January 3rd, 2015

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Sales reminder, GA update, and quick plush sale!

Hi everyone!

I have quite a few leftovers from my last sales post (waaaay back in August!) so I'm posting a reminder for them; you'll find a nice assortment of metal figures, puracoro dice, metal swing keychains, and more random things from old Japanese toy lots! Feel free to check it out here:

Any unsold (auctioned) items can be purchased for their starting price, and anything ending in OBO you may feel free to haggle (within reason). <3
Most sold items are marked, but please double check for availability!

Next is a shipping update for the Happy Christmas GA (cohosted with agui_chan)! All participants who have made all three payments in full: your packages have been shipped!

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dark_7_days - I am still missing both payments 2 and 3 from you. I've tried to PM you but received no response, so please make sure to check the GA post and send the appropriate amount in the spreadsheet when you get a chance if you see this! You may click the photo above to get to the original GA page.

Lastly I have a quick plush up for sale that I made a while ago! I haven't listed him yet, but I have a laying Sneasel plush up for grabs today. He is sold, thank you for the interest!

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Plusle Minun Pokemon

Introduction and My Collection, As well as wants and questions

Hello everyone. My name is Veronica, but I go by Kitty. I've been a part of this community for a little over three months now, but I never made a proper introduction. I am ninteen years old and have been collecting pokemon plush since I was young, however, I mainly collected
the games. Now, I collect Pokemon that I mainly use on my teams or that are just too cute. I joined the community in hopes of watching the happenings of the community and expanding my collection. I like to collect Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, and occassionally a few other pokemon that I've grown to love over the years. I'm an absolute Hoenn fangirl though, so most of my collection consists of the region I spent most of my childhood traveling.

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I hope everyone on here had/will have happy holidays and an awesome New Year.  :)  (Here's hoping all my cuts work correctly ;n;  Still not used to this >>; )

POKEMON - Cofagrigus
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Games for sale!

Hi everyone! :)
I have the following games for sale:

Pokemon Diamond* $15.00 (sold)
Pokemon Platinum* $24.00
Pokemon Pearl* $19.00 (sold)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team* $14.00
Pokemon White $19.00
Pokemon Black $19.00

* = no case, cartridge only // Black & White can be sold without the case and manual // games are all in clean, working order (Diamond has a scratch on the front sticker) // haggling is ok, within reason

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I'm a fast shipper (ship from Virginia, USA) and only charge for the game + shipping + PP fees.
I have lots of shipping supplies to re-use. Please inquire if you want new stuff, at additional cost.

I was granted sales permission by dakajojo on 20/07/2011 and my feedback is here and here.

Important Gets, Super Want, and Sales!

Hello everyone! :D
I have some very exciting news! I finally have a laptop again! Yay!
I can finally post a little more often and have an easier time looking at things than i did on my phone. c:

Anyhoo, Look at the new friends i've recently received! :D


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Next i have a super duper want! This has been a want of mine for a very long time, but i am only now deciding to really pursue it! The bidoof pokedoll! One of my favorite plushes of all times! It's about time i look forward to having one! If you have one for sale, please let me know! There are none on Ebay and i am not yet familiar enough with Y!J so i was really hoping someone on the community could sell one at a good price! I am also willing to do trades/partial trades for anything listed in my sales post. Please click on Spinda below to take a look at what i have!

Here are my sales! Please see if there is something you would like to trade for bidoof! Also, now that i have a computer i will be learning to use Ebay to list my items so some of these guys might not be on my page for very long! If you'd like to buy something, check it out before i do so. :3

Thank you all for looking!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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PS* - Does anyone know if there is any kind of anime collectors group like this one on livejournal or anywhere? :3 (If this kind of question isn't allowed please let me know! I will remove it!)

-happy sigh-

so I'm in the process of getting my tail out of my sister's car and into the warm house, and then a package arrives. at first I'm all, "I didn't order anything this sized....." and then it hits me. I did a little holiday gift swaperoo between myself, latias_latios_7, and partywooper. this must be from lati, since its not an instate address.

I penguin waddle inside, because its cold and my arms are full of mail and my other things, and after dropping most of it on the couch...

I opened the bubbly mailer to find so much cute, that I legit squeal. x3

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mini question and cosplay pikachu!

Just a little question. Let's say I wanted to host a little secret santa (well, not 'santa' as it's past December.. but you get the idea) thing here, could I? Or is that limited to the mods? And do tell what limitations there are for this!

and I got my bellechu, nerdchu (I like saying this better than phd), and mega pikachu plushies. All are amazing! Def gonna buy ythe rest of the set. they did come squished in the box though:( little upset at the but the plushies are totally worth it! Can't wait to finish the set now. I'm thinking of ordering sumo next. Come hither cosplay pikachu fans and take pictures and show me! and order you most fave to least favorite outfit.

here's mine

1. belle or nerd (really close)
2. sumo
3. rockstar
4. popstar/ballerina (not really sure what it's called....)

New year, new commissions! -SLOTS CLOSED-

So I was mulling over the idea of offering custom pin commissions and I thought, sure, why not!

All slots are taken! Thank you again and look forward to more pin commission slots in the future ^v^/<3

Feedback Link:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/yardsalecouch/

~ I was given sales permission by entirelycliched on Dec 1st,2013

Custom Pin Commission details:

★ Each commission will inculde 2 pins for $20 + emailed hi-res file of the pokemon drawings for personal printing
★ Pin will feature a bust of whichever pokemon you choose
★ 1 pokemon per pin: you may choose to have the second to have the same design, a shiny version, or another pokemon for your second pin.

Yep! Two different commissions (or three if you count the hi-res file for print) for the price of $20!

★ You will also receive a secret extra goodie :>
★ Pins measure approx. 1" and will have a metal bar pin attached to the back
★ Turnaround time is about 1 day for the illustration and 1-2 days for the pin (this is all depending the communication of the commissioner for the approval stage)
I will only be taking 5 slots for these commissions and I won't open for these pin commissions again for a while


  1. mizunosakura

  2. trigris

  3. stalkingsuicune

  4. tdotakichan

  5. trigris (last slot!)

furfrou pin 2
furfrou pin 1
(the light here wasn't very good for a photo ;;)

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Mega Campaign 2 Flyer

Hi Everyone,

I've been going on a Mega Tokyo Pikazard merchandise splurge lately and I received this small flyer in one of my packages:

*Click the image to view it at a larger resolution*

Normally, I wouldn't think anything of these and would just toss it, but I noticed that there are some new merchandise with release dates on it. My knowledge of Japanese is basic, so I was wondering if anyone who can read Japanese would mind translating. :3 I am especially interested in the clear posters and post cards at the top. However, there appear to be a lot of other interesting things like the Pikazard deck case and card sleeves, the Pikazard figures (which some members have announced to the community already), something related to Goomy, a bunch of Substitute plush merchandise (also already announced), and a Mega Metagross and Substitute metal charm. :D

I really hope that this stuff will be available for purchase! *Fingers crossed*


Hey guys!
I hope everyone is having a great year so far!
I just wanted to start off the year with a get and a question!
I went to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve/New Years and went to a cool fair kind of place and won a jumbo size pikachu!!!(the biggest I've ever seen!)

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Although the game that I won it in was kinda rigged (almost impossible to win and I spent over 80 dollar worth of quarters to win this (°_°)) my brother managed to get one from only like 15 dollars worth of quarters!

So I have two of these big pikachu plushes in my house HaHa!
It's really funny seeing them in the living room sitting on the couch :)

I want to offer one to the community but I really don't know a lot about shipping methods and how much it will take to ship one out! They are SO big!!!

Any help would be appreciated and once I find out how to ship one out and how much it will cost, I will make a post about offering one to the community!!!

Thank you for reading :)

More Pre-Christmas gets and Christmas/B-day Gets~

Happy New Year~! Like I said in my last post, I still had some packages incoming. Turns out that they came in before Christmas! XD

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My birthday is on January 1st, so I waited to make this post until my birthday passed.

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Over all last year was a little rough on me. I battled with depression for the first part of the year (until some time in August), but past that, I had a pretty good year. It was a year of a lot of firsts. I participated in my first Comm pick-up post and my first GA. I also bought from Sunnyshore for the first time and passed my first anniversary in PKMNCollectors.

Last year I expanded my collection immensly! I even added two Pokemon to my main collections and I officially started my side collections (six Pokemon specific, one that encompases most canine Pokemon). I also had to figure out how to balance my ever-growing Pokemon collection and my anime/game collection. I ended up putting most of my Breyer collection into storage for the time being. My girlfriend is trying to get me to focus a little more on my anime collection because my Pokemon collection has become quite expansive. XD

My tablet is dying, so I'll tag everything in a sec~