December 21st, 2014

Best pulls of my life! And a TCG question.

I feel a bit bad bragging, but as I just had the best card pulls ever and am over the moon, I thought I'd share!

I very recently got back into TCG - I loved to collect them as a kid, but I never really had a lot of cool cards. Having my favorite Pokemon be a Gen VI one made me want the cards of him and so I bought some packs and got hooked again.

I've been buying packs in lots from a guy on eBay who is truthful in that they are not weighed (DEFINELTY not) and I get them for I'd say $2.70 a pack. This latest batch had two each of Flashfire, Furious Fists, Legendary Treasures, and three Phantom Forces.

And I got these guys! ; 7 ;

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Now as a small question to others who collect TCG - how are you sorting your cards? I wanted to sort them via Pokedex, but it's kinda irritating to resort every time and spend hours moving cards. And I'd rather not do it by expansion pack numbers since I'll just keep what I get and buy the ones I really want, I'm not into it for having every card in the set. Is the painful resorting just something you have to live with? Was way more managable as a kid with fewer cards and generations. :'D

Collection updates and Wants

Hey everyone,

It has been a bit of a long time since i have posted!!
The hunt for T-Tars is still going strong!!! I have also developed a love of the Tyrunt line :P
Here are some updated picks of my T-tars, I am currently expecting a lot off of noppin aswell!!

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Andd too my wants (:

Still after anything and everything Larvi line, Soo Chupa Figures, Thinkchips, Plush, Clear Kid figures, i am after the Tyranitar and pupitar Museum figures, the moncolle figures on their own, except the normal ttar. and any other interesting bits you find. after some more pupitars too if anyone has any thing?

I also wish to collect the tyrunt line, so any plush or figures/straps ect would be cool if yous have any?

Thanks guys :D :D

Introductory Post!!!

Hello Everyone!
If you saw my earlier two atempts to post here, I apologise. The whole LJ- cut thingy isn't working for me AT ALL, so no pictures for me!

At any rate, my name is Chris, and I am a 17 year-old high school senior. I've been watching this community for a while, and finally decided to join. Mainly, I collect pokedolls (my favorite one being my Lapras, one is visible, and the other is hiding behind Zekrom), as well as anything related to shiny pokemon. I attribute a lot of my favorite finds to knowledge that I've gained from the community (i.e the difference between legit and bootlegs, velboa vs minky, etc.). I apologize for the clutter, I collect both Pokémon and Monster Hunter merchandise, and my two hobbies constantly battle over my available shelf space (I'm hoping to get some shelves here pretty soon...)
Best wishes to all, I hope to talk to you soon, and I hope to meet lots of people!!!

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Edit: I managed to get the cut to work!!! It was just my computer, after all.

I stop collecting - and have an ebay lot & sales for ya!

Hello everyone!
I wasn't here for so long! :3 Hope youre all fine? I'm happy I can posting now - I have so many issues with this website even when I have good internet connection o.o Anyways...
I'm selling a lot of stuff from my collection now.

I have an ebay lot and a rare hasbro heracross beanie for sale!

It was a bit hard to me to let go all the stuff of my collection. Especially stuff from my bug collection!! T.T But I still love my collection even it is a bit small now xD.
Because of my low money at all, I think I will stop collecting for now. I was so proud of seeing my collection went bigger and bigger! But I realised that its not so much fun anymore because I have noone in my real life who share pokemon with me! So I see no reason to spend so much money for collecting if it makes me not happy at all. I prefer wanna earn money for other things in my life. (Really, they release SO MUCH cute stuff again and again and again in so short time - how can one buy all this?? Are we millionairs?@.@ I'm sure they think we are)

But - of course that all never means I'm leaving the community!! I love this great comm and I will stay here, even when I'm not looking through the salesposts anymore for hunting stuff :D

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Thanks all for looking and have a nice sunday!

Wants + Sales

Hi everyone!
I have a few things I am in search of! and I really Hope I can get them!

Firstly, my MEGA Grail wants is


Other high wants:

aggron zukan!

Tropius Zukan! (just the figure itseld with out the base is fine!)

Team Rocket Pokemons ZUKAN!

If you have any of these that you are thinking about selling, please let me know~~

And, FINALLY a cut to my sales :)

Thank you!


I added a ton of new plush into my sales post! click the link to be transported!

Also, packages will be sent out after christmas, for all of those who have paid!

edit: I will be giving out quotes in the morning! sorry for the delay!


Hey all!

My name is Ashley. I'm a 20 year old college senior, born and raised in Oklahoma. I'll graduate from Oklahoma State University in December 2015 with a degree in Agricultural Education.

I found this page when I was looking for a specific Dragonite plush, and thought it would be a cool way to start collecting again. I had quite the collection in high school, but ended up selling most of my plush when I moved off to college. My favorite Pokemon are Dragonite and Blaziken, and I also have a soft spot for pretty much anything gen 1 and 2.

This little guy under the cut (I think I did the cut right) is the only one I kept of my original collection. My dad bought him for me when we went to Disney World when I was 10 (The Japanese part of Epcot rulz). He's had the bracelet on his neck since then, although I don't remember why (don't mind my random Cheerios box plush).
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I'm not sure what made me decide to start collecting again since I'm going to be a broke college student for another year, but I'm glad I found this page!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Lucario Amiibo Help?

Hello everyone!


For anyone that's been collecting the playable figures for Super Smash Bros, it's unfortunately become more of a challenge than anticipated, especially for people in America. I was dumb and waited too long to jump on the chance to claim a Lucario pre-order since I didn't realize the stock would be so poorly managed.

Has anyone in the US been able to find a TRU with pre-order cards, and would it be possible that someone could help pick me up one? My TRU in town is run dry and isn't expecting any more to come any day soon, so I was hoping I'd have better luck on here. I don't want to pay the scalped $30-40 on eBay, nor do I want to buy a Japanese version when an American one is already available!

This figure is a TRU exclusive coming out February 1st, and for this to work, I would need someone to have a pre-order card beforehand and be able to pick it up at their TRU, then send to me, since I do not believe it is possible to claim a Lucario with a card distributed at a different store for obvious reasons.

Thanks so much you guys. <3 If this post doesn't turn up any results, I'll try looking around Florida while I'm there next week.