December 30th, 2014


Rare Auctions & Sales


Hey guys,

I have made a tough decision and decided to auction off these items. Hopefully they can go to good new homes :)

I have also reduced the pricing of the Eeveelution 8 figure Tomy packs in my sales to clear out for the new year. I have tried to make the pricing reasonable for international buyers, due to hefty Australian postage costs.

Please be aware that postage is from Australia so please be sure to ask for a postage quote before bidding.

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Intro Post ^.^

Hello! My name is Sam, but you can call me Bunny! I live on the small island of Guam (U.S. territory).

I've loved Pokemon since I was a kid but didn't actually start collecting merchandise till I was older. I'm looking to expand my plush collection; anything soft and cute that catches my eye will do! I also want to build a Charizard, Mew, and Mewtwo collection--to name a few.

I'm currently searching for a Pumpkaboo plush and the Charizard Pokemon Time figurine; or any Charizard Pokemon Time merch (besides the plush).


Very happy that I joined this community and I'm excited to see what everyone has to offer!

Custom art sales

Feedback Link

~ I was given sales permission by entirelycliched on Dec 1st,2013


* I ship from Colorado
* Tracking is included for domestic, Intl. will have to be paid for if desired
* This is a smoke free home but I do have a small bird (she stays in the living room away from my stuff)
* All prices are in US currency and Paypal fees will be included in quotes
* I only accept Paypal as a form of payment
* All flats are shipped in photo mailers to protect from bending

Art card details:

*All art cards are drawn in full detail and fully colored with Copic marker
*Cards measure the size of an average trading card
*Each card is completely original and will not be duplicated/made into prints.
*Each card is mailed with a protective sleeve to prevent damage to the illustration

Dunsparce $25.00
Dunsparce color

Arcanine $25.00
arcanine complete

Gengar $25.00

Clefairy $25.00

You can also commission me for your own custom Copic art card

General INFO:
*Each card can have a max of 2 characters and may include trainers,gym leaders,original trainer characters,non-pokemon characters.
*I will not draw adult content
*Turnaround time for the completion of an art card commission is about 1-3 days
*Paypal only for payment

What to expect:
-A sketch will be provided before payment will be accepted for approval.
-After approval, payment will be accepted and I will report with progress to your commission (pencil and inked stages)
-Your commission will be sent within a week of completion and tracking will be included for US commissioners, otherwise,you may request tracking for an extra fee.

You can also buy original pencil drawings from my online store!
store mascot resized

Selling PC Seasonal and Opening Greeting Cards - SINGLES

Did your miss your chance at getting singles of these greeting cards before? Here they are now as I work on kick-starting my sales from years of collecting. I'm selling at least 12 of each greeting card from the opening day set, wintery set, and santa-chu set. I might sell more... maybe. Plus, there are also its matching sticker sheets! And single holiday charms.

I'm putting each of these sticker sheets up for offers. They are around the size of a US Quarter and have a translucent background if removed from their sheet. You could buy single stickers as well, see under the cut.

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Update for Never Enough Metals GA: Everything is all packed up and ready to ship. I'll post the payment post on Thursday. And combined shipping with this sales post is ok, just let me know.

Offers on stickers will end on January 1, 2015 10:01 PM (PST).
Countdown Here
Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

New Gets and Looking for stuffs

Hey everyone c:

Just got some new goodies in yesterday and thought I'd show them off ^-^
I also have some wants I'm looking for so if you have any please let me know! c:
Lastly I'm hoping to get sales permission eventually cause I have some stuff I'd like to sell.
Moving on to the goodies!
- Gets -
(you can click to enlarge images)
I <3 Eievui HQ Super DX MWT and the Japanese Raikou pokedoll which is TTO
They're both super cute >w< Eevee completes my I<3E HQ set and now I'm after the other legendary dog pokedolls.

- Looking For -
Emolga Pokedoll
Mystery Dungeon Shaymin Jakks Pecific plush (also looking for regular jakks skymin)

Thanks for reading!

You can check out my Generals wants here

Feel free to check out my other collcections c:

it's been a while...

Hello everyone, I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays!

I had a few wants lol..
I really want a slowpoke Pokedoll i(t's so adorable lol), a butterfree & pidgeotto tomy figures, some random clearfiles lol, pokemon straps for my phone of water types only, pokemon iPhone 5c cases, inkay dedenne froakie vivillion fletchling tomy figures,

Oh and these are my Pokedolls lol
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Lots of Pan Stickers and more

Howdy, I hope everyone had a good holiday! For the first time in a while, I got some Pokemon for Christmas! My fiancée got me a Hoenn Pokedex shirt that looks like this:

Artist is here! It's such goofy artwork, I love it :) My brother got me Espurr and Bunnelby Pokemon Center Plushes! Two of my favorites from xy :) I felt the love!

And now for some quicky sales. We've got a bunch of Pan Stickers and are offering a Buy 4 get a $1 priced Pan Sticker free deal! Hooray! We also have some Pan Sticker Binders, two interesting books, and a few other things.

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Really Short Mod Post

Hey all!

I hope everyone's holidays have been a smash!
This is a really short mod post before our official one coming out in approximately a week.

We've noticed a lot of users breaking the following rule:

Do not alter the font of your entire post

You are not allowed to change the color or the size of your text. The only permissible font changes are bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, or a slightly larger text used for a post's title only or some other sort of announcement.

The rules are set in place to allow everyone to enjoy our community and its entirety. Thanks everyone for being awesome and keep a close watch for upcoming events, modposts and other fun things! :)

First post

*this is my first post so I hope I don't do anything wrong*
Hi I'm Ampharos123 and I have been collecting pokemon items since I was 4. This year is my 10th aniversary of collecting and what better way to celebrate than by making a pkmncollectors profile. I have been watching this community for a few months and have finally decided to join.

If you haven't already figured it out ampharos is one of my favourite pokemon along with mew, victini, eelektross, and rayquaza. I collect anything pokemon but my favourite thing to collect is plush. I don't collect any Pokemon or type in particular but am always interested in plush I dont have. I plan to create a wants list soon and start purchasing some new items. I am also hoping to get a picture of all my plush together.

Under the cut(I hope it works)are pictures of some of my collection not including my cards,video games, and flats.
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Happy Mew Year!

I'm so puny Just showing off some quick gets! princess_snivy and I did a gift exchange and this is what I got ^_^

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Shamless questionare~

What was your favorite event to go down merch wise?
Having th Pokemon Center website open back up ^_^

Do you have any Pokemon collecting resolutions?
Probably not to spend as much XD;;; but it's my goal to get a mega Altaria plush if one ever gets released....

Here's to another year of epic gets~

Some MEGA Pika Wants

Hi Everyone,

I recently got bitten by the Mega Tokyo Pikazard bug and was wondering if anyone had the following items that they would be willing to sell:

Pikazard Dice Bag
I missed my chance to get this on the community and on ebay, so if anyone has it for sale, please let me know! I did see that it is available on Pokevault, but I'd prefer to see if someone here has it first.

Pikazard Stickers
I'm looking to buy ALL six stickers. I think these were only available with purchase of a meal from a restaurant near the Pokemon Center? These are not really as high priority as the dice bag though.

I'm hoping not to pay more than $50 (including shipping and Paypal fees) total for all these items. Shipping would be to the United States. Thank you! :3

EDIT: Although it's a long-shot, I am also open to trading for items on my sales page if you are in the United States. :)
ck's pokemon sales 500

Thanks, Everyone! I hope that 2014 was all that you hoped it would be. :D

EDIT (1/9/15): No longer need the Dice Bag as I managed to snag one on ebay. :)

AP_kun's figure collection!!

Hi comm!!

As I am a new member and you are all probably wondering how my collection looks, I thought I would share my collection as of now. (Please note, I am trying to get plushes for my collection too yay lol)

Okay first off let me say that I don't have a particular collection for any pokemon, I just have a figure of the ones I like the most!!

Okay now onto the collection:

Pictures beneath the cut

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Oh and I still have the same wants as last time unfortunately. But know the Munchlax pokedoll is not really a want anymore, but more of a need lol.

Thanks for taking a look at my collection. I know it is pretty shameful and small xD.

Day 3 - Wants and any good sites for pokemon bandai kids news?

Hello! Bulbasuar here again!

Does anyone know any good websites that release new information about pokemon bandai kids sets? Thanks!

Also im looking for a jigglypuff pokedoll! If anyone is interested in selling me one please please please leave a comment!

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Bulbys Thought!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ If you look closely in the background in the pokemon of the day...
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ You will see the house changes every picture!

Top Insight Mew plush Auction + Sticker sales

Hey community,

now i had time to make some pictures of the Mew plush. I was looking around for this plush and found only two information about this plush. One seller sold it for $45 and the other for $30. I'm not sure how much its worth, so i have started an auction for this cute plush ^-^

Quick preview

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Also i have some sticker for sell.

Quick preview:

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You can combine your other sales with the sales of my main sales post ^-^

Please only bid if it is crossed
You can bid now!