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Follow-Up Post: Retagging Pokedolls!

Hello all!
A month or so ago, I posted here, and on two Facebook groups about a controversial topic- reattaching the tags of pokedolls. I'm not a stickler about tags. I have MWT, TTO, and non tagged (but legit) plush in my collection. I just have a personal favorite or two I wish I hadn't snipped the loop on. The loops came in today, and I have a fun game for all of you.

Now, can you tell which one has been retagged?

I put this in here as a test. I got all sorts of responses on my original three posts, ranging from people who didn't care as long as the plush was clean, and others who... well... were quite hard nosed about the whole thing (no offense to MWT lovers!) and said things like how I probably can't take care of a collection if I detach tags, and others who said they wouldn't want a plush with a reattached tag. So this is my challenge to those who love MWT plush.

If you guessed dialga, you were WRONG! Sorry ^-^

If anyone else would like a link to these loops, let me know :)
They are the same 3 inch loops PC uses, I only found ONE seller with the same ones X.X
Larger pokecen plush will use the 5 inch clear loops from the same seller.
Thanks for reading everyone! :)
I've got another big gets post planned for a few weeks from now :)
Have a good night, and happy collecting!

~ Ebon
Tags: plush, pokecen, pokedolls, pokemon center
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