hantsukihaunter (hantsukihaunter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Rare TFG Lot GA Ending Tonight! + Sticker Sales 50% Off

There's less than 15 hours remaining for this GA, but we're still quite a ways from raising enough for the starting price! (Though the lot itelf is at a high price, the upside to this is that the seller has made shipping free, so all you will be paying for is the item itself and the shipping from me to you.) Please put your max bid in to ensure that we win. :) There's some really nice figures here including Misty, Absol, Mightyena, Red, Salamence, etc. and most are still at their starting bids, so please take a look. :D

I also need to make room for some incoming flats later this month, so the stickers in my new sticker sales thread (click Hanty's daydream photo the banner below) are all 50% with a minimum purchase of $5. Offer ends this weekend (Sunday, Oct 4).

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