January 2nd, 2015


Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had an exciting time counting down the seconds to the new year last night! :D I hope this year will be as fun and enjoyable as last year :P I have updated my sales and put some stuff for auction, please check them out! I am still new to collecting pokemon and unsure how rare they are, please let me know if my starting price is too low/high for the figures! Thanks in advance!! Please keep in mind that international shipping to US starts at $8 for non-flats. However small figures (like keychains and tiny plush) and anything that is super light can sometimes be passed as flats, so it might be cheaper. :"3

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Here's a Preview of some items:

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Thanks for looking! :D Hope everyone is starting off with a great year so far!

Collection Update!

Woo, this is long overdue! So sorry about that. Always, it's not everything, so expect another one of these coming up in the coming weeks! Without further ado, here's most of my collection!

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Thanks for reading! That sure was long. Anyway, once I get my paycheck I'll probably post another wants post before my next collection update, so look out for that :) I hope everyone is enjoying 2015 so far! I know I am!
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Japan and Collection Update

Hello all!

So as I mentioned in my amazing sales posts, pogaf and I took a little trip to Tokyo last month. :) I had been once before, but it was her first time there! And lucky for us, we had a blast. We stayed in the Ueno area, which was a great location to start each day setting out on our excursions around the city. Although we didn't do everything we had originally planned, we saw and did a lot! (Also, I did massive amounts of research for this trip, so if anyone is planning a Tokyo trip and needs some help/advice, I'll be happy to share my itinerary document. :D)

2014-12-20 11.21.462014-12-16 17.50.242014-12-16 19.59.34
2015-01-02 13.47.082014-12-27 16.20.002015-01-02 14.00.53

Check out the post for lotsssss of photos and such! :)

Collection and Japan Trip

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(A bit late) 1 Year Anniversary Collection Update!!

Happy New Year, everyone! I just came back from a trip to Costa Rica so I apologize to people who were waiting for replies/feedback.
Anyways, it was my 1-year anniversary on this community a couple of weeks ago! My collection has grown so much, so I figured I would do a complete collection update! (I apologize in advance for the crappy 3DS-quality pics.)

This was my collection when I joined a year ago. Before:
eeveelu dollseeveelu figures1
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And finally, my sales are still open! Check it out here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18501111.html The offers part without any offers can now be considered a BIN OBO!
Sales permission granted on September 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.
My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eeveefruit/

Thank you for looking!
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Multipurpose post! Many Minicots GA Final Payment! 3rd set of Trozei stickers, trade for Jolteon?

UPDATE: Ok so I ran out of bubble mailers. I thought I had enough to mail out the GA items but I only had enough to mail out a couple (7?) orders. I mailed in the order of payment received. I already had another box of mailers on their way to me and they are guaranteed to be at my house by this Wednesday. I promise to mail out GA items and any non-flat sales orders the same day the mailers get to me. Sorry about the delay my friends.

Ok guys! It's taken longer than I though it would but the Minicots are here! Also, you're probably thinking... Wait payment 3? What about payment 2?!? I covered it and added it into your payment 3. ^_^

You guys just so you know... I think this is the smallest box I have ever gotten from FJ. xD

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Just added the 3rd set of Trozei stickers to my sales! Can combine shipping just let me know before you send payment. I have some stickers on hold and I am hoping to trade for a Jolteon trozei sticker! Please let me know if you have one to trade or if you will be getting boxes of these and willing to hold it for me! Thank you!

Looking for this sticker, to trade shiny kids and take charm commissions!


Just a quick post, firstly I'm looking for the Heliolisk trozei sticker to add to my collection! :)


Secondly, I'm after a shiny Charizard kid. I know they're rare and expensive, and I'm only just really beginning my search. I'm hoping to trade my shiny Swampert kid towards one, but I'll also consider trading for a shiny Latias.

I'm also thinking of taking some more charm commissions to celebrate the start of 2015, so check out my journal if you're interested! The link is here, it's also the pinned post in my journal. On there you can also find a link to my updated wishlist.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my work, there's some pictures under the cut (best viewed in a separate tab - the file is large). :)

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Thanks for looking!

Introductory Post!

Hello, everyone! My name is Chiidoru and I am glad to finally be a part of this community after lurking for quite some time! I mainly collect plushies, but the occasional mug or keychain seems to find its way into my collection. xD My favorite Pokemon is Cyndaquil, which makes up the largest portion of my collection, but I also collect Pikachu, Raichu and the Eeveelutions. I'm currently in the process of moving in with my boyfriend, so I don't have a picture of all of my plushies in one place. (Half are in the US and half are in Canada!) I'll be sure to upload a picture as soon as I get the chance! Anyway, thank you for allowing me to join your wonderful community and I hope to meet other nice collectors who share my passion. ^^