December 23rd, 2014

A Little Humor

So I was scrolling through Facebook, when suddenly...this appeared.


I laughed pretty hard, and thought you guys would enjoy this. :)

P.S. I hope I did the cut right. I'm on safari on my phone and I don't know how to HTML lol.

EDIT (in caps because I obviously can't technology): I did the cut wrong so I just put the picture on here. I hope it isn't too big! Sorry, all. :)

Birthday/Christmas Surprise Presents~! Lugia centered! <3

^^ I am so excited to share with you guys what I got for my bf this year~!!! I know he loves Lugia, so I decided to get him....basically all Lugia stuff!!! We have been dating for over 3 years now. Every year, I would buy him a lot of gifts during his birthday (usually every year's Hello Kitty HK Collection dolls. And yes, he loves Hello Kitty even though he is a guy XD). Funny thing is, this is actually my first commission plush and I don't own it XDDDD.

I commissioned...

A SHINY LUGIA GIANT PLUSH! He is actually a bit bigger than the official Lugia giant plush which I am very happy about! :P


Larger pictures under the cut!!
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Thank you for looking! I hope everyone has a wonderful holidays! <3

Haaaaappy Poké-Holidays! :3

Hello lovely comm!
So today I have a little some extra special for you guys. ^_^
It's actually a Christmas tree I made out of Pokemon cards (grass and dragon types). I couldn't find any Staryu or Starmie cards (which is bizzarre since I own more Pokemon cards than the average bear) - so I put a little full color stadium Starmie atop the tree instead! <3

I know some people are crying over the massacre of cards but I'm of the influence that if you can enjoy them more as crafts - then why not do what you'll enjoy the most? :D
Also, we won't be having a tree this Christmas which is bumming me out pretty hard so I made due with my little Pokemon-card-Charlie-Brown-Christmas-tree.
(Queue world's tiniest violin music, lol)



Our very own - AMAZING - aarux drew me the lovely drawing next to it. I found it so lovely in fact that it'll be featured in my next YT video, in a place of honor. ^_^ Aarux was so kind as to send it along when I purchased a bunch of 'mons from them earlier in the month! Aarux asked what my fave 'mons were and delivered this amazing drawing which I'll cherish as long as it holds up! (this may eventually mean lamination. :P)
Thank you again for this delightful drawing - I can't thank you enough!!

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Lastly some Christmas wants. I always am looking for mimes and Bayleef - but these are some Hera wants from a while back.
Disregard the notepad - I finally got that and the Pokemon time tin! ^_^

high heracross wants-edit

... and on that note, I hope everyone has an AMAZING Christmas (or has had an AMAZING Hanukkah ;D) and goes swimmingly into the new year! I'm rooting for 2015 to be a great year! :3

Eeveelutions Canvas Reminder! Which includes a MWT 2006 eevee canvas!

Click the image to be transported
I am now taking payment plans for the canvases


Is anyone interested in the japanese preorder figures? I have some for $9 each in package.

Also, does anyone want about 600 pan stickers and amadas for $60 + shipping and fees. The stickers ranges from gen 1 to gen 5

Reintroduction + Pickups/Claims Reminder!

So, I was going through old posts and decided to do a reintro, as my last one was posted a little over a year ago!

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Slightly off-topic from this post, but my Sleepy Starters claims and NW Pickups shall be over soon! Click the image to go to the post! I'm not taking any more Fennekin claims because it's really really unlikely that I'll have that many full sets claimed.... ^^;

thanks everyone! <3

Robin and Batgirl

Post-Tokyo Sales Updated!

Updated my sales post now that I'm home and settled. :) Included are a lot of Mega Tokyo, Pokemon Mikke, My Dearest promo items, as well as a bunch of cool, very old, very rare things I found during my trips through second-hand shops! Feel free to combine with previous orders, however, there will be a slight fee added to your total since all of my fees are originally factored into shipping costs.

2014-12-19 16.47.112014-12-23 11.39.30

2014-12-19 16.47.182014-12-23 11.46.02

2014-12-23 11.46.192014-12-23 11.24.102014-12-23 11.25.48


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Collection Update--Six months into the comm!

So I've basically been a part of this community for a little over 6 months now and boy has my collection grown! I figured I'd do a little end-of-the-year collection update. My Charizard and Froakie collections have grown substantially and I think I may want to start a side collection of treecko, so lets see how this goes xD

Without further adoo~~
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Well, that's all for now. Hopefully my collection doubles again in the next year :3

Thanks for viewing!

Quick question about pokemon time...

so I see that pokemon time plush went for >$90. My question is....why? They are only 8 ish inches...are they rare or anything that requires such a high price tag. (Not demoting them or anything, love the time plushes.)

got my answer...for those interested, what I saw were the handmade (but still official) versions of the pokemon time plushies!!!!

also, a post will soon come with my custom plushies I've made recently. (After I finish the newest one I'm making, a pokemon time style in fact!)

edit: I do realize the more time passes by the higher the value (rarity) but I had seen pickups going for this much, i think these were promotional or something...thx for the help!
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Auction Reminder // Sales


Just a reminder that my auctions are ending in about 15 hours from now. Please click the image below to view the auctions. The DX Kanto starter set has been sold, but everything else has no bids. DX Munchlax is still at its starting bid though.

Also, everything below is for straight sale:

Sales permission: entirelycliched from April 2013.
Feedback is here
Rest of the details can be found on the auction page.

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New Pokemon Center Stuff

Mega evolution tumblrs! I'm very exited for these! They look pretty cool. Now if only they'd move on from only using Lucario, Garchomp, Gengar, and Absol. There's more megas than these four. xD
mega cups

Fall Fennekin promo. Items have been there for a minute but they just put the banner up today. ~
fall fennekin

Looks like they added some other random stuff as well that was never posted.

And all of this except the super expensive messenger bag is also available on Amazon . ~

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Vulpix PD

Happy Holidays! A get and a question! Sales 10-20% off!

Happy Holidays everyone! Firstly I got something for my birthday that I wanted to show off and ask a question about:

This adorable little chocolate mold set! It features pokemon from BW era. My mom got it I think from amazon (shipped from japan)? Super adorable and I can' wait to show off some pictures of the chocolates. :3 I do have some questions. Now the instructions are in Japanese, I totally plan to just put the molds in the freezer, but the process in the instructions look to be putting ice, water, and some dry substance into the reservoir under the molds (then you twist the mold around until it cools). What is dry the substance? Can anyone help me out? I can post a picture of the instructions I just forgot to do so.

Also, does anyone know if Tomy made something like this for XY? I'm imagining a Sylveon mold and that would be amazing!

Click the preview to get to my sales! I would love to make a huge dent in my remaining sales so nearly everything is 10-20% off the starting prices from eBay. I currently can't relist anything else for free until next month so putting them up for sale here. Porbably obvious, but items won't get there by Xmas! Everything will be shipped on the 26-28th unless requested to ship later.

My Pokemon Collector's 4 Year Anniversary Update

Hello everyone,

12/21/2014 marked my 4 year anniversary on Pokemon Collector's. Many of you know me as xxiiijamesiiixx but my real name is James and you must know already that I collect Tomy figures. My collection has grown so much since I first joined this group back in December. I have not been so active in the group as much as I was before when I use to host many Group actions. I still lurk around on sale post and I am also always watching out for new tomy news. I hope one day Tomy would make the missing tomy figures for each pokemon that never received one. That being said I do use place holders for each pokemon that never got a tomy figure since my collection feels incomplete with out the place holder. Some place holders I use are booties figures, zukans, kids, candy figure or anything else that is about the same size.

My Website,
Small preview

Now to the Main event...Drum Roll Please!!!
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