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Red Flash 3 Box Opening Livestream aka PULL ALL THE HOUNDS!

Hi, Everyone!

Today, I will be opening 3 boxes of Japanese XY8 Red Flash booster packs. That's 60 packs...300 cards total. And all this is so I'll hopefully pull all 4 Houndoom EX cards. lol.

I couldn't resist and went ahead and opened 5 packs. I pulled Yveltal in my second pack, Mewtwo EX in my third, and Mismagius in my fifth. XD!

All duplicates will be available for sale/trade after the Livestream is over (and after I sort them all). If you're looking for particular cards from the set or see anything you like during the Livestream, please comment on this post and I'll let you know if I have one available. ^^ Any money I make from these will go towards my Korean XY8 boxes (3 Red Flash and 1 Blue Impact) or towards my English BREAKthrough pre-order. If I do not pull all 4 Houndoom cards, I will be looking for trades for those before selling/trading any of my extra EX cards. I'm also looking to trade for or purchase Japanese Blue Impact cards since I didn't purchase a box of those.

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 3pm Eastern Time. (about 15 minutes after original post)LIVESTREAM IS OVER! Thanks to everyone that stopped by. :D I pulled 3 out of 4 Houndoom EX cards.

I'm also looking for people willing to act as middlemen for BREAKthrough when it releases in other languages. If you would be willing to help me get the Houndoom cards, boosters, or even a booster box, please let me know. ^^ I'm trying to get the Houndoom cards in every language. I know it'll be released in German and French. I'm not sure about other languages. Does anyone know what the current TCG languages are? What languages was Ancient Origins released in?

ANYWAY! Back to the Japanese boxes. lol.

Here's the entire set list -

Here's all the holos and RRs I have for trade/sale. Please let me know if you're interested in any of them. ^^ I think I have at least one duplicate of all the un/common cards in the set.

001/059 Paras Grass C
002/059 Parasect Grass U
003/059 Chespin Grass C
004/059 Quilladin Grass C
005/059 Chesnaught Grass R
006/059 ChesnaughtBREAK Grass RR
007/059 Skiddo Grass C
008/059 Gogoat Grass —
009/059 HoundoomEX Fire RR
010/059 MegaHoundoomEX Fire RR
011/059 Pansear Fire C
012/059 Simisear Fire C
013/059 Goldeen Water C
014/059 Seaking Water C
015/059 Staryu Water C
016/059 Starmie Water U
017/059 Remoraid Water C
018/059 Piplup Water C
019/059 Prinplup Water —
020/059 Empoleon Water R
021/059 Snover Water C
022/059 Abomasnow Water U
023/059 Magnemite Lightning C
024/059 Magneton Lightning —
025/059 Magnezone Lightning R
026/059 Raikou Lightning R
027/059 MewtwoEX Psychic RR
028/059 MegaMewtwoEX Psychic RR
029/059 Misdreavus Psychic C
030/059 Mismagius Psychic R
031/059 Ralts Psychic C
032/059 Kirlia Psychic U
033/059 Cresselia Psychic C
034/059 Cubone Fighting C
035/059 Marowak Fighting U
036/059 MarowakBREAK Fighting RR
037/059 Swinub Fighting C
038/059 Piloswine Fighting U
039/059 Mamoswine Fighting R
040/059 Gallade Fighting R
041/059 Zorua Darkness C
042/059 Yveltal Darkness R
043/059 Bronzor Metal C
044/059 Bronzong Metal U
045/059 Mr. Mime Fairy C
046/059 Spritzee Fairy C
047/059 Aromatisse Fairy U
048/059 Axew Dragon C
049/059 Doduo Colorless C
050/059 Dodrio Colorless U
051/059 Starly Colorless C
052/059 Staravia Colorless C
053/059 Staraptor Colorless U
054/059 Heavy Ball I U
055/059 Assault Vest I U
056/059 Houndoom Spirit Link I U
057/059 Mewtwo Spirit Link I U
058/059 Giovanni's Plan Su U
059/059 Burning Energy Fire E U
060/059 HoundoomEX Fire SR
061/059 MegaHoundoomEX Fire SR
062/059 MewtwoEX Psychic SR
063/059 MegaMewtwoEX Psychic SR
064/059 Giovanni's Plan Su SR
065/059 MewtwoEX Psychic UR

Cards I still need after box opening -

062/059 MewtwoEX
063/059 MegaMewtwoEX
064/059 Giovanni's Plan
065/059 MewtwoEX

So far I'm looking for these cards for others -

squeakaree - Chespin and Zorua - both fulfilled
spritzzie - Spritzee and Aromatisse - both fulfilled
m14mouse - Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon, Ralts, and Kirlia (I think that's it?) - - all fulfilled except Empoleon
schenzi - Prinplup and Empoleon - got Prinplup but not Empoleon
dokina_abetara - Houndoom, Mega Houndoom EX, and Houndoom Spirit Link


Also, I'm currently working on getting a sales post up for all my non-TCG flats. So if you have any Topps, Ultimate Stickers, misc stickers, TCG coins, sleeves, Flipz, Lamincard, Burger King card, or any other flat wants...feel free to ask and I'll check before the sales post goes up. I still need to take photos of everything.
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