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Voltorb & Electrode Collection - English pg. 10 & 11

Welcome back!

I'm a little late with my weekly updates because work and life kept me busy, but here it is! I hope everyone enjoys!

Stormfront Electrode 36
Stormfront Electrode 36 RH
Stormfront Electrode 37
Stormfront Electrode 37 RH
Stormfront Shiny Voltorb RH
Rising Rivals Electrode G
Rising Rivals Electrode G RH
Triumphant Voltorb
Triumphant Voltorb RH

The underwhelming artwork continues in this update. Fortunately, we are introduced to the Shiny Voltorb which is a nice break from otherwise boring cards. Maybe I am just biased, but I really think the blue suits Voltorb well, moreso than Electrode. Shiny variants don't often improve the Pokemon, in my opinion, but it does here.

HGSS is the game that rejuvenated my interest in Pokemon since Gen 2 was my favorite generation (Surprise, I grew up with the original 151!). The cards that were associated with the game were also the ones I remember most when I started playing the TCG competitively and was around the time that my collection started. How fitting. There is a special place in my heart for this particular group of Voltorbs/Electrodes.

Triumphant Electrode
Triumphant Electrode RH
Triumphant Electrode Prime
Boundaries Crossed Voltorb
Boundaries Crossed Voltorb RH
Boundaries Crossed Electrode
Boundaries Crossed Electrode RH
Plasma Freeze Voltorb
Plasma Freeze Voltorb RH

The artwork from Triumphant is a nice upgrade from the previous, drab Voltorbs and Electrodes that populated the 4th Generation. Electrode Prime was obtained from a college buddy for 5 whole dollars during a time when I was so poor that I was pulling stamps off of envelopes to reuse them. College sure does change a man. Shortly after, the 5th generation was introduced and by the time the Boundaries Crossed cards rolled around, I had already ended my short stint in the competitive scene and focused entirely on my collection. Unfortunately, it seemed that the artists were back to their all-to-recent ways of producing boring artwork. This time, it was Ken Sugimori's stock art slapped over some terrible backgrounds... Ugh. At least a pattern was added to the reverse foil to break up the solid shine; a welcomed change.

That's all for this update! It looks like the next will be the last English update. After that, I will move onto my Japanese collection. Stay tuned!


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