Mitch Check Out Time Is At 2 (ridi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Mitch Check Out Time Is At 2


Okay, so human characters not getting merchandise has never been a big deal for me.


I flipped through a magazine one fine evening a couple of months ago and came face to face with THEM.

The Sinnoh Frontier Brains are absolutely wacky! Since that day, I've found myself obsessively buying stupid children's magazines to see if they just might contain something Brain-related, with Pokemon Platinum being the current big news and all.

A neat foldable Sinnoh Brain cardboard coin bank! THIS IS MY PRIDE AND JOY, OKAY.

This little sticker book is an absolute goldmine!

These are like, the most beautiful stickers in the whole wide world.

It's all about the Sinnoh Battle Frontier symbol.


The symbol again!

A random sticker with the same illustration.

And again.

Here's a bigger picture of the Brains from the same illustration.
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