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[¬º-°]¬ spooky gets! + tiny lil' review

Hi everyone! It's officially Day 1/31 of Halloween! (Yes, the whole of October is Halloween). To celebrate, I got myself some spooky Pokemon Center merchandise. ^ ^

Here they are!!!! It's not much, but I got myself the Pika-pumpkins sans the charms, the beautiful Mystery Mansion towels and 2 blind packaged charms.

The most exciting part - blind packaged charms! Oh, joy. (It's actually pretty thrilling to open though)

I got..........

King Bannette and Chandelier Chandelure!

The quality of these charms are great, they're shinier than I expected and I like how refined they look compared to most charms.

I'm happy with my pulls, the Litwick line being one of my favourites. Bannette isn't one of my favourite pokemon, but he got fantastic artwork for this charm line, as compared to Litwick/Chandelure who just have regular looking artwork.

Now onto the Pika-pumpkin family!!!! I never liked pumpkin flavoured things, or eating pumpkins, but I love Pika-pumpkins!!! They're so cute... and their butts are cute too.

The tag is really pretty too, and it's huge. In fact, it's bigger than the mascot pumpkin. (All of them have tags of the same size though)

Pikachu: Can I eat this ?? ?????

I also got myself these plush-pin things, which were smaller than expected. No wonder they were so cheap compared to the rest! But... still cute... still soft...

Of course, as a clearfile-hoarder, I had to get myself some of these gorgeous files. I didn't have any preference for A/B so my middleman just grabbed whichever was available (which was apparently only this set, at the time).

It's kind of hard to tell from pictures, but the material used to make these files feel more matte? There's also a faint pattern on them that makes it look more gothic (?).

Now that I look at this picture, perhaps the story was that Dusknoir trapped Umbreon in that pocket watch and proceeded to sell him at 8,700 yen?

Onto the mini towel review!

The Black part is the back of the face towel, and the purple is the front. Bannette's seal/logo feels like a cloth-like plastic material, unlike the rest of the towel which is extremely soft.

Below is the front and back of the longer hand towel, which uses it's larger surface area to include Gengar and Litwick!

Overall the towel seems to be of really good quality (which is good, since I paid so much... hahahhaha..), but I'm wary of the gold sparkles falling off after washing.

Overall rating: 7.5/10
Verdict: Needs more ghosts! And seriously, if they made a face and hand towel, it wouldn't hurt to include a large one to complete the set.

Aaaand that's it! I hope this post wasn't too boring! ^ ^ ;

To end off my post, I want to ask everyone a question:
Poll #2023818 Halloween?

How do you celebrate Halloween in your country/city?

Trick or Treating!
Eating Pumpkin-flavoured things!
Others: ???

Happy October, everyone!

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