January 5th, 2015

jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store 2015

Hey everybody!

Welcome to 2015! I hope everybody had a great holiday and spent time with family and friends. Now with the new year beginning it a new year of collecting to look forward to! <3

I'd like to thank everybody for making my store such a success and allowing me to grow my collection! I've really enjoyed the positive reaction and am looking to make this store a ligitimate source for everybody's Pokemon Kid collecting here on the com. I've been looking into ways to get rarer figures available for all of you, and hopefully I can get a few surprises set up for all of you throughout the year! :)

For those of you who have yet to visit, I'll add the link here and in the preview! http://jaydee93.livejournal.com/2001.html

I hope that I can help all of you aceheive your collection goals, and look forward to our conversations!

Also, I see that there are many new members who have recently joined as well, so I will open up this post as a Q&A as well :)
Anybody who has any questions regarding Pokemon Kids figures, feel free to ask, and I will answer as best I can.
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New Years sales back in full force~

Happy new year everyone~~

I'm back from my nostalgic Michigan trip, with my Gen 1+2 TOMY collection and I was so pleased that EVERYTHING is in exactly the condition I left it in! XD (My mom may meddle into my personal life quite a bit but at least she pretty much never touches the stuff in my old room... wow). I have a superrrrr old post of it on my personal LJ. Used to think it was a scary collection but my figure collection right now is like 10x scarier LOL... I'm also so pleased with the condition of my TOMY figures since some of the condition of the figures in JP lots I've gotten are just HORRID, and it makes me fear that I did something terrible with my figures since I've had them since I was like 10 years old, and I played with them a LOT. But nope, everything's in great condition and the worst of it is the sting on Beedrill that I had glued back onto its base lol. XD Anyway, I brought it all back and slowly combining it with my main collection now *happyhappy* I even brought back my full TCG collection, so I need to work through that as well... XD

So yes, onto sales! I've still got chocolates to add to flat-rate shipments~ I kind of splurged on some big plush lots to just get some specific guys, so I've put up a lot of the additional plush at really low prices, hope you can help me clear them out!!

Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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Does anyone have this? Or can a UK member middleman for me?

Hello lovely peoples! I was wondering if someone had this game here...

I had no idea this was released in English! Despite it being UK/Europe/other regions besides Japan only. I do have an older DS to play this on thankfully. =3

If any of you have this with the keyboard included, I'd love to get it from you! Looking around $15 + shipping for it.


If you live in the UK, there is a special deal on this game as well on Amazon.com UK! Free shipping too! I would like to ask a UK member to middleman for me if possible (if no other member has it here already). I'd pay the listed price for the game plus a commission fee of course. =3

Hoping to see if anyone has it! Have a great day! ^__^

Wants ^w^

Someone bought a cosplay from me just now, so I have a bit of cash to spend. Please be okay with accepting payment on friday!

These are the things I'm looking for- premade custom of Pidgey, a Mystery Dungeon or any cute plush of Squirtle, and a Tomy Helioptile (that looks female, since she's representing the one in my game xD)

Do you guys have genders for your plush and figures? All of mine do, I'm not sure if that's just me or something everyone does lol

But yeah, I don't think I can buy all of these right now, but please let me know if you're selling any and your prices <3
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Help me ID this?

Hello everyone~!
I hate to trouble you guys with this, but I have been hunting information down on this plush off & on for a few months now & still have been un-able to locate anything at all on it.

Sorry to be brief, but my computer is about to die, so I must run, but I have posted a photo in the cut.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. :)

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Thank you so much in advance~! :)
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Looking for Stuff!

So a new semester is about to start and my birthday is nearly upon me, I decided now is a good time to look for some wants!

First off, I'm looking for a 2015 Eeveelution planner! Picture under the cut because its a bit large.
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I wanted to know if anyone had one of these for sale or had scans of the inside of it? I thought that I saw a different one that has images from the previous Eeveelution promo (I'm also ok with getting that one if you have it!) Really, I'm just looking for a cute Eeveelution planner to help me stay on track this semester.

Second, I'm looking for this candy figure. He's the last piece I need (until Fall) to complete my Goat collection! Looking for him with or without his gachaball.

I don't have too much to spend but I may be interested in other items on my wishlist as well!

Small Sales

Hope that all of you got many great things over the holidays or just took the time out to relax and enjoy life a little more! As of me..? Well, I spoiled myself a little too much and Christmas expenses were more than I expected whoopsies. So of course, the only logical and heart-breaking thing MEANS : after a hearty Christmas comes a sad weeding (': Oh well, I did end up with some nice pretties so it's time to rehome these cuties too. As usual, haggling is open ( o v o )

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Will probably be holding auctions soon for my rarer items too as it's time to move on :') Thanks everyone!


Long time no update! Gets, a minky/velboa question, and Sales/Trades!

It's been a long time (and a very busy autumn/winter!) for me, but I'm back with collection updates and items for sale/trade!

First, my gets! I've recently acquired a taste for rare and unusual Pokemon Center can badges. It started with my quest for a Celebi pokedoll badge, which remained my grail--until now! I finally got one, after picking up other Pokedoll Can Badges along the way. I was so relieved to finally find one and I now have 9 Pokedoll badges total.

However, some of my favorite Pokemon never had a Pokedoll badge (to the best of our knowledge) and so I also bought a Pokemon Center 2nd anniversary badge that had Marill on it (with Eevee and Hoppip). I bought the entire set and also kept a badge with the Oddish line on it (Oddish, Vileplume, Bellossom) too.

I've also wanted a Togepi badge...and discovered that the Pokemon Center had a special Christmas Togepi, which I eventually found on Y!J. I bought it with the intention of just keeping Togepi, but I ended up liking the Sentret so much I had to keep it.

skdarkdragon also happened to be selling individual badges from the 'Hunt for the Red Gyarados' merchandise, which included Marill by itself so that was a must buy too!

Last but not least, I stumbled upon a set of badges with a shiny Charizard! I'm a fan of shiny merch too and that one was too unique to pass up.

Aren't they beautiful? :)

Okay, now for my velboa/minky question...so I only have 3 pokedolls (4 including the double I'm hoping to trade) and I'm a little confused about the fabric. My first pokedoll was minky for sure--a 2010 Japanese Celebi and I love it! I'm pretty sure my 2009 Marill is as well. However, my 2008 Turtwig (all of these came from Japan and Turtwig without a hang tag) I'm not 100% sure...

His fabric feels soft like the minky, but the plush isn't as...fluffy? Hopefully this picture can illustrate.


It's almost as if Celebi's plush is longer and...wispier? I thought Pokedolls from 2008 were supposed to be minky so I thought I had bought my preference, but I just want to be sure. If anyone can tell from this picture or can help me out, I'd really appreciate it!

Lastly--buying can badges in sets has left me with a few extras! And somehow I also ended up with 2 Marill pokedolls. I've created a new sales/trades page which even includes some of my collection items! Like the Shiny Charizard badge from above! I decided some of my grails are going to be too hard to get, but maybe if I offered some of the rare pieces in my collection another collector would be interested in swapping. So I have a few nice items for sale and a special section of "Grail Trade Only" items! Of those grail items, I'd say these are my most wanted (that I actually think I might be able to get someday! Unlike the Celebi pokedoll charm O_O):

*I got these images from Google--please let me know if they are yours and you don't want them used.

You can check out everything I have to offer here: http://oberonsoasis.livejournal.com/1365.html

And here's a preview...

...and YES that is an Ethan can badge! I'm taking offers for that one starting at $25 (it's the only item open to offers, everything else is either priced or for trade only).