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sales + mega cool get!

Hey guys! :D
Today I have a mega cool get! :D I was able to win it on Y!J, finally. I lost an auction some weeks ago because I was at work... But I was lucky and found another one for a good price.
I only bid on it because I wanted the sparkly Absolite and I have the normal one only haha. Also I kept the Mega Stone from Latios for my newest collection ^^

I came with a tons of Mega Stones which I don't need. So the rest is up for sale!^^

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zukan.jpgno titleno title

My Sales Policy:
- All pkmncollectors community rules apply.
- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014
- I can hold items
- I will NOT sell to any banned members
- I have 2 cats at home. Don't buy if you are allergic, maybe there are still some hairs
- You can find my feedback here: new feedback (absol) / old feedback (umbreeon)

- I ship from Germany (45663)
- I ship worldwide
- Paypal only
- Prices are in USD ($) and generally do NOT include PayPal fees or shipping unless I specify otherwise
- Please write your username and what you purchased in your PayPal payment
- I will ship the goods within one week. Im a slow seller who must work much ^-^
- Tracking may cost extra and will not be included (please ask)
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged items
- I'll let you know as soon as everything is sent
- Payment must be done in 5 days after your are commited or i will leave negative feedback (tell me pls if you can't pay earlier)
- I accept payment plans when the item cost more than $20
- The first who commit get the item. Quotes are no commitments!

Shipping prices:

- if the flats weight more than 50g shipping will be $4.50 and I will ship it in a bubble mailer
- don't ask for a quote when you don't like the shipping prices
- I mostly ship out the items within 7 days
- if you have read my rules include the word "absolutely" in your comment

Shipping costs are calculated from the packaging and transportation costs to the post office

no title
- Meowstic "Espurr wanted!" Mascot plush, all tags $11
- Glameow plush, all tags $9

no title
Weavile kids:
- each $2 or take all for $12

no title
- Houndour, Houndoom $6 each
- Noivern attack $3
- Sneasel $2

no title
- Espurr, Meowstic (m), Meowstic (f) kids $4 each
- Glameow Tomy, good condition $7
- Meowstic (m) Tomy $4
- Luxray figure $8

no title
Zangoose lot for $30

no title
Pokemon metal figures:
- Salamence $5 each
- Noivern $6
- Lati@s (2x) $4
- rest is $3 each

no title
Weavile figures:
- bottlecap figure $8
- Chou get figure $7
- Ball-choco figure $7
or take all for $20
all sold

- Kangaskhan Zukan $32 $27 sold

- Dratini pearl version $20 $18
- Groudon (2x): $5 each
- each $3

SOLD: Teddiursa, Pikachu, Shroomish (1x)

- Treecko data carrier figure $5
- Pikachu badge $4 sold

no title
no title
Sparkly Mega stones!:
- Altaria, Lopunny, Mawile, $8 each
- Tyranitar $6
- rest is $5 each

SOLD: Scizor (1x), Sharpedo, Camerupt, Lopunny, Gardevoir

no title
Pokemon dices:
- feat. Glameow $7 sold
- feat. Absol $9

no title
- Kyogre keychain $2
- Mega Evolution badges $2 each
- retsuden stamps $3 each
- Weavile custom pin (free with purchase)

- Pokemon kraks $3 each
- Raichu, Spinda is $4 each

- Pokemon kraks $2 each

Sold: Feraligatr

- Pokemon kraks $2 each

- Pokemon pogs $1 each
- Flareon, Mew is $3 each

- Pokemon pogs $1 each

Sold: Raichu

no title
TCG cards:
- Dragonite EX $7
- Charaizard EX $6
- Gardevoir EX $5
- Az $5
- Lugia $4
- rest is $3 each

Sold: Gyarados

no title
TCG cards:
- Vivillon, Vaporeon $3 each
- Sneasel/Weavile cards $1 each
- rest is $0.50

Sold: Houndour, Vaporeon, Pinsir

no title
Amada, pan sticker:
- Shinx, Luxray $2 each
- rest is $1 each

no title
- Meowstic alphabet page $4
- Weavile card $5
- stickers are free for purchase

I will reply in one hour or later, because I'm going to watch the League of Legends worlds now <3 Thanks guys!

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