Ginger Bean (fox7xd) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ginger Bean

A much needed collection update

After adding quite a bit to my main collection lately, I think it's time for some pics. Along with a grail I've been hunting for, but finally achieved! For images, see under the cut

With ORAS and the new pokemon movie, Rayquaza has gotten A LOT of merchandise and I couldn't be happier! Seems like I'd get one new item, then 10 more would pop up. I've had to clear some space seeing as my rayquaza collection has nearly doubled <3

and some close ups

As for the grail, this is something I've always had on my wants list but I never thought I'd get it honestly. It was a limited release in Japan that you could only get by winning it in a raffle. I'm talking about the shiny Rayquaza charm (and other items).

I'm ecstatic to finally own this!!! TuT I was hoping just to get the charm, but I ended up winning a set with the clearfile, stickers, and a regular charm in Chaos_21's auction. (thank you again so much <3 )

Thank you everyone for looking! Next time I'll be sure to make small updates here and there ;D which I may do soon (a few rays are missing from these photos as one is too big to sit on the shelf and another is hanging out on my bed) but for now, have a wonderful day!
Tags: collection update, grail, rayquaza
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