can't find photos on internet with the SAME Pikachu) can you help me?

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Thats all (sorry if something bad written xD)

3 days auction! Rare TFG figures!!

Hello again! I came back with a 3 days auction again! This time I came back with the most rare tfg figures(I GUESS)!! I proudly present these figures to you all.If you are looking for a christmas present for yourself or your friends, don't miss your chance to win these awesome figures!



[auction!]Sales Permission granted by Allinia and 10 June 2014- All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply!!- My feedback can be found here :
- I am not selling to people who got banned.
- I ship from Thailand and I ship worldwide!
- All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or pp fees
- I accept Paypal only.
-Remember to pay for the paypal's fee!
-Payments are required within 24 hours of sales confirmation. If payment isn't received within 24 hours, the item will get relisted
- After that it will belong to another person who want the same item(s).
-Do not edit your comment or post and reply to the people who came before you if you want the same item(s).
-After I ship the item(s), I will take no longer responsibility for the item(s). If you want a statement to proof how I ship, how I pack item(s), feel free to ask!
-I am a fast shipper, don't worry I will try to send item(s) asap after got the payment.
-If you want to trade some item(s), my want lists can be found here :
-If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)
-Every items in my sale post are officially authentic, I bought all my figures from Japan
Noted: My english is my second language, so I am sorry if I did a wrong grammar or make you confused by reading my sentence!

1. snorlax!

2. aipom (missing some painting on its tail from the picture)

3. steelix!!!!!
stee 1
stee 2

ekan fro

5. voltorb !
vol fro

6. elekid
ele bck
ele fro

7. kadabra!
kad bckk
kad fro

8. mahikuta tfg
mahi bck
mahi fro

9. nidoran!
nido bck
nido fro

A short Hello, and some collection pictures and wants!

Hello, I'm sort of new to the community and just wanted to say hi to everyone. I've been collecting for about 10 years now and like collecting pretty much everything. Here are some pictures of my collection its only what I can display its about 1/10 my whole collection.
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And I have one minor want I have been looking for the Pita Poke of Victini, Im really looking for one in the box
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I don't know What they are worth so if you have one that you would be willing to part with let me know!

recently won & still looking for...

Hello Guys,

I have recently won/found this clear tomy figure of kyogre in battle pose which I have never seen before. Does anyone know when this figure was given out and also would there be a groudon clear battle figure as well O.O. Any info would be greatly appreciated

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Also I have update the sheet of the remaining tomy matte figures I am still missing.

Gets, grail, and auction!

Hello everyone!

It's been forever since I've last shown you my gets and... my oh my do I have stuff to show, even a grail! 8D I'm especially excited for it, but as they say, better leave the best for the last ;P

Now beware, what's under the cut is quite image heavy!
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Auction ends Saturday 20th December at 10:00 am Spain time:

Quick Sale: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Sales permission granted by dakajojo 10/2009

Hey guys, I opted to get the digital version of Alpha Sapphire and transferrred my game data from my hard copy so I have a hard US copy of Sapphire I need to get rid of! I was thinking of letting it go for 38$ shipped within the US.

Collapse )Happy playing everyone! Also still looking to add more friends, so please let me know if you want my friend code :)
me n groudon
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Still looking...

Hi everyone =] it's been a little while! I'm hunting for a couple of things still and it would mean a lot if you checked 'em out under the cut! (if I use any of your pictures, let me know and I'll take them down!)
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Sleepy Starters Claims + Nintendo World Christmas Pickups!

Edit 3: Boxs 2-4 (ended being only 4 total, not 5) are en route! Expect totals up early next week! <3 (tracking for the boxes to prove when they were shipped and when they arrive are available upon request)

EDIT 2: Box 1 of 5 is en route to me and I will be using it to calculate costs in the meantime before the rest get here (yes, the sets had to be shipped one per box...)

EDIT: I am currently waiting to hear on shipping costs, but I have ordered 5 sets, and I know 100% that 4 got picked up, still need full confirmation on the 5th. :)

Hi everyone! <3 I have a few things to mention today!

My Japan provider said that they will be able to pick up a few sets of these once they release - I have asked for 3 sets, and will talk to them about more if possible. That's where you guys come in.

I am opening up slots for these sets. They will be $35 each before any shipping or fees. I do not know how much it will cost to ship from Japan > me since I do not know how big these are, so please keep in mind that $35 is solely for the plush itself!

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Next order of business- I will be going to Nintendo World for the Holidays, and will be taking pickup requests until the 22nd, 11 PM EST. I will have 15 slots open for these.

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And of course, sales plug for my store, just click the image:

Thanks everyone! <3
Rattata happy

An End of Semester Photostory!

Hello, everyone! I haven't posted to the comm in a while, but life has been so busy! I did, however, have time while I was packing to head home this week from college to do a photostory! It's not everyone in my collection, just the babies I have here on campus with me.

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And that's it! Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it! 
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birthday gets + grail

hello guys, tomorrow is my birthday and my mom gift me money to my collection <3. So I went to the fair (?) (stands on the street) and I find sooo many things. Included my HOLY GRAIL: Pokémon Box. I was looking for it long time and I finally got it!!! and only for $30!, the best gift

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Permanent Sales post!

Hi everyone!
I finally decided to make a permanent sales post!!
I have some new things on sale! Thank you!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

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Random things



$2 EACH $1 each







Japanese Pokemon movies DVD's



Pokemon Japanese Movies DVD's
Zoruark Movie- $25
Genesect Movie (does not include EEVEE friends DVD)

Pencil Boards!
Keldeo Pencil Board NIP - $15
JOHTO Pencil Board featuring Celebi, Suicune

Everything - $1 except
Togekiss, Shaymin, Uxie, Heatran, Both Giratinas - $2

Everything - $1 except
Palkia, Froslass, Buneary- $2
Glaceon, Lucario, Riolu- $3

Everything - $1 except
Azelf, regigigas, Sky forme shymin, Gallade- $2

Everything - $1 except
Darkrai, Dialga, Croagunk, Mespirit - $2

Victini PItapoke w/ base
Clampearl figure- $2

Lot of Bootlegs and broken figures - $6 (shipping will be a little more~)

Sticker Sheet - $9 $6

Sticker Sheet - $9

Sticker Sheet - $9

Sticker Sheet - $9

Pokemon Tattoo Sheet- $2 each

Zoroark and the three SHINY BEASTS STICKER- $7 $4
RARE First EVER Pokemon TV show episode PROMOTIONAL DVD- $10
LAPRAS waterpark figure- $16
Boldore Retsuden Stamp- $3
Gold Ho-oh & Silver Lugia (linked together)

Treecko File- $9 $7

Gen 5 Pokedoll STAMP file- $7

Gen 5 Pokemons File- $8

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Other Sales:

Old Digimon Shoe bag - $18
Random Digimon Figures - $2
Nohohon doll - $4

Thank you so much for your time!


Auction Reminder/Sleepy Pokemon Sales

Just a quick reminder my one of a kind shiny Lapras pokedoll and DX shiny Lapras pokedoll's auctions are ending in 24 hours! DX Lapras has no bids so far, and the regular pokedoll isn't much higher than the starting price. Either click on the picture or here to be transported!

Sales permission granted on 4/5/14 by allinia
My feedback can be found here;

Shipping is from Canada, prices are in USD.
Paypal fee and shipping not included.
Please be clear if you're only asking for a quote or committing to buying.

I have a few sleepy pokemon and some ditto plush for sale. I've lowered Espeon's price since I am terrible at being an adult and forgot I have an overdue phone bill to pay haa. If you'd like any additional pictures, please let me know.

Espeon $100 $90
Umbreon $100
Jolteon $110
Nintales $150
Ditto $15
Shiny Ditto $15

Shipping is $10 - $15 for air mail for lighter plush, $15 - $20 for heavier ones like Ninetales. Feel free to ask for shipping quotes.

Pouch commissions are all finished except slothyshroom's Hawlucha ones which I am working on right now. (The Sylveon in the picture was finished after I took the photo) I just need everyone's current addresses and I can get them in the mail as soon as possible. joy_dust squeakaree kinbell jodie_kathleen omgitslph bluecherrybomb Please PM me with your current address c:

(no subject)

Finally got my final figure to complete my MIP Kanto Tomy collection!!! :D I'll be getting them all out of storage soon to do a group shot soon <3

I was wondering though, has anyone even seen this case before? Did they make more than just this set? I assume these were released the same time as the grabber ball figures in the late 90s. Any information is much appreciated. ^o^
$_57 (1)

Also, I need replacements of Pinsir, Magnemite and Magneton if anyone has any (mint in package of course). 100$ for Pinsir, 50$ each for 'mite and 'ton. :)

Have a Happy Holiday everyone!!

sales update: zukans, time strap and more, wants, figure identification help

Hi i up dated my sales post with some zukans and cool time straps :) preview pic:
And there is more,click the link to go :)

i have some new wants, im open for trades for the items in my sales post :)

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And questions i got this two little figures of mankey and kadabra, it has the cgtsj mark of the tomy ones, but they are little, what are they? also this cool pikachu that i though it was an ippai or clipping but check pics of those series and no luck, but im sure i had seen it around in the comm, just don't remember where :(
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Thanks for reading!!

Sale Time! Some prices are reduced! + Possible Lapras Plushies Collection Sale?

Please come take a look and see if there is a cutie that is right for you for Christmas/Holidays!!! :D I am thinking about parting my lapras plushes collection, if anyone collects lapras, please contact me and I can take some pictures :)

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Here's a Preview of some items:
Sales Preview

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Thank you for looking! I will try to reply frequently, but I will be studying for the next 3 days. Please be patient with me!

Have a great day/night! :D