December 19th, 2014

Newest Pokemon Kids - Primal Kyogre Set and Sales

Hey guys! Finally found a picture of the newest Pokemon kids set :D

Pokemon Kids Set Jan 2015

I'm so excited <3 I have ordered multiple sets already, and will have the for sale in my shop when the arrive here!

What do you guys think about the newest release? Personally they all look great, love the winking Vanilite and all the megas! Torchic looks absolutely cute beyond belief! Let me know your opinions in the comments :D

And as always, here is the link to my Pokemon Kids Mega Store; follow the link or the picture to get there!


Question about MIP TOMYs

Does anyone know of ANY place in the United States that still sells the MIB Black Series/Yellow Series Gen I/Gen II TOMYs? I'm willing to travel pretty much anywhere at this point. The only place that I know of that sells older TOMYs in person is in the ghetto and they only sell the old Battle Figures that are usually out of box and in horrible condition. Thanks in advance.

Also, I have a Wal-Mart gift card. Do Wal-Marts usually sell the new Gen 6 TOMY figures or am I going here in vain?
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Small and Quick Tokyo Sales!


Included are items from the
"My Dearest" promo (like more adorable pins!), Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center exclusive goodies, some Eevees in crepes (wut?), and a few other odds and ends!

If you already bought something before the update, I can add to your orders! Shipping should be minimally impacted, if at all.

As my sales policies state, these items will not be sent out before December 23rd (and most likely not until December 29th). I can priority overnight via FedEx for $15 if you're in the states and need something on the 24th (shipped the 23rd), but I cannot guarantee delivery because of the high holiday mail volume and the fact that I can't control FedEx!

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Looking for Mega Tokyo Pikachu Stickers

Hello all,

Long time no post! My collection hasn't been growing too much lately but I am facinated by the Mega Tokyo promo :)

I come with a want today I am looking for these Pikazard stickers, or any information on them (how they where/are obtained etc) there seems to be 6 different ones.

Mega Tokyo Stickers

If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it :)

I'm also after the mega tokyo tin, the coin press, the keychain plush and other stuff.

Does anyone know whether this stuff is still avaliable in Pokemon Centers?

Thanks in advance :)

✿ Mew and Mewtwo Wants! ✿

Hello all!

Today i come to you with a couple wants! I'm not sure on the value of them so please if you have any idea, let me know how much i will be looking to spend and if you have either for sale please show me a picture and a price! I'm also willing to do trades or partial trades for the things in my sales post! (Click the Spinda photo at the bottom of the post to transport to my sales!)

I would really like to get both the DX Banpresto Mew and Mewtwo in this photo here:
EDIT: I've found mewtwo! For $45 ! I would really like to not have to pay more than $50 before shipping for mew!

Please let me know if you have them for sale, trade, or if you have any price range ideas for me! :D

Here are my sales:

Also my sales will still be up until sometime after the holidays. I know i said i would be listing them on EBay, but i haven't had the time and i know this week coming up i will be way too busy for it. So you guys still have a chance to get some of my things! C:

Thank you all for looking!! :D
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Collection Site Update / Wants

Hey all! It's godudette here... you know, the resident Pokedoll Charm collector? I also collect Marill, Cresselia, and Darkrai. I'm here today because I finally updated my collection site for Pokedoll charms! I've added pictures of each new charm I've received in the mail on the Charm Checklist. Fun fact: did you know there are OVER SEVENTY-FIVE Pokedoll charms out now? Crazy!

If anyone wants to exchange links, I'd be happy to add you to my site- just comment below. :)

Check it out here!

I also took a picture of my entire collection displayed on this beautiful charm rack I bought at Michael's. If the trend continues and we get another wave of Pokedoll charms next summer, I will need to buy another stand!

So, I'm at the point where I'd really like to add some more items to my collection... I haven't even posted my "wants" to the community since 2011. I've been updating my super-outdated wants list this past week and I'd like to see if anyone has these items for sale? Highest priorities outside the cut! Lesser priority inside.

Holy Grail ^ (Velboa Marill)

Pokedoll Charms (These are all very rare but they are the last ones I need to finish my collection. Will pay well for each one.)

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Y!J Gets and New Pokedoll Shelves!

Hello again everyone and Happy Holidays!

I haven't gotten much stuff lately, however I did recieve a HUGE and heavy package from SMJ yesterday, and I had to share the contents!

What is all the stuff from the box you ask? Well, there was a lot to cause this:

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Major update at my sales post <333 Take a look if you can!



Tiny bit of re-introduction/some wants

Oh my gosh, I've been around the site a bit taking a look at posts and such but gosh it's been a year and a half since my last purchase or so.~ I'm Eevee_love, I've been here for almost 3 or 4 years now, Almsot all of my collection is Eevee/lution based in terms of plush, pins, charms, figures. Haha but I'm looking to expand a little bit kind of I have a limited budget and most of my wants are more for around Christmas with some money I get from that but also some ideas now. I'm looking for a nice Bulbasaur plush that is somewhere in the $20 range if at all possible, I know I could also be asking for the moon haah. I'm also looking if anyone has the Primal Kyogre and Groudon figures from the new ORAS games, I live in the US so we did not get them with our pre-orders it seems, so I'm hoping to find them for about $10 each or about hopefully under 30$ for both, they don't need to be sealed or anything just in good condition is nice with no big scuffs or anything. <--- Got these guys cool.
Also last but not least a Glaceon and Leafeon figure. ( I seem to run into the bad luck of my walmarts/toy's r us/ target not having those two. >_