January 4th, 2015

Super wants!

Hello again everyone! I figured out my Noppin money problem and was refunded :D Also came into some late Christmas/New Years money from family so I'm doing what I shouldn't be doing and looking for some wants! Check em out under the cut! :D
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Looking to fill in the Pokemon Time promo gaps in my Milotic collection! But also really wanting the recently released Wallace/Milotic charm and clear file @ -@ And as always because I hardcore collect my beauty, if you have anything Milotic for sale don't be afraid to throw things my way! :D

Also feel free to check out my website! Still fixing things up and need to add pictures of my collections, but my wants are mostly updated :D

New Years Resolution and Burning Glaceon Question

One of my resolutions this year is to work on my collection page, and to try  to update it at least once a month (watch me flake out).  I originally started one using google sites, however I quickly realized that the site does not provide enough space for all the pictures I would need to upload.  So... I decided to move.  Since the Pokemon Plush Project uses Flickr, I figured why not?  It gives me a lot more space to upload the photos I need.


Make sure you guys stay in the Albums section (which is organized) and not the photostream.  If I had my way, I would leave the albums open and not the photostream.

It is mainly Pikachu because I am a Pikachu collector.  Let me know what you guys think.  I admit I have just made the site public right now.  The reason is because this is not all the Pokemon items I own.  I estimate this is not even 10% of my collection, so I am very hesitant to make it public.  Should I just make it public and just continue to add things?  Or should I make it private again and not open it up until it is more of a reflection of my collection?

Now the next thing.... Are there any Glaceon Collectors/Experts out there that can answer a burning question for me?

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Weebly collection update!

Hello to everyone and Happy New year!
With the new year I update my toypotography collection website:


I added a new gallery "Winter Realm" where i put some few winter themed pics!
Here's a preview:

glaceon frozen


And so for all those who don't want to check my website everytime i created a facebook page where I share daily new pics with a good resolution:


Thank you all for the support and thanks who wants to like my page! And also thanks to the users where I bought some of my tomys! :D

Help identifying some odd figures?

I haven't made too many posts since I've joined (I do plan a collection update soon - my collection is still very small but it's tripled in size in the past month!) but I do want some help identifying some figures I have.

When I was younger I had a cousin who fell out of Pokemon and gave me a good amount of Pokemon figures. The majority were legit Tomys, some obvious bootlets, a fast food toy or two, but there are some strange figures in there that I never knew what they were.

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Now to make my post a little more fun, for the gamers out there what were some of your favorites this year? ORAS aside as Pokemon is always amazing, I really enjoyed Hyrule Warriors, SSB4 of course, Bravely Default, and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Fire Emblem: Awakening is older but I got it earlier this year and I'll be playing it forever, hah. Same with Xenoblade. I also have Bayonetta 2, need to play it sometime.

Quick sales!

Hello, everybody! I'm sorry for posting again so soon (I think?), but I am just a few dollars short from buying something I really want... So here are some quick sales, including gachapon figures, tissue packs, and an absol/mega absol sticker!

Sales permission granted on September 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.
My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eeveefruit/

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These can be combined with things from my previous sales pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18501111.html

Thank you for looking!

It's a new year Commissions! and Trades?

Hello everyone! So it's been quite awhile since I'e posted and Although I said I would, I still have not posted a collection update :^^ sorry but I'm still gonna have to hold out awhile longer since a lot of my collection is at school and I want to do an overview of the entire thing...

On a lighter note! I'e finnished up my last batch of customs, and that means, it's time to open for more commisions!
before I get to that though, I would like to remind y'all that I am happy to trade/partialy trade my custom plush for items on my wants list (basically anything on the list, it has a tonof random things so please check it out!) my WANTS LIST

Please check out my nifty commissioning basics guide before asking for qoutes :)

Commissioning basics Guide/FAQ

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I make plush in a few different styles a few are listed below for your refferance C:
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Slots Available

Simplified styled Plush Slots

1. clair2522 - Simplified Shiny Wurmple with bow and loop on back :) FINISHED!
2.joy_dust - Big Simplified Talonflame Finished

Waiting List
ragincanuksfan - Simplified Solrock and Lunatone Finished!

Nonsimplified styles

1. dsl_weegee - Traditional felt Noivern Finished!
2. noibatcutie - Traditional Fleece Milotic Finished!
Robin and Batgirl

Rare Vulpix Extra Auctions

Hi everyone! As you know, I've been holding onto a few rare Vulpix extras in hopes of trading them for something I don't have yet! That hasn't been going so well, so I figured rather than just hoard the duplicates indefinitely, I'd auction them off to the community so other collectors can get them! I know several of these are on people's wanted lists, so they will be all auctioned off.

2015-01-04 16.38.582015-01-04 16.39.39
2015-01-04 16.39.532015-01-04 16.40.16
2015-01-04 16.40.55

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Please wait to bid until this line is crossed out.

Go for it!  <3
Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

Gets, LF and a question about Primal Groudon Plush

Hey everyone ^-^
So I've got a few things to show here and I'm looking for some stuff too,
But first I'm thinking of buying the Primal Groudon plush but I wanted to know what people thought of it? Like size, quality, and what not. Thanks c:

Here's my LF post;
Newest want is the Sleeping Fennekin.
Check under the cut for more wants, Mostly pokedolls right now.
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I've got a cute little get to show off! This cutie here
A friend of mine gave him to me as a gift c: he's from Nintendo World in NY. Only figure I own that's still MIB so I don't plan on opening him ^-^ It was a really great suprise.

Incoming Gets
Managed to score some crazy awesome gets and thought I'd list them here since I'm super excited xD
Got them all for a steal too which just adds to the awesomeness.
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You can check out my Generals wants here

Feel free to check out my other collcections c:
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tcg & coins sales

Hey community,

i updated now my TCG sales. I hope the cards & coins find a new home :3 Also i updated some Lamin cards and added 2 leticular cards. I will post next week my new gets. Can't wait :p And happy new year to all!

Preview of the updated sales:

Please note: Post your order in my "main sales". You can find the link here: http://umbreeon.livejournal.com/917.html Thank you!

- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014
- I ship from Germany
- You can find my feedback here

Click on the banner to see the sales!

I also updated my collection site with some pictures ^-^ Please take a look:
Absol Collection Site

Huge discounts reminder! + Looking for cards and a Saint Valentine card

Hi guys! Happy new year!
Just a reminder that I still have opened my huge discount sales! Thank you very much all the people that bought from me, I have bought a lot of packages so I'll ship them this week :) The discounts would be open for around a week so don't miss this chance. You can click HERE or on the preview to see the post and I added the Jolteon glowing in the dark that I forgot! >.< All the rules are on my sales post (but the price of the items aren't there).
Btw if someone has the saint valentines Politoed card let me know! I'd love to get one *^* I could be interested on cards of Politoed, Poochyena or Ninetales, if you have something, let me know. Thanks :D
Froakie ball
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Some more help with newer merch please? + Wants!

Hello there guys!
I come to you with a few questions of some of the newly released merchandise at the Pokemon Center!

First, has anybody purchased this adorable Pyokkori calendar? I admit that I am interested in this calendar whether it has a few of my favourites in it (namely Honedge line and Noibat). Could anybody let me know please? I admit that this calendar would be also perfect for our kitchen.. Thank you for your help riolu + skdarkdragon!!

Second, I have heard that these bath sponges are blindly packaged? Aren't only the bath salts bilnd packaged? I am a little confused about this one, so can anybody clarify this?

(Credit for picture goes to kitzunekitzune)
Lastly, I would be interested in the froakie bath salt figure, I have seen some photos that the bath salt figures include all the ones like pictured! So I would love that Froakie holding the Sitrus Berry, so let me know please, if you are selling one!

Thank you in advance <3