December 17th, 2014

Update on free event Melloettas

EDIT: if 100 entries are submitted I will raise the giveaway to 10 Meloettas.

So I got a lot of replies and messages about the post I made yesterday about giving out free event Meloettas. Giving one to everyone would take a good portion of my life as I do have to restart the game every time to claim the event multiple times. I would love to give all of you one but I am going to limit this to 5.

Comment below to enter and your name will be put into a hat, one entry per person, that's pretty fair I think. COMMENTS ON THIS POST WILL BE ENTERED, NOT THE PREVIOUS POST.

Winners will be chosen on the 24th of December, good luck to all!

They will be sent out through XY or ORAS, your choice. Make sure your messages on here are set so I can message you after the draw with details :3
Alola Vulpix
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Pokemon Center Sales Master Post

Hello hello community!  I have *lots* of sales updates today :)

First off, just about all packages from this past weekend's Pokemon Center run are waiting at the door to be shipped right after I post this!  Thank you all for making my first pickup at the new Pokemon Center (and my largest pickup ever!) a huge success!!!

POKEMON AMIE GOODS: I am still taking slots for the Pokemon Amie Promotion blanket & cushion set. Other items from the promotion can be purchased through my webstore.  I have a limited number of plush & blankets in hand so the first few orders can ship immediately!  Otherwise, my next Center trip will be sometime next week.  Plush are $30 shipped for one and $55 for two.  Blanket & cushion sets are $75 shipped and unfortunately cannot be combined with anything due to the way I am shipping them (unless you are placing a very large order).

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WAILORD PLUSH PICKUPS: I also have TWO Wailord plush in hand.  I will not be picking up any more of these after the last two sell so grab one now if you want it!!!  They will be $100 shipped EMS and cannot be combined with any other orders, I'm sorry!  Comment below if you are interested.  SOLD, thank you!

NEW SYLVEON GOODS: I spotted a few new additions to the Lace Promotion this past weekend as well as some new towel designs with female Pikachu.  All new items can be purchased at my webstore:

MEGA TOKYO LIMITED PLUSH: I have quite a handful of the Mega Tokyo limited plush in hand!  They're been selling out at the Pokemon Center shortly after each restock, so I grabbed some extras to be on the safe side.  I will continue to take pre-orders for pickups, however.  They are $32 each and you can order them here. SOLD OUT until April!

NEW YEARS SLEEPING PLUSH: Finally, I am accepting reservations for the New Year's Sleeping Plush Sets.  The set of three will be $100 before shipping, which I will estimate at around $60-70 EMS (probably less, but it shouldn't be any more than that).  I'm taking slots for full sets only so you must be willing to pay for the full set of three OR find two friends to split the set with (I don't mind splitting up the set and shipping to multiple people as long as all three plush are claimed).

These plush come out on January 1st and I will be expecting payment by the week of January 5th the latest.  Please speak to me beforehand if you want to work out payment details!

I will also have an extra Chespin & Froakie from my personal set that can be claimed for $20 each. Claimed!

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Please comment below to claim a slot!  I will take unlimited slots for now since I will have to mail these home anyway ♥

Pokemon Center USA- Red Nendoroid! + Amazon Tip

Hey guys! I thought this was worthy enough to notify you guys about: After adding the Hoenn starter standard and 1:1 plushies, has also added the Red Nendoroid!
Many of you are aware that these were exclusives at the Pokemon Centers in Japan, and if you were to try finding one now, the price would range from about $100-$200. If you missed out on this quality, nostalgic figure, this is your second chance! :)

Red is priced at a nice $49.99, but I also would like to share a way to get around the Pokemon Center's shipping fees!

A week or so ago, I was messing around on Amazon, when I discovered that the Pokemon Center USA actually has an Amazon store! Now, this may not be a big deal at first, but let me tell you why this is exciting:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 1.36.50 PM

* AMAZON PRIME!!! Okay, if you shop on Amazon frequently, you must know about the benefits of signing up for Prime. Besides a few free shows/movies on Amazon's Prime Instant Video, you are able to get FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING on thousands (possibly millions) of items on their site! The Pokemon Center is fulfilled by Amazon, which means you can get free shipping on basically everything! (I think the charms might have exceptions as 'add ons' though?)
So basically, I'm going to order two 1:1 plush later today and only have to pay the $44.98 for each. No shipping fees. And two day shipping.

I'm sure a few of you have already figured out about PC's Amazon storefront, but hopefully this helps others save money with their future purchases! I prefer Amazon over the PC's site any day.

* I believe the site was just fixed, but it's also worthy to note that occasionally the Pokemon Center website goes under maintenance where many items disappear. You won't have to worry about all those occasional hiccups with Amazon. They update both sites at pretty close times, so you wouldn't have to wait longer for one compared to the other when new items are added.

Hope this post helps some of you out! Happy Holidays!

ORAS kid sales

Long time no see, community! Just a small update today - I got a box of kids in the mail containing a very anticipated figure..!

Noibat kid!! *u* I was hoping to get more than one just to have extras to keep, but I got doubles of almost everything else instead haha. Oh well! I'm really hoping they come out with some plush of the bats soon, I love these guys!

I have extra ORAS kids for sale on my storenvy along with various other kids/figures - check them out if you're interested! I'll also trade any one figure for an attack Noivern kid. I almost always ship next day, and I was grandfathered into sales permission at the beginning of time. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks :D
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Gastly Applause Plush Offers and Lanturn TOMY Authenticity

Good evening comm!

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Now Gastly! I bought this little guy from a lot along with a Lickitung, 'cause I thought they were pretty adorable. But now he's here I'm just... not attached to him? Idk. I did some research and realised he is quite hard to come by, so I figured I'd let him find a home that will appreciate him more than I will!

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