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All de Kuttaris! owo + other gets!

Hey guuuuys, it's been ages since I last posted ;___;

But anyways, I got some recent gets from the last few weeks that I'd love to share :)

First of all: DE KUTTARIS! o3o

Yes, I got two Charmander sleeping kuttaris xD Once I got from skdarkdragon's pickups, and the other one I got from poliwhirl! They are just too cute to resist!
Even though Charmander is my favorite Pokemon, I don't like a lot of offiial Charmander plush - however, these ones are just to die for and I'm so happy to add them to my collction :)
Here's my Charmander pile <333

The Charmanders are so cute! They are easily among my favorite Charmander plush now! ;w;

I wanted to cuddle with both the sleeping ones, so I took off their tags.
One of them has a little bell ribbon :>

Soooo CUUUUUTTTEEEE <3333 *w*

Their chins are so chubby looking xD

Next, my Raichus :))

I like the open eyed one best <33 I got a bit unlucky with the sleeping one because her face has a somewhat odd shape. But the open eyed one is just so precious! I took off the tag too, so she is best friends with my Charmander now n_n

I love the belly <3

This is the highest I managed to stack them up xD

As zigguppafu said, they are super hard to stack up because they fall over because their bottoms are too flat to hold them up. And it's really true unfortunately :/

Of course, they discovered my other sleeping friend, Tepig :D

I am still thinking about names for my kuttaris, so if you have any suggestions, let me know :)

And I got some more gets that are actually from some time ago, but I haven't had the chance to share yet. ;A;

So I got the Venomoth and Sceptile Tomy figures :D

I love the Venomoth! *w* Another figure for my collection :>

Then I also got the Weepinbell Tomy figure for my Bell-collection, and the VENOMOTH ZUKAN! ;w;

The Venomoth Zukan is now my favorite Venomoth figure, it's just so detailed and well-made! The wings are beautiful, and I love how the head spikes are slightly tilted, it gives him a more dynamic look. This pose is also a nice variation to the usual Venomoth poses.

So cute n_n

Together with the Weepinbell Tomy, who was actually part of a trade, I got the Onix and Doduo Tomy figures.

I love Doduo, he's so round <3 He is a mixture of long and round :D Bird Pokemon ftw!! :D

And last but not least, I have to share my first amiibos with you guys too! :)
Please excuse the non-Pokemon ones, but I just had to share - and there's Charizard after all :D (I love the Zelda ones, I recently finished playing Ocarina of Time and loved it!)

What's the best, I got all of them as a GIFT!! ;O; I found them in a lot on ebay while skyping with a friend, and then he bought them for me, which was super awesome!

A fun little game - can you find the mistake?? :D

And I've never done a poll before, so I figured, Wynaut? xD
(I hope this works lol)

Poll #2023943 Kuttari Poll

Which Kuttaris do you like better?

Sleeping Kuttaris
Open Eyed Kuttaris
I like both of them equally

Which is your favorite Kuttari out of all of them until now?

Thanks all for reading and looking n_n/
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