December 28th, 2014

by fluna_daiyunel

A month of gets (cute and evil) + Shiny

As the title mentions, I got a Shiny Pokémon on ORAS!
So let's start with him, or rather with her ;)

Story time: I received my games a little late because of different troubles. So, we are in early December, I wanted to soft-reset Mudkip on OR and Treecko on AS. But my ID number on OR ended up to 00252 after some soft-resets (yes I soft-reset everything lol). Therefore I had to change my plans and choose Treecko on OR. And after less than two weeks (but really not intensive) I heard those magic reindeer click ! Then I looked at the screen and OMG! She was here!
Yes "She", because it's a female Treecko. This is doubly amazing! However her nature is totally not amazing haha (sassy...probably the worst ><). Anyway, she is very beautiful and I'm planning to keep her as Grovyle <3

By the way, I got some ORAS pre-order bonus
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Let's go on with my imported gets ^^

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And now let's talk about big boys o/
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Thank you for reading :3

You can take a look at my collection website even if it is totally not updated :/

I also have a Fb collection page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And check my sales o/
Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

First post :3

Hello the name's Lost (。+・`ω・´)ノ
This is my first time posting in Pkmncollectors so I'm sorry if I'm breaking any rules.

I guess I'll introduce myself a bit. I love pretty much everything pokemon related from games to toys, you name it.
I'm easy going and friendly so drop me a line, share your likes, collections, whatever. I'd love to see :3
This is my first time really putting my collection onto the internet. I spent all day photographing it and putting it together xD
I collect mainly plush but I have loads of other pokemon stuff lying around.

I'm always looking for new things for my collection so I hope to buy from some users on here. I might eventually get sales permission too ^^

You can check out a quick pic in the cut of my massive plushie collection. Or just go straight to my collection pages with the following links.

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I enjoy collecting these handsome fellows so if you want check out my personal faves and Want List  c:

Thanks for reading!

Latest gets + updated sales/wants + plush commissions open!

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having great holidays :>  Today I am posting about a few different things, so I'm sorry if this posts ends up being a bit long :P

First of all, I'd like to show you my latest gets:
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Next, my wants!
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And this is probably a long shot, but I'm also looking for a Blaziken PokéDoll. I was hoping they'd re-release Hoenn PokéDolls with ORAS coming out, but I'm not too sure about that since we haven't heard about new PDs either :c  I'm still hopeful we'll get the Hoenn starters' final stages again, but in the meantime I figured I could ask here in case anybody's got this guy.

Since I know he'd be pricey and I wouldn't be able to pay for him 100%, I'm offering a trade or a partial trade (I'd send something + money) for him. I can offer a medium-sized custom plush, a couple of smaller plushies, art (examples here/here), stuff from my sales post, or any combination of those. Please let me know if you'd be interested in trading him and we'll work something out!

Of course, I'm willing to trade anything in my wants post for stuff in my sales post - which has been updated since the last time I posted!
Here's a little preview of the stuff I'm offering:
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You can check it out by clicking the banner:
Aaaand to finish this post, here you have the last few Poké-plushies I have made - a Nidoking and a Mega Absol "PokéDoll"!

Muntatge Nidoking Muntatge Mega Absol

Since I already finished the plushies I had to make, I'm opening a few slots for plush commissions. Please take into account that I may take anything from a couple of weeks to several months to finish those commissions depending on how much time I've got to work on them, their complexity, and the time I take to find and order the materials.

All slots are taken!!

Collapse )If you're interested in them or would like a quote, don't hesistate to ask with a comment or private message!

All slots are taken!!

That is all! I hope to see you guys again with a very Special update~

Hello + Looking to buy some things.

Hi everyone! I'm new to this community but I can't wait to become a part of it and meet people. :) I am a huge Pokemon of many years, and I often am interested in getting merchandise from the franchise, but I don't always have much luck on eBay or Amazon finding what I want. That was the probably the biggest reason why I decided to join this community. Currently I'm looking for the stuff below the cut. Please comment if you'd like to work something out. I'm going to work on further learning how things work around here. :)

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(I really hope I posted correctly. I tried to follow the guide as best as I can. Sorry for any mistakes.)
Thanks for reading. :)
  • k1yuu


Just got a couple wants, or at least questions, about some items

First off, this Aggron:


Has he been released? Has someone seen him on sale anywhere?


Those Steven Stone rings are amazing and I know nothing about this promotion. Has anyone seen the rings on sale?

Just information would be much appreciated too.


Hey, I'm back ^_^

Hello everybody

After a near 2 month hiatus, I'm back. I seriously wanted a break from most of the internet, specially with my new job, as i wanted to focus, and also to get back to my gardening which is also another of my beloved hobbies

I come today with a want, which ive been looking, but i cant seem to find (except for one on ebay with shipping that takes a life and a half)

I'm looking for this baby

Its a kuji eevee hoodie.

I'm willing to pay from $80-$140 + s/h preferrably in payment plans, and hopefully (but NOT mandatory) shipped from the US or EMS from abroad

I can make my first payment on thursday night

Plz reply here or PM me with your offers if you want to sell one to me ^_^

Thanks!! :-D

PS: anybody knows what happened with the mega tokyo pick ups? Have they been shipped yet? Who was running them?

Plz lmk

Thx :)
  • sennrai

Gets and Sets

So it's right near the end of 2014 and thanks to some patience watching auctions and a lot of help from the community, I've managed to complete two groups of figures I'd been working on for a while now.

Absol TFG figure clear, pearl, and normal versions.

Umbreon Chou Get normal, silver, and gold versions.

Yaaaay! :D

Here's to another great year of collecting!

(And here's a shameless plug to my wants list if anyone feels like helping X3 )
  • talarus

Whoa! That's a big sales post!

Hey all, I've just put together a HUGE figures sales post.
Zukan, Keshipoke, DX Kids, Keychains, Chupa, Clipping figures, and more!
Holy goat!
Click the banner to check it out!

Also, I am always interested in trading for my wants here:

Day 1 - Introductory Post And New Beginnings!

Hello! Im ultrafaisal but most people refer me as bulbasuar! I am a new member of this community! Obviously i looooove Pokemon and everything related to it! Ive always collected the Pokemon toys and plushes and of course the games! Everyday i will try to post 1 update of my collection and my gets and basically everything!
I will show a sneak peak of my (not bragging) HUGE Pokemon collection in my opinion!
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In the next post i will be showing another small look of my plushes and some more information!
(Sorry if i did something wrong in this post i read the guidelines and tried my best following it!)

Bulbys Thought's
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ New things... Are always fun! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

A collection update spanning across two holidays

As a ghost-type collector, Halloween usually means a whole slew of treats from the Pokemon Center.  The Pokemon Center's Halloween promotion was actually released at the end of September, but I actually had the opportunity to pick up a lot the goods in person because I got to visit Japan in late October!

And then I got back from my trip just three days before Halloween.

And I was too tired and jet lagged to document everything I got.

And then I got some more stuff in the mail.

And suddenly, Christmas was around the corner.

So now you get two holidays' worth of collection update-y goodness. :D

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