December 29th, 2014

Buying zukan


I'm getting close to finishing my zukan collection, and have had awesome luck buying from this community before.

I'm looking to buy:
Metagross line
Wheezing line
Mudkip line
Golem line
Sceptile line
Salamence line

If you are willing to sell any of these, let me know what you are looking to get for them.

Shipping would be to 70433

Thanks for looking!

Fairy Plush Sales! Clefairies, Jigglypuffs, Togepis, Chanseys

My sister decided to weed out her Fairy plush collection (AKA fat pink blob collection), so before hitting other sales places like Facebook, ebay, etc., I am putting them up here in case anyone is interested. Unsold things will move on to there.

Sales permission from PkmnCollectors: from entirelycliched on May 9, 2013
Items will be shipped from CA, USA.

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Shipping can be combined with items from my sales post here:

Day 2 - Gets and another look of my collection!!

Hello everyone bulbasuar here again with new gets and more things to show off!!
- Also i changed the Pokemon Of The Week to Pokemon Of The Day!

Anyways i just got two packages! Take a look...
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Also here is a small look of my plush collection! I really love plushes but i dont have as much as my big brother!
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ALSO!!! Does anyone have a JigglyPuff Pokedoll for sale?? If yes then please please let me know!!
Anyways thats all for today! Until next time see ya!

Bulbys Thought's
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Can you find the bulbasuar plush?? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Piplups Thought's
(・ω・) If nothing is right... Go Left!(・ω・)
articuno, pokemon


2015 is almost here, and I'd like to get my stock cleaned out for the new year, so come check out my sales post! It's mostly cards but I do have some pins, plush, kids, stickers and a few other things lurking in there. Click here or the picture below to be transported!


Banpresto Mega Keychains

Hey y'all

Been waiting ever so patiently for some more info on these guys, a member posted about them in november and i was curious if anyone knew anything about them?

would be greatly apprectiated :D

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After Tyranitar and Garchomp!!!

Happy Christmas final payment + Huge wants + SUPER MASSIVE SALES POST w/ HUGE discounts

Hello community, I'm here today with a huge multipost!!
First of all, we got the final payment for the Happy Christmas GA so you can see the totals under the cut. Caffwin is who's doing the shipping so if you have any doubt about your items, you can ask her. She is a bit busy so she wasn't able to make a big post with all of them but it seems they are in good condition. Thanks for making this possible!
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Secondly, I'm searching some BIG wants I have so, please, if you have seen anything I'd love to see it. I really need the Larvitar UFO and the other guys :'( The full list is on my WANTS post, so if you want to trade anything that I have for them I could also do it! Just let me know, please!!
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Thirdly, I have a MASSIVE sales on this post. I have made new photos on EVERYTHING I have and I have reduced the prices only here! If you want to buy them on the future, the will have the same price than before! So don't miss this chance. I really need to clean my room so I'm open for offers on big lots, just let me know! Since I have put things so cheap, the minimun for sale is 3$. I have items starting at 0.1$!! Plushies, figures, flats, charms, clearfiles... :D

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  • talarus

"I have too many plush" Plush sales have been added!

I have just added a TON of plush for sale.
Most of which are quite cheap!
Check them out!

Also, I still have lots of figures for sale:
Zukan, Chupa, ChouGet, Clipping, etc....
Anyone who has bought figures from me since yesterday can still combine shipping!
I will be shipping the first batch of packages on Wednesday.
Check them out!

And as always, I've got lots I'm looking for and will gladly trade for anything on my want list!

Thanks for looking!
  • ap_kun

Introduction + wants!!

Hello Pokemon lovers!!

I am new to the community and this is my first post. So be nice please !
My name is Alexander and I am only 15 years old! But you can all call me Alex or ap_kun (Alexander is such an annoying long name lol).
I have been interested in joining this site for the longest time, I have been literally watching this community for a year now! My main interest to Pokemon come from the games rather than from the series. I love the original Pokemon games (like Red and Crystal, but Emerald is my fave). I am also in love with the new games, even though I like the older pokemon a little better! (Just my opinion!). I have always been interested in collecting things and Pokemon is one of the things I started collecting a long time ago. My main collection exists of kids ( I am going to post tomorrow about it). I have been collecting them, because they are so small and easy and cute, perfect to collect xp. I want to spread my collection a little wiser and get some plush and some stationary, because I am in need of cute stationary and I want to fill my bed with cuteness lol.

My favourite pokemon are Mudkip, Leafeon, Giratina and Munchlax. But I love all of them xp.

So now you know a little more about me, lets get onto the wants!!
Look at the cut below for them!

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Please note even though these are all my wants, I will not buy the item if I think the price is too high. I want them, but I am 15 years old and can't afford to pay too much money on them as I have a sculpting hobby, which is quite demanding in the money section!

Hope you enjoyed the post and have a nice day!
  • roany55

Finally Got My Ultimate Grail! Come To Me Magikarp!

Hey everyone! I was just so excited that I had to post immediately. I'm not sure if the seller wants me to mention them or not (they can comment if they want to) but I received my 2009 minky Magikarp Pokedoll in the mail today from someone off here! It is my first purchase off Pokemon Collectors and I feel it went pretty smoothly.

He's so soft and adorable, and I have decided to name him Baby Splashums.

Now I have the giant shiny Magikarp (Mr. Splashums), the medium size shiny Magikarp (brother Splashums), and my Pokedoll karp (Baby Splashy). I also have two unofficial Magikarps that are 12 inches tall that I love to pieces.

All the Magikarps are here now <3

***I couldn't resize the photo because I'm not sure how to do it via Photo bucket, but if you guys want to see Splashy click the link below for the photos! :)