December 18th, 2014

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Wants! + reminder [COMPLETED]

I'm looking for a Butterfree kid figure and a "dancing" Tyranitar figure!
kid 2
kid 1

I also do custom art if you'd like to trade for that instead! However that'd only be for both. Here are a few samples:
Dunsparce colorCelestia_20Color_original
I'm looking for good condition figures please ovo If you have either of them in a sales post or want to trade, please pm me with your link!
AND REMINDER! Still looking for two (or one) more person to claim the last two slots for the Christmas diorama GB!

group buy
Jynx and Marill are available for grabs so if you're interested,please go the the main GB post for the details: link

Holiday Sales~

Jumping a little late on the bandwagon!
For the next few days (Now till Saturday evening), everything in my sales will be 10% off. The prices have not been changed, so just ask me for a quote and I'll calculate the 10% off in ^^
I will be able to ship items all three days! US buyers! While I cannot completely guarantee you will get your item by christmas (since that's mostly the post's doing), they should if I'm going by the post's estimates. ^^; International packages very likely won't make it in time. ^^;;;;
Anyway! New items have been added as well!

Click the link under the derpy banner to be transported! ^^

Thank you! ^x^
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A Want

Where do you guys get battrios? I've never bought one before, but I need this Mega-Diancie one:

I think it's newer, but where do you get these (besides Y!J, they're kinda expensive there right now)
I'd be willing to trade things in my sales for it too

Thanks :D
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Tsumutsumu Pikachu & Snorlax! + Holiday sales still going~

Hi guys :D

I'll see about auctioning off the Fuzzy figures from my previous post possibly in January, but also might be pushed off another month depending on how busy I get irl XD;;

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Sales once again has various updates! Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Holiday season is still on so I'm giving out various surprise goodies to all FLAT-RATE shipments as long as stuff fits~ :D (sorry not really doable for non-flat-rate since it affects weight). Holiday cheers!!

PLAMO Advice

I recently got my first PLAMO (the pearly Charizard and Pikachu from the Mega PC) and I was wondering if anyone had some advice about putting it together. I have the (Japanese) instructions, but I'd like some tips/tricks if anyone has them.
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Multi-purpose post! ISO, Sales, & Mega Stone Patches

Hi! To cut to the chase, I'm looking to trade or partial trade any of my below wares for a My Pokemon Collection Fletchinder plush or a Pokemon Center Mega Charizard X plush! I'd prefer if Fletchinder had its tags.

That aside, I restructured my sales and now have a permanent sales post for everything, including plushies, zukan, and more! I also put most of my figures into a lot on eBay (US shipping only).

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of time!

Finally, I'm continuing to offer made-to-order Mega Stone embroidered patches and will make any Mega Stone from X/Y/OR/AS! They measure roughly 3"x 3" (7.5 x 7.5 cm) and have an iron on adhesive backing so they can be attached to clothing, bags, and more. :D I can even combine them with sales post items. Ordering info is under the cut!

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Thanks for looking!

Sales Update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I added the Secret Base Pokedolls and a Shiny Mega Metagross plush up to my site for sale recently. :) Just click the image below to check it out!

(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched. Feedback can be seen here.)

Thanks everyone! <3

Re-updated TOMY Wants Post

Hi pkmncollectors, I'm looking for the following TOMY figures:

Paras and Parasect
Staryu and Starmie

If I can get all of these, then I've completed the entire Gen I TOMY line up.

Gen 2:

Thanks for looking

Wanting some Dark Dogs and Red Nendoroid!

Hey guys! It's been a really tough week (lots of catch up work from missing weeks of school ;o;) and I'm looking for some merch to cheer me up~

I'm looking for any Mightyena/Houndoom custom plush, on the cheaper side. I'd be happy to trade items I have for sale (Togepi cosplay, Pikachu sweater, etc) or ALREADY MADE perler sprites. I have quite a few in my own collection, so I may be able to find a Pokemon for you if you tell me which one :3

I'm also looking to buy the Red nendoroid, but I really don't wanna pay shipping. So if someone could use their amazon prime account to send it to my house, that'd be fantastic <3 I'd send the money over to your paypal (plus a little extra for your help) and then PM my address for Red.

And lastly, I'm still selling my cosplay and other stuff here:



I updated my sales and added over 80 new plush! I will also be adding new items later on this week! Click the image to be transported!
edit: I forgot to add the red gyarados PC plush

Most canvases are MWT except for umbreon who has a crease on one of the corners of the tag

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Countdown timer:

If you would like extra pictures, let me know!
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New Target Plush

I haven't seen this posted yet, so here goes....Target is now stocking the Pokemon Center Standard Plush!

There were a bunch of Mega Blastoise and Mega Lucario Plush as well as the Standard Plush of the Hoenn Starters. Tomorrow I'm going to check a closer one to see if there's a Mega Absol or something different. They're located in Toy Department along with the card games/trading cards and were sitting in a white Pokemon Center box.
The Standard Plush are $14.99 each and I think the Mega Plush were $24.99 (I'm not 100% sure since I didn't scan them/couldn't find the price code). So, if your local Wal-mart is like mine and doesn't carry Pokedolls or anything Pokemon, try Target.

I wish I could have taken a picture while at the store, but I left with some of my favorite staters :)

*Also, in case you missed him online, the Lucario Amiibo is available for pre-order in store at TRU. My store just set the cards out today. His release date is set for Feb. 1 2015.

Hopefully this helps someone looking to save on shipping from
Happy Holidays ^w^