December 15th, 2014

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Some wants

Hihi~ Today I come here with few wants of mine. Some for me and one thing for a friend of mine.

As always I am looking for Hypno and Drowzee related merch, mostly non-flats but I am still missing some cards and stickers I might be interested in buying.

And for my friend I am asking if anyone would have a copy of Soul silver to sell. Preferably with the booklet and box, but at the very least with a working walker. More specificly I am looking for an EU region game.

I live in Finland and we were hoping to maybe have the game shipped before Christmas but we might be a bit too late for that T u T;;


Does anyone know if Tomy or any other company still plan on releasing more DX/big figures? I'd think we'd have the Kalos starters by now, but i've yet to hear news for even the Hoenn starters and their respective megas.

Offers For Mewtwo Reminder

The offer period has ended.

Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that offers for Mewtwo will end tonight at midnight HST.

Click the picture to go to the original post and make a higher offer.

Thank you so much, Everyone. My friend is amazed at the response you have all given. :)

✿ Sales Sales Sales! ✿

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to post a link to my sales post! This is the last chance the community will have to my items as i really need to clear the space in my room. Whatever isn't sold by tomorrow night is unfortunately going up on Ebay, so please check it out!!! There are tons of fuzzy friends looking for new homes! I even lowered some prices! :3
EDIT: I'm extending my sales until the weekend before these guys get listed on Ebay since new plans for me have popped up for Wednesday. c:

✿ I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia
✿ My feedback is here: Clickity Click!
✿ All pkmncollector community rules apply.

Click on either the banner or the preview to be transported!

(ps- does anyone know how to calculate how much the shipping will be through USPS when i print my shipping labels from Paypal? I've had to give refunds for extra shipping because the USPS calculator gives me a higher price than what Paypal has been charging me. :p )


Pokemon TCG Illustration Collection Book


I got this today! I don't really have time to take and post pictures right now as I'm currently studying and procrastinating for my finals, but if you guys post a comment of what exactly you'd like to see from it, I would be happy to post pictures of anything tomorrow! It's a really nice collection of Pokeon artwork. It does seem to mainly show sets from the BW series to now, but there are some older ones in there too, including base set Charizard!

Updated Sales post: Holding items is completely okay!

I've updated my sales post quite a bit from last time by adding new things and cleaning up old pictures to make it more organized. :D
I know many of you have been buying Christmas presents and moving into new houses/apartments, so you might not have the money you need to buy things at the moment. That is why holding items is completely allowed for this post. If you commit to something, I can give you up to a MONTH to pay for it. So don't be shy!

Here is a preview:

2014-10-29 19.40.52

Click here or the pictures to be transported!

New Wants

Hey, long time no chat. I don't usually post my wants but I haven't seen anything circulating since I've lurked and figured I'd post here.

My BF and I want to cosplay ORAS Maxie and Archie. Since there aren't really Camerupt or Sharpedo plushes, Ill resort to Groudon and Kyogre ones. eBay has a lot of fakes around and I'm not that great at telling the difference.

So in short, list:

  1. If any, Camerupt/Sharpedo Plushies

  2. Primal Groudon/ Prima Kyogre large plush. I've only found some for 75 bucks and know they were cheaper than that before...

  3. Pokedoll/DX Pokedoll Groudon Kyogre. BF loves how Kyogre looks like a stupid whale ball.

If anyone is selling these guys please let me know, or if you know of any places that have them cheaper around.

Also, I still have a lot of TCGs up for sale over here
Casual Shoto

Funny question

I've been checking around for "real" pictures of the new Pikachu plush from the Mega Pokemon Center and after looking at pictures of the back of the plush, I've started to wonder about something xD does Pikachu still have his tail and ears somewhere under the Charizard costume? O_O
Shiny Charizard

Bootleg Golbat or different edition?

Hello everyone!
So, a friend of mine got this Golbat, however, we think it *might* be bootleg. It has several differences from the 'confirmed legit one".
Among those:

-The "square' in the back, between the wings.
-The wings on the back have no shadows everything in one tone.
-The bottom the feet are not "across" the base as they should.

Now, I have never seen a bootleg base, the translucent one. Like, ever. If they were common, we would have lots and lots of Voltorb and Electrode bootlegs, right?
So, I might be thinking this Golbat might be a legit but before Tomy started making them. Just like they are two versions of Legit Porygon, right?
What do you think?

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new account, re-introduction, and collection update!

Hi friends! M'name's Jodie, and I used to go by jodie_kathleen on the community.

After a while of going by my twitter handle, I got sick of seeing my actual name everywhere. I was under pressure when I created my Livejournal account, and it was the first thing I could think of. I did not want to pay Livejournal the $15 to change my username, and so I have migrated to this account and username, which I am much, much more happy with. It is a shortened version of my tumblr handle and my email, rollingdownshadylane.

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I've had an extremely busy year of collecting, and I still have a lot more to come! I have many new customs on the way, and I can't wait to show them to you all. And, overall, and I very happy to be a part of this amazing community! :)

I can't wait to be back with the community!! Now I just have to figure out how to grandfather my sales permission to this account...

On a side note, I am currently in search of zukan pegs for my Furret zukan. It came without pegs when I bought it, so I need some. They don't necessarily have to be for the Furret zukan specifically, they just have to be able to work with it.

Until next time!! <3